Friday, February 13, 2015

Worldwide Groove Corporation's Standard Chill Brings A Spotlight Onto An Eclectic Musical History

In Seattle I worked for a snowboard company, and my coworker would always play electronic music. He was a dj and he was working on all sorts of different tracks, remixes, and ideas for beats while working on tech there in our small offices. Back then he introduced me to a lot of electronic music, and a love for the genre started to blossom. Fast forward to today, and I hear a lot of music on a regular basis, and the one genre that always has a way of introducing me to new melody, musical notation, and creativity is electronic. Suffice to say Worldwide Groove Corporation's release of “Standard Chill” does an absolute grand thing to pull my heart strings and those of anyone that likes electronic, digital, and ambient music.

This record brings together tracks from a variety of musical genres but with an electronic feel, and it’s every bit iconic. Every track has something new to offer, and it’s not all digital, it’s got some amazing elements of jazz, rock, and more. The vocals featured include, Daniella Mason, Fleming McWilliams, Kenya Evelyn, Ingrid DuMosch, Missi Hale, and Melinda Doolittle on select tracks, and Ellen Tift offering the primary vocal element for other tracks. Each one provides a new flavor to the record, and it’s all an impressive juxtaposition at times. From the first sound of the vibrant vocals to the flowing dreamscapes presented by the mixes, you’re going to find yourself flowing through various stages of euphoria with this record.

There’s a lot here, there’s not one second wasted with dead air or ambivalence. Attention has been paid to every sound to create a lavish display of jazz, and flowing digital representations. Stand out tracks include “Our Love Is Here To Stay [ft. Daniella Mason]”, “When I Fall In Love [ft. Ingrid DuMosch]”, “Tangerine [ft. Fleming McWilliams]”, and “Fever [ft. Missi Hale, Venste]”, these 9 tracks represent a collection that is very eclectic, well defined, and perfect for parties, or while having a martini after a long day at work. This is not a traditional electronic record, it’s more than that. Worldwide Groove Corporation's release flows with urgency, and poetry that has to be heard again and again.

Check out Worldwide Groove Corporation's “Standard Chill”  here, and keep up to date with the music coming from this amazing label here. You’re not going to want to miss out on this.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Garden On A Trampoline Breaks The Indie Rock Moniker With Allodynia

It’s not fair for anyone to just call this band by a one genre name, it’s truly not just one sided. Garden On A Trampoline finds a way to shove the emotion found on Deep Elm mix in a little Jade Tree magic, and shove over Smoking Popes for a shot at the top of alternative rock’s indie crown. Ok, maybe that’s a bit much, but what can I say, the band has really got me tapping my toes to their infectious sound. For whatever reason I decided to listen to “keeping me inside” first, and was immediately brought back to my bedroom in Culver City circa 1999. Why is that important? Because that’s when I dropped $300 on music from the aforementioned record labels, and caught wind of all types of underground music, some of which reminds me of what this band has done with this record.

Going back to the start, “Allodynia” starts with what very well may be my favorite instrumental. The first 40 seconds alone is enough to create an ethereal vision for you, as the melting of emotions comes through. It’s the kind of track that should open up a sweeping scene in an Oscar worthy movie. It has age, it has vitality, it has precision and makes you stop what you’re doing, and pay attention to life as it floats on past you. It’s with this opener that the band truly introduces something unique, for the audience.

Not to be isolated to one genre, the band flows through enough melody, chaos, and urgency to fill 15 tracks of pure gold. Fans of The Velvet Teen will immediately recognize the swagger of the band’s flow, as they seem to seamlessly create melody with piano, guitar, and percussion that is on point. In fact, not since “Out of The Fierce Parade” have I been completely sold on a record.

In the 15 tracks found here, you’re going to flow through every string of creative rock music prowess. From electronic notes to surreal piano ambience, and guitar heavy tracks that are definitely going to present an incredible rotation for your next skate session.

Suffice to say, Garden On A Trampoline releases the best independent rock record I’ve heard this year so far. “Allodynia” is eclectic, full of life, creative, and doesn’t settle for one genre. This is one record you cannot miss out on, you just can’t. Don’t call yourself a music fan if you don’t listen to this one, just don’t.

Check out Garden On A Trampoline via bandcamp here, and support the music, this is a solid record. Visit their official website here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bottoms Goodbye Stuns With A Fascinating Release

After writing 17,000 words today, I wasn’t prepared to review a record, then “die:rot” hit the speakers, and my mood shifted. Bottoms latest release is a mix of electronic music, and pure exuberance. The opening track alone had me awake and alert, and into something quite new. The mix is solid, throwing together sound design that is definitely on par with some of the best electronic music I heard last year. However, where others seem to just throw in some random beats and underline them with signature time, Bottoms changes the formula.

Within the first track alone you get several changes in terms of sound, design, and noise. The elements put together are layered, and flow to tell you a story that is quite impactful overall. If the first track doesn’t grab you up front, then the second and third tracks will change your mind. “Boring” and “Gasoline” take away the first track and create lavish new elements, while distributing the tropes of electronic music you’d come to expect. It’s done so well that I was thoroughly impressed upon hearing the mix.

“My body”, “Hi”, and “Goodbye Cruel World” round out the record and it features a great nuance to it. The way that Bottoms finds a way to flesh out musical ideas with a layered, electric feel is dramatic. The drama plays well to introduce you to a whole new concept through each track, directing you to lighten up, take a load off, and experiment with the musical landscape that is being painted for you.

It’s records like “Goodbye” from Bottoms that really shows you how art and music can collide to create a layered approach to digital music. It’s an eclectic mix, full of interesting notes, sounds, and more. I like it, and recommend it. It’s the best electronic record I’ve heard this year thus far, and can’t get some of the tracks out of my head.

Check out the record here, and make sure that you keep an eye out for what very well may be your new favorite record.

In case you don't believe me, check out what others have to say about these guys Brooklyn Vegan, Pitchfork.
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