Friday, November 27, 2015

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Let’s Face It Review

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones "Let's Face It" LP 
Let’s go back to 1997 for a minute. That was when I was young and dumb, but loved ska music. A lot of my friends thought that the genre was dumb or lame. I didn’t care, I still love the world of ska music and will recommend a ton of records to people that ask. With that in mind, one of the most popular and outstanding works from the genre is none other than The Mighty Might Bosstones “Let’s Face It”. This is a record that absolutely skyrocketed the band from being a third wave ska act into the mainstream circus of music. In fact, it was their lead single that seemed to get the band the recognition that I had been trying to give them since I first heard their debut on cassette.

Whatever the case is, the band saw significant success in ska music and the mainstream as a result of this compelling record. The tracks that stand out here include “Noise Brigade”, “The Rascal King”, “The Impression That I Get”, “Numbered Days”, “Nevermind Me”, and “1-2-8”, just to name a few. If you got the Japanese version of this record you got a bonus track, and if you bought the vinyl you got another bonus track.

This is a great recording with a lot to offer. The horn section is great, the polished recording is good, and the 12 normal tracks are very much akin to the third wave ska music movement that took over the late 1990s. However, as fast as the guys saw success, they were discarded with the rest of the lineup of alternative ska music acts that were proliferating rock radio. Today, you will still hear the main single from this record, but honestly, you will have a hard time finding people that will sing the praises of this stellar recording. Most have forgotten.

Then again, the band still does shows, and will be performing with Rancid in Los Angeles for New Year’s Eve. So maybe I’m just wrong about it all. “Let’s Face It” garnered the band a platinum record, which is a lot more than most ska music bands were doing in 1997, that’s for sure.

If by chance you haven’t picked up this ska music opus, then you can easily find The Mighty Might Bosstones “Let’s Face It” for under a few bucks, sometimes for a penny. Click here to pick it up, and relive the glory days of modern the boom that ska received in the late 1990s.

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