Monday, November 9, 2015

Max Roach Live in Berlin Max Roach Review

Fans of jazz music will always tell you that seeing it live is an incredible thing. Of course, most of us weren’t alive or had the means to see some of the greats from the modern jazz era. But there’s always recordings, right? That’s what I think about when listening to Max Roach’s “Live in Berlin” record. This record came out in 1984, and it’s one of the greats. It seems so effortless, the tracks going through the motions of modernity. It’s these tunes that become iconic for jazz lovers. There’s a bit of blues thrown into the jazz formula, and nothing here seems out of place. It’s the type of record you put on with a cup of tea or coffee, and just enjoy the bliss of the sounds. Things just seems so easy in this melodic live record, and yet if you’ve ever played music, you know how complex the compositions are.

This is a premium jazz record, you can pick up Max Roach Live in Berlin new for $15.39. You can drop the price a bit if you want to get it used and pay $10.95 by clicking here.

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