Sunday, November 8, 2015

Kind of Roach Max Roach 10 Disc Box Set

Some people prefer to buy a lot of jazz at once, and I don’t blame them. Here’s an example of a steal in my opinion. This is a 10 disc box set of Max Roach records. It’s priced at an insane value for modern jazz, if you ask me. It includes “Blue Waltz”, “Audio Blues”, “Conversation”, “At New Port”, “What Am I Hear For”, “Mr. X”, “The Scene is Clean”, “Figure Eights”, “Land’s End”, and “Drum Conversation”. This has some of his best cuts from the 1950s, including a lot of solos, lots of work in the modern jazz sense, and stellar arrangements, as you’d expect from Max Roach. I’m flabbergasted by the value we place on jazz music, but hey, I can’t complain. This is a great set to have.

Kind of Roach” from Max Roach is usually priced at $29.99, but you can pick up “Kind of Roach” for $16.57 by clicking here. It’s an insane steal of a jazz box set.

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