Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Move To Bremerton by Mxpx Review

In 1996, Mxpx put out what would become their insanely popular “Life in General”, and with that came a few singles. One of the singles that I really sought out was “Move To Bremerton”. Now, this was a time before you could hear this band on the radio, and before you could get the songs from YouTube, or Napster or anything. So I read about this release, and sought it out via mail order. The record features 5 songs, with 4 of them being ones I hadn’t heard. “Rock and Roll Girl”, “Circumstance”, “Easier Said Than Done”, and “Chick Magnet (live on KNDD)”, are the stand outs, aside from the title track single. “Circumstance” alone is the reason to pick up this EP. If you check out the video, you get a good look at the band’s home town. I know, this is an odd pick up, but if you’re a record collector, this is no doubt one of the pieces to the Mxpx discography you should pick up.

You can pick up “Move To Bremerton” by Mxpx for $6.99 new, or you could get it for $0.01 by clicking here.

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