Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Shid Latta Takes You On A Whole New Journey With High

I previously reviewed a track from Shid Latta here, and was impressed with his delivery and lyricism. This time around he’s got a new record out, and a single that smashes together some incredible beats, in order to create a whole new track of epic proportions. This track, “High” produced by Hippie Sabotage drops serious lyrical elements. Shid Latta bounces through serious emotional heart felt lyrics about loss and the honesty is up front. It hits you hard with reality, and if you’ve ever loved and lost you know exactly what he’s talking about with this track.

I’ve heard a lot of remixes and productions, but this is one that is done right. Right when you think you’ve figured out where this is going, Shid Latta comes through with a different take, a new verse, and rolls it into the beats with relative ease. It’s the craft that really works here, and promotes the right elements of hip hop with a far more diverse range of ideas than you would normally expect.

By the time you hit the end of the single, you’re left with serious contemplative elements. Heart break is no joke, and it’s definitely on display with this song. If you haven’t been keeping up with this up and coming rapper, you need to pay attention now. If “High” doesn’t get you, wait until you hear the rest of his offerings, including “How It Is” and other tracks on Sound Cloud. This guy is stepping up to becoming the next big thing out of Baltimore, so don’t sleep on this.

If you’re a hip hop fan, you need to go to Sound Cloud here and check out this track here, or visit Reverb nation here and pay attention to what’s coming through. This is great hip hop, and needs more listens, so check it out. You need to seek out the latest record from Shid Latta, "LOVE + OTHERx DRUG$" and turn it up to 11, it's a solid endeavor.

Make sure that you also check out Shid Latta on facebook here, and follow him on twitter here!

Rasplyn Creates Astounding Artistry Through The Release of Scenes Through The Magic Eye

“Circle Round” sold me on Rasplyn’s release. “Scenes Through The Magic Eye” filled my office with music that seemed to drive me into a circle of artistry, I had been pining for all day. It hadn’t been a great day here at Sell Out Records HQ, but as soon as I started to pay more attention to Rasplyn’s release, I was drawn into a world of beauty, art, and magic. This compelling first track is an exciting introduction into a world of musical clarity that should not be ignored.

On this release of 7 tracks, you get layered musical instrumentation, compelling and artistic vocals, with a “world music” vibe that is hard to narrow down. It’s not really “one” thing, as it is pure art. There’s bits and pieces from all sorts of sounds, instruments, and elements that are very much artistic in nature. From far off lands to symphony inspired notes, to beautiful landscapes of musical creativity, you’re really taken on a journey through time and space. “Priestess of the Goddess” for example, is a tune that fits quite well into the background of epic movies, and video games. Close your eyes and you will be whisked away into a new land, a new hope, and beautiful music that is in the clouds.

As a whole, “Scenes Through The Magic Eye” is by far the best mix of instrumental and vocal music I’ve heard in a long time. It is well balanced, creates compelling narratives through song, and really is well worth your time. I absolutely fell in love with “Circle Round”, “Open Door”, and “Among The Stars”, but as a whole, this record is just fascinating. I’m completely floored by the intricate details here, the notes, and arrangements as well as the simplicity of the tunes at times. There’s something deep here, and you will find that it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard. I love it. Carolyn O’Neill’s solo project here is far more compelling than anything I’ve heard in a while. I love it.

You can learn more about this record from Mythical Records here, the official Rasplyn site here, and the Mythical Records twitter page here. Carolyn O’Neill’s creativity flourishes here, and is in fact a testament to her musical prowess.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Raving Wild Exalts Folk and Alternative With An Incredible Single

Raving Wild releases a track that not only encompasses what I hear on rock radio right now (106.7 KROQ L.A) but the kind of heart felt music that connects with you on a visceral level. With a mix of the 1980s introspective lyricism you’d except from The Cure and touches of folk like guys like Mumford and Sons, to a whole new spin on the genre, you get pushed into an anthem that will have you singing along in no time. In fact, I was very impressed with the way “Raving Wild” pushes you into the song with a good deal of focus on leading you down an adventure.

From the first notes, through the chorus and guitar notes, you are given a sound that is eclectic, and very much honest. It’s catch, it’s fun, it has soul and that’s something that you don’t always get with these types of songs. There’s a certain urgency in this song, and you are going to tap your feet, and absolutely fall in love with the chorus.

Overall, this is one hell of a single, and really does a lot to put a stamp on what Raving Wild is doing as an artist. Listen to this track, and you’ll very well be singing along after one listen of the chorus. I love it. You’ll love it, it’s an instant classic in my book.

Check out Raving Wild via Soundcloud here, the official website here, and don’t sleep on this single and artist.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Miriam Crespo Brushes Upon Greatness With Thierry’s Song

Miriam Crespo got me, right in the heart with this track. This folk, country, rock tune is such a good mix of music. It’s got a real folk sound, but with an indie push that reminds me a bit of Neko Case, but a bit more mature in sound. This is a very heart filled website, and it’s the first track from the artist’s upcoming record.

This is a strong song full of emotion. It tells a story, and it paints you a picture. It’s as though someone is there with you, talking to you about the world around them. I found myself having to listen to this track several times as the overall emotion poured through the lyrics.

There’s always something unique about folk and country singers, especially when you start to break down the overall flow of their vocals and connect the dots of their backing bands. Miriam Crespo’s vocals flow nicely over the eclectic band that gives you several notes to float on. I love the interludes, the notes, and the vocals which all connect to the soul. I love it.

“Thierry’s Song” is a very good taste to what very well may be a break out record coming through next year. For now, Miriam Crespo’s track does everything right. It hooks you, it tells you a story, and it has a solid composition.

Check out more from Miriam Crespo via Soundcloud here, and keep a look out for the new record coming in Spring 2015.

Shane Sebastian Shines on LA LA In Impressive Fashion

Shane Sebastian complete floored me with the track “LA LA”. I wasn’t really sure what to expect upon first hearing the track, and as soon as it got into gear, I was sold on the song. Within a minute, you’ll find yourself swimming in a world of emotion. It’s a lovely tune with some very introspective and eclectic moments. I loved hearing the balance here, moving through a strong vocal arrangement, and good sound amidst layered music.

You will find that the song really comes alive around a minute, as things really come together in such a strong manner. You may find yourself thinking about David Bowie in how the vocals are dynamic on this tune. They elevate the song to another level, and definitely brings forth a great emotional connection. Acoustic guitar work, electronic elements, and powerful vocals lead through “LA LA”, and it’s hard to really put your finger on. So many pieces come together here and the song really shines.

Shane Sebastian has a real winner here, and I am completely enthralled in the track. You’re going to find that it’s unique, powerful, and really evokes a sense of emotion. You have to listen to this, it’s a great new track.

Check out this artist's Soundcloud single page here, and of course the official Shane Sebastian website here.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Panda Bear Creates a Musical Art Piece You Need To Listen To Right Now

Panda Bear is the brain child of Noah Lennox. Don’t remember that name? Well, he’s the founding member of Animal Collective, and the guy has been pushing music for quite some time. In this release he takes a bottle, smashes it open, and then makes art of the pieces. I mean that in a musical way, as this is an experimental EP that delivers on all the right pieces, and creates an image of the artist that you are not going to find with other albums right now. “Mr. Noah” is an EP that is all over the place in consideration of arranging music. It doesn’t have a set genre, although the electronic vibe is definitely in place here. You get a mosaic of sounds when you listen, and it’s very creative, and personal on many levels.

“Faces In The Crowd” stands out as my favorite track, as it goes up and down in terms of sound design and features some very interesting notes. I like the way it flows through the noise and comes together with vocals that are all but poignant, and saturated underneath a wall of sounds. Simply put, it’s a strong track of unique musicianship. “Untying The Knot” is another grand opus for me, and it really shows off Panda Bear’s intricate layering, albeit simple to some. I love the flow of the record, going from one end of the spectrum to another in terms of influence. You will not find yourself thinking that his is a droning record that just plays on the same note over and over again, as many other solo projects seem to do these days.

Panda Bear’s “Mr. Noah” EP is a solid example of experimental independent music. It’s definitely full of life and interesting parameters. I like it, and definitely recommend it to fans of indie recordings. It’s hard to put this one in one genre, and can only be exemplified as an artistic approach to musicianship. You owe it to yourself to check this out.

You can listen to this record via Spotify here, or you could check out the official Panda Bear website here.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Kava Music Takes On Pure Creativity With The Release of Transmissions

Kava took the idea of recording tracks in 3 cities, each one for each member’s home town and created what very well may be the most creative use of electronic music you’ve heard in a minute. “Transmissions” is set to be released in 11/11, and it’s by far one of the coolest fusions of digital music you’re going to hear this year. It’s presented with a certain passion that really comes through on the record. I found myself not only listening to this at home with my cats, but also streaming it on my phone while I did a quick session at my local skate park.

There’s a vibrancy found here that moves your ears , with some robotic elements that rival some of the artists you may already know. I thought “Elevation Repair” was right out of the book of Gandalf’s Beat Machine, but right when I wanted to peg this as a comparison, there’s a balance that shocks the system and creates something new. I like how you can’t predict where the tracks are going, and there’s a fluidity to this that is very much psychedelic in the approach. “OverRoad” is a prime example of this journey, one that seems to be taking you one way, but delivers you soundly in another.

There are some strong showings here, a record that truly isn’t relegated to the same thing over and over again. I was delighted with the mix, and found several tracks to be anthemic in their use of sounds. “Happenstance” for instance is a journey into another dimension, and really reverberates through the speakers.

Aside from my personal favorites mentioned, you’ll find that there are some stellar tracks here including “Book of Faces”, and “Blinking Sun” for instance. These are not throwaway tracks to fill an album, each track represents something to you the listener and the artists that are creating them. It’s this type of integral musical placement that makes “Transmissions” a must own recording. It’s layered, it’s poignant, it’s futuristic, and yet it’s firmly rooted in the past as well. I love it.

Check out Kava via SoundCloud here, and their official website here. You don’t want to miss this one, it’s a brilliant showing.

Sursum Verbo Drives Home An Indie Rock Sound With Fool

Sursum Verbo has released a strong contender for my favorite record this year. I know I say that a lot, but seriously, there’s so much good music coming across my desk that I don’t know what to do with myself. This is another shining gem for me, and as soon as I heard “9 Volt” I was sold. The track reminds me of early Tooth and Nail Records releases, when they were still pushing art and music together. This is a classic example of indie rock, but with a twist here and there.

With “Fool” Sursum Verbo tap into something that makes indie rock so good. The record uses a steady stream of guitar, percussion, and strong vocals to create a resounding sound that echoes across your home. I turned it up loud, and tried to dance with my kitty. She was having none of it, granted she just got spayed and is mad at me, but still this is a solid recording. On the track “What You Can”, I was sold with the bass line intro. As a bass player myself, I always love strong bass lines coming up front, and that’s what you get on this track.

It’s not just those tracks that won me over, as you get good movement with “Mercy”, “Looking Back”, and “These Rooms” as well. This deserves more listens, and really does do a lot for the band. If you’re a fan of bands like The Velvet Teen, Interpol, and even The Muffs, you’re going to find this release to be a strong contender for your favorite as well. There’s a lot here, even with only 5 tracks, and it really appeals to the indie fan in me.

Enough of my rambling, pick up Sursum Verbo’s “Fool” Ep and see what I’m talking about. It’s one of my favorite records right now, and it very well may become one of yours. Oh, and don't forget to visit their official website here, and keep up with their latest and greatest moves.

Friday, November 7, 2014

John Neal Throws Around The Southern Infused Rock and Roll Like No Other

John Neal is an artist from Little Rock, Arkansas and upon listening to his latest self-titled release, I can truly say I’m a fan. His new record is out now and fuses together a southern rock gospel that is going to completely blow you away. (Not gospel as in religious, but you know the blues/rock sound) Whatever the case is, this is one hell of a release and it definitely deserves to get cranked up. It’s hard hitting from the opening track “Mexico City” through the last track of “Call on Me”.

Diving into the roots of blues music and bring out some stellar rock is hard for even established artists, but John Neal makes it seem easy. Bring together the best parts of several genres, the presentation on the record is quite good. It has a country tinge, but it’s not country, it has a rock feel but it’s not just pure rock, it’s built on solid song structure, good lyrical elements, and just plays through like a crossover record right out of CMT.

Don’t misunderstand though, there’s more to this than the country vibe, as there are some hard moments here. Stepping on the distortion pedal, throwing around some killer riffs, adding extra instruments, and playing to the rock crowd is definitely a strong suit of John Neal, especially with this release.

There are a lot of artists that want to blend genres, and say that they are down home rock and roll, but they fail to prove it. John Neal lets the music talk and wow, you get hit hard with every track. Stand outs include “Mexico City”, “Roll Me Away”, “Over and Over”, and “Alright!” but this one plays well on all fronts.

Check out this record via the official John Neal website here, and get yourself familiar with what very well may be the next big rock and roll hit of 2014.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Figures of Light Step Into The Twilight Zone With Instant Drone

“Instant Drone” is the latest release from Figures of Light, and it’s a sonic boom of frequency, and audio communication. It’s a vibrant display of musical orchestration done in the most unique manner I’ve heard in a long time. This instrumental track pushes the boundaries of creativity in such a scope, that it becomes difficult to really give it comparison. Think Joy Division, Statistics, or Starflyer 59, or perhaps Sonic Youth on this track. There’s a variety of noise, feedback, and guitar work that is made to come together like a kaleidoscope.

The fusion of the different sounds and melodies work very well here, and it is far and away the most unique track I’ve heard in music in a long time. You will not be able to stay away from what Figures of Light is doing here, and upon first listen, you’re going to be blown away. It’s a hypnotic tune that takes you to another landscape, a ride through what Rod Serling would introduce you to before going to a place of not only sight and sound, but of mind.

Figures of Light with Mike Pilat create one of the more fascinating tracks I’ve heard in quite a while. “Instant Drone” is the type of track that can easily fit into cinema. It has a far reaching grasp that you are not going to get with other tracks from the band, or from many other artists. It’s a strong piece of music that is worth your time.

Check out Figures of Light "Instant Drone" below, and follow the links to pick up this record:

Itunes Here

Amazon Here

Figures of Light - Instant Drone from Figures of Light Archive on Vimeo.
Figures of Light was an American music band founded in 1970, which disbanded in 2015. This channel features some of their videos as a permanent archive. Check out our website at http://www.figuresoflight.com

War Poets Craft An Excellent EP With Hot And Cold American Relationships

There was a time when I would purchase every single record released from Jade Tree Records. When playing the latest War Poets disc, I was brought back to that era in my life. Jade Tree introduced me to this type of song writing. It wasn’t emo, it was indie, but it had more lyrical integrity than the genres, it had a deep sense of communication and emotion that made me a music fan of all genres. It’s with that in mind that War Poets have created an outstanding EP that molds and shapes musical genres into something pure. With the release of “Hot and Cold: American Relationships”, you are driven through several themes, melodies, and songs that will be welcomed by even the hardest of critics.

This all starts very well with “Say No More”, and goes through “Perfect One”, “Upside Down”, and an introspective “Know The Way”, before coming through on the last 2 tracks in full circle of musical themes. The lyrical elements are all very well put together, throwing together a mix of emotions that are very much common place for music. Love, loss, struggle, and so much more are painted here and that’s definitely felt through the mix of acoustic guitars, percussion, and vocals that blend very well through the music.

The record feels full, as you get towards the end. “Bits and Pieces” is my favorite track, putting together a soft touch to the strong vocals across the record. There’s a subtle beauty found on the track, and it’s a nice break from the four previous tracks. It’s a testament to the release, as you start to think that the next track will be predictable, but nope, a new style and format comes through, and it’s solid.

Just when you think that the record is done, “Ones Who Love” comes through with a nice alternative rock feel and you’re whisked away in the War Poets boat to a new world. Overall “Hot and Cold: American Relationships” is an outstanding EP and part of the proceeds go to help find a cure for Cystic-fibrosis, so go get this record and support a good cause, and get some awesome tunes.

You can learn more about War Poets via their official Facebook page here, and pick up the record on itunes here, as well as other outlets. Don’t sleep on this one, it’s a great EP.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hong Kong Danger Duo Comes Out With A Vibrant Alternative Uppercut On The Release of Their New EP

Hong Kong Danger Duo is such a cool name, I wish I would’ve thought of it first. The release of their debut EP marks an incredible start to what very well may become a long career for this band that plays a mix of rock fused with lots of genres, and definitely defies the monikers I can think of. The self-titled EP starts strong with “Haymaker’s Son” and drives through layered guitar riffs, percussion, and strong vocals amidst electronic backdrops. There’s so much here, that you’ll have a hard time pinpointing any one given direction, and that’s a powerful thing with this debut.

The songs flow together with a strong blues rock feel, but there are moments of metallic glory, and a streamlined fuzz that is going to definitely pique your interests. With “City Smog” you get a southern rock style, and some nice guitar work flowing with lyrical elements that are stronger than what you will hear on the radio today. It’s a strong second song, and leads right into the heavy “Flatline” to finish off the EP with a great powerful component.

At the end of the day, Hong Kong Danger Duo pushes out a good EP to introduce their brand of rock to the world. It’s heavy, it’s eclectic, it features a layered rock and roll ethic that you will not find with a lot of bands today. Think Led Zeppelin meets Jack White with a more pronounced percussion twist. Then again, throw those names out, and just listen to this EP and come up with your own comparisons, it’s a solid release, that should get this band a lot of recognition. The third track alone is worth buying this record for, it’s a strong rock song that will get you moving in the morning.

Check out more information on Hong Kong Duo via their official site here, and Facebook here. Listen to their record via Spotify, Amazon, or buy it wherever you may find it, it’s a solid release, I recommend it greatly.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Whole Wheat Bread Hearts of Hoodlums Still Rocks Harder Than Mainstream Rock

Whole Wheat Bread is a band that doesn’t get enough credit today. I first saw them in 2006 (I think) when they toured with Reel Big Fish and MXPX. They opened the show and it was a spectacular display of punk rock ethos by three individuals that knew how to write a hook and drive through some catchy songs. The trio was able to rap too so it wasn’t all just punk rock elemental displays. I found their work to be quite good and ended picking up their record that day. They’ve been bouncing around the underground scene and even put out a record with my man MURS (I don’t really know MURS), and that was solid.

In 2009, they put out “Hearts of Hoodlums” and I still think it should get more spins than it does. In my attempt to shine light on more music within this site, I am going to recommend you look up this record, and pick it up. This record features everything you’d expect from a new school punk rock record, but it has a lot of themes and ideas that would permeate with urban, African American culture. Like the song “Throw Your Sets Up”, which seeks to glorify gang culture in a way, but really just comes across as an anthem for being proud of your city. I’m not proud of my city, but maybe one day I’ll throw my set up.

The stand out tracks include “Bombs Away”, “Throw Your Sets Up”, “I Can’t Think”, “Blood Stains and Bite Marks”, as well as “Every Man For Himself”. However, this is no throwaway punk record. There’s a lot of solid song writing and structure to all of this, and it’s one of the better records you’re going to pick up that mixes the hip hop ethos and smashes it with the punk rock that is normal on Fat Wreck Chords and others.

Pick up Whole Wheat Bread’s “Hearts of Hoodlums” here, and make sure that you follow up on this act if they come through your town.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Thorne Puts Out The Parade And Brings Me To Tears

Ok, so I didn’t cry, but wow, what a voice. Thorne’s “The Parade” is one of the most incredible songs I’ve heard in a long time. It’s powerful, and it features incredible lyrical elements, amidst tracking that is nothing short of breath taking. At the chorus point I was completely enthralled with this track, and I could see it play through the moments of my life. I could see moments of happiness, sadness, and introspection come through as I listened to the beauty come through the speakers.

I absolutely love the mix here, with passionate singing and percussion that comes through with acoustic guitar work. I am completely impressed by the ease of the musical landscape painted here, as it truly shines with such an easy going attitude. At the second minute, I found myself in a whole new world of music. “I want you to cry”, the lyrics come through and hit me hard. Thorne has a way of singing to me, as if I were the only one in the audience, and that’s the sign of an incredible artist. When you feel like it’s just you and the artist in a room, they win, and I for one love this track.

Thorne creates a beautiful kaleidoscope here, and when you look into it, you get hit with a refraction of emotional connections you don’t usually get from music. I love the way this track bleeds through your soul, and makes you remember the lines, and repeats in your mind’s eye. It’s a compelling track of epic proportions, and I for one am recommending it to everyone I know. Turn this up, listen, and pay attention to what very well may be the next big thing in music.

You can listen to Thorne’s “The Parade” here. Check out the official Thorne site here as well.

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