Thursday, November 12, 2015

Few Left Standing Regeneration of Self Review

Few Left Standing "Regeneration of Self"

I’m not sure what it was about the late 1990s that made so many Christian youth pull together some of the most incredible music. There hasn’t been a time before or since that I’ve followed music as a whole and had so many amazing records hit my desk and speakers. One of the many records that I remember being floored by was Few Left Standing’s 1999 release on Takehold Records. It is called “Regeneration of Self” and it is by far one of the most complete metal core records that can be labeled Christian and still be very much heavy. Yes, there are other bands that put out great records, but nothing really coalesced with the spiritual side as much as it did with the heavy sound of Few Left Standing. The flow of this record and the all-out onslaught of progression through heavy gut wrenching speech is second to none.

Chris Stafford goes to nail down some of the most outright religious lyrics, while maintaining a signature sound that cannot be mistaken for any other band. It’s tough to be unique when you’re playing heavy music sometimes, but Few Left Standing is one of those bands that is very recognizable. This first full length from them is by far one of my favorites from the time frame. There’s a lot to digest with this release, and if you’re a fan of heavy metal, hardcore, and the fusion of the two, you’ll love the way this album hits you in the chest with pure noise. Stand out tracks on this one include, “Scourge”, “Blistered Spirit”, “Fruitless”, “Tears of a Fallen Man”, “Prevail” and “Solomon”. If you have yet to listen to Few Left Standing, pick up “Regeneration of Self” by clicking here. It’s one of the strongest heavy records to ever get released from the Christian music scene.

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