Thursday, May 28, 2015

Murs L.A. Live on SKEE TV HD Video

He's better than your favorite rapper, he's the man, the myth, the legend, MURS! He just dropped a new record, I haven't reviewed it yet but will. He performed live for SKEE TV and this live video just dropped yesterday, but I forgot to post it up first.

The following is MURS doing a track from "Murray's Revenge" the anthem, "L.A.", check his work out he's one of the best rappers in the game, and NO he's not talking money, women, and chains.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Electrets Dazzle With 2 New Pop Punk Anthems For You To Enjoy

I wrote about The Electrets back in September of last year here. They are one of my personal favorite Los Angeles based rockers, and it was a delight to learn that they are back at it with new music. This time around they have a new song and a b-side for your to sink your proverbial teeth into. Up front the song “Falling Awake” has a pop punk element that is catchy as all hell. You’re going to be singing along in no time, as I was definitely singing through the house. It’s an easy flowing song that features clear vocals, punk edge, and keyboards that balance everything out quite well. It’s like a mix of The Huntington’s “Plastic Surgery” and The Muffs grungy guitar work, with a clean finish. Fans of those bands know what I’m talking about, as this track really works well.

On the track “Has Been”, The Electrets really put on the rock and roll dazzle that they have. Rocking guitar blasts with emphatic vocals that usher Tilt or The Red Aunts. It’s a power song that will have you throwing a few fists and dancing around your living room. It’s a strong punk rock song that doesn’t lose its edge throughout. This may very well be one of the heaviest tracks I’ve heard come through the punk scene in a while. The distortion heavy track leads through subtle changes and really hits heavy. This is a track you cannot miss out on. The song writing that the band puts on with these two tracks lays down a dichotomy of emotion and skill that you have to admire.

Enough of my rambling, The Electrets are a band you have to see live, and have to listen to right now. Catch them right now before they get picked up by a major as they are definitely putting on a strong showing with these 2 tracks.

Go See Live Music May 30 Downtown Los Angeles!!!!!
OH and you Los Angeles folks, This weekend stop what you’re doing and head to downtown Los Angeles. The Electrets will be playing with Electric Children, The Blackerbys, and Space Hurricane for $6. 21 and over, 9 pm, stop being lazy and support this band. I’d go, but I’m actually moving to Indianapolis right now. I know, I suck, but hey, you aren’t moving so go see them!

More info on their official Facebook page here.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Children 18:3 Triumph With Come In From Their Latest on Tooth and Nail Record s

Children 18:3 is one of the best trios of all time in the punk genre, according to me. I saw them play Tomfest in 2010, I think. They put on one hell of a show for a 3-piece punk rock band. They got a kickstarter for this record, and it is now out on Tooth & Nail Records. Their lead off single "Come In" exemplifies the talent and structure of their punk rock ethos. I recommend it, check it out below. More posts from me, Jorge Sell Out coming through, jerks.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Foo Fighters Everlong Letterman's Last Show

I am not a fan of David Letterman, but he has some great taste.

How do I know this?

Because he had Foo Fighters play the last show, and his favorite song is none other than "Everlong"

Perhaps one of the greatest songs Foo Fighters ever created. 33 yeras is a great career. I didn't even last a few years in tech, so this is great. Plus I'm moving to Indianapolis.

Whatever the case is, here is the performance of "Everlond" from the last Late Night With David Letterman broadcast. 33 years...geez. I can't even stay in the same apartment for a year.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Armada Named Sound Produces A Stellar Debut With Starchildren EP

Electronic music is always a fascinating landscape. With the release of “Starchildren” Armada Named Sound pushes through the crowded genre to bring you an interesting take on the sound. Mixing several different elements of music, not just electronic, you get a boisterous sound. I love the mix, fusing the best part of several genres into an electric and dare I say eclectic release.

You really get a feel for the record with “Afterdrive” which ushers you in to the sound you’re going to get. It highlights good production values, and layered sounds that truly bring out pop and EDM but without relying on just one thing. Often times with electronic music, you get repetition over quality, but not here. Armada Named Sound really pushes several elements together to get you to a sonic boom of cool. I love the way it all fits together. The songs come together like a puzzle, everything having its own place.

“Starchildren” really takes on a good cohesive unit through 4 tracks of excellent tracking. Each and every piece creates a complex unity, and it really works here. The London duo have found a way to really create a lavish landscape of musical collateral. Armada Named Sound really touches every element of electronic music you can have. From vocals, to musical notes, so much comes to the table that you are begging for more. My favorite track is “Fixation”, but every song has special elements that draw you in.

Check out more from Armada Named Sound via ITunes here. Check out the video clip below, and keep your eyes open for this incredible duo as they take over the electronic music world. Great stuff here, highly recommended.

Check out Armanda Named Sound’s official page here, Facebook here, and Twitter here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

March To May Blend Beautiful Sounds With Their Debut EP The Water’s Edge

It’s not often that you get a debut with such power. March To May has put together a set of songs that are nothing short of beautiful. The balance between instruments and vocals does a lot to create the mood for each track. As you listen, you will be ushered slowly into the presence of an acoustic, folk, pop record that draws you in slowly. The combination of sounds illustrate an emphasis on art, more than just getting through the songs. Sometimes, with debut records you have a feeling that the artist is trying too hard to flow through songs.

That’s not the case here. You will find that there is a passion that signs off on each track. Every track is an emotionally complex ride. Listen to the words, close your eyes, and feel the impact of the music here. The creation of musical components really stands out on the tracks, and you truly get a feel for what March To May is capable of. The best Ep’s are able to give you a taste of what artists do best, without giving you too much, and that’s what you get here with “The Water’s Edge” you are taken through a glimpse of what some may call heavenly music, a seltzer that heals the soul, and awakens the spirit.

From the moment you listen to “The Monk and the Lover”, through “Falling Down”, “Count The days”, and the rest, you will find the eclectic, acoustic, and soulful music to be a mountain spring of hope. I love the poetry, and the balance that is found with this release. It has soul. It takes me back to when I was spending a fortune on all the releases from Deep Elm, and Jade tree records.

It’s easy to love this record. March To May produces something of importance here. Darren Guyaz and Beth Wesche have tapped into a beautiful sound, and you will not be able to take your mind off of their creation. It’s a great EP. Listen, indulge, and focus on the many pieces that are found here. It’s an EP worth listening to as a whole, not in parts. I love it, and highly recommend it.

Check out March To May via their official website here, Facebook here, and Twitter here.

Friday, May 8, 2015

On The Water Creates A Truly Honest Heartfelt Record With Cordelia

"Cordelia" is the latest release from On The Water and it is proving to be one of the best mixes of folk music I’ve heard in a while. I use the term folk here, but it’s far more reaching than just that. It’s a heartfelt record with an emotional lyrical element that you don’t always get with these records. It’s here that you are thrown into what the true nature of life really is, like an old Tom Waits record, but with a bit of a modern push. There are several elements sewed into the tracks, each one building towards the next, and giving you a painting of life’s highs and lows.

You get a taste for the raw emotion that comes from “Varsity”, then moves through “Cordelia”, and “Gatekeeper”. The unfolding set pieces creates such melody that creates a great rush. The 10 tracks found here flow through various quality tracks that do not try to hide behind emotional outlying words, but rather simplicity. There’s a raw element here, something you hear from the recording style, and the rhythms pushed.

Overall, “Cordelia” feels vintage, but it’s new. It’s a testament to the creativity of the song structures, and the way things transition from song to song. Singer Fletcher Van Vilet certainly puts together a great mix line up of tracks here. “Faint Ink” is my personal favorite, but it’s the collection of tracks that make this release so much more powerful than just one or two singles. I love when artists are able to create a fluidity through art. This is art, and it’s altogether a great release.

For fans of folk/alternative, without the heavy polish this is a record for you. It begs to be heard, dissected, and explored on a deeper level. Lyrically balanced, emotionally connected, and artistically handled, “Cordelia” is a record that stands out amidst a crowded genre.

You can get the record, hear more via  and listen below if you'd like. I highly suggest you pick this record up and take some time to put headphones on and flow through the words, the music, and see where it takes you.

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