Wednesday, November 4, 2015

At Basin Street Clifford Brown, Max Roach Review

The Clifford Brown and Max Roach quintet is arguably one of the best in modern jazz. This record proves it in many ways, as you will get 13 tracks of amazing music. Originally released in 1956, this is a record that keeps on giving, in my humble opinion. It has been re-released and remastered, but you can still find the original if you’re a true audiophile. As far as the Clifford Brown-Max Roach quintet, you have to admit, when Sonny Rollins joined the group, they really put on a jazzy clinic.

You can pick up “At Basin Street” by Clifford Brown-Max Roach Quintet for $10.99 new, but if you’re broke like me, you can get it for under $2 by clicking here. It’s easily one of the better jazz records you’re going to get right now.

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