Thursday, November 12, 2015

Buddy Rich The Roar of 74 Rare Vinyl LP Review

Buddy Rich The Roar of  '74 Rare Vinyl NM $200 +
Holy crap, how did no one recommend this to me before? I’m absolutely floored by this record. The bass, the trumpet, the saxophone, the drumming! Buddy Rich blew me away in 8 tracks of absolute fire. This is an incredible release with a lot of great moments. If you loved the 1970s and the 1980s exploitation movie scene, then you probably remember this type of music quite well. Buddy Rich put out this record way back in 1973 and later in 1974 in the UK. It is very much a “big band” album with a lot of notes to funk, jazz, experimental drumming and so much more. The crew on here wow, lots to explore in this record. You are not going to find another album with so much complexity, and tempo change, solo work, improvisational jazz momentum and more.

“Nuttville” alone is going to floor you. If you listen to “The Roar of 74” and you don’t like it, basically F you. I’m sorry. You’re wrong. You don’t like music. As a bass player, and a musician, I’m absolutely enthralled with this record, and I had to find it by accident? The album cover is awesome, the keyboards, the drums, the whole concept is fun. I’m definitely giving this my highest recommendation for the jazz new comer to the jazz enthusiast. You gotta pick this one up, what’s wrong with you? I love it. Man, this is some high quality jazz people.

Here you go, if you want to pick up this record on wax, you can do so for around ten bucks by clicking here. However, if you want it in NM condition, expect to pay no less than around $200. 

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