Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bernie Journey Sends Out A Very Catchy Dance Single You Need To Hear

Bernie Journey is set to release one incredible track of music on December 30th 2014. The track entitled “Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?” is a dance, pop, electronic single that took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting the song to be so catchy, but by the mid-point I was singing along and really enjoying the music. It’s an ethereal mix of pop sensibilities with electronic music precision that is definitely going to get you moving a bit.

The single is reminiscent of the 1980s for me, with clear vocals, sung over hypnotic electronic elements, and that classic dance pop sound. It just seems like it fits so well in the past, that you’ll be thinking this is a hit from another generation. However, it’s new, it’s well done, and presents a vibrant end to the year. The track itself is a compelling one, bringing together a collaborative musical process that is often missing with electronic music.

If you’re a fan of pop music, this is definitely going to be hard to stop listening to. Bernie Journey does so well here, putting together something so incredible. You’re going to want to take tabs on the music that this incredible artist is putting out. It’s new music like this that is definitely capping off a great 2014, and will usher in a great 2015 as more and more people keep listening to electronic, pop, and dance music. I recommend checking out “Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?”, and see if you can get it out of your head. It’s a great tune, seriously, check it out.

Make sure you keep track of Bernie Journey via the official website here. Also check out more via Facebook here, Twitter here, Instagram here, Soundcloud here, and PunkJunk here. Oh, and don't forget to order via Amazon if you like what you hear (link here)!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bombs Dropping Winter 2014 Produces 40 Minutes of Electronic Madness

Not since I first heard the soundtrack to Mega Man 2 have I been so enthralled with electronic music. This year has been great for digital music, and I have been given a lot of options to listen to, and here is just another example of great music moving through the internet and other arenas. Bombs Dropping “Winter 2014” is a mix of electronic dub, club, or whatever you want to call it and it’s definitely a fine production. It starts heavy with “Fame”, before it starts dropping digital bombs, as it were.

There’s a lot of bouncing on the record, but there’s steps that are going to take you out of the old techno raga and put you in touch with a new wave of digital creation. I love the tracking on “Cold Front” which feels like something right out of a video game from the PS3. It feels organic, and it has a strong electronic vibe that is definitely well worth your time. You’re going to be thrown back into the industrial era of rock music that made games like Quake so exciting.

Don’t misunderstand, however, as this is not stuck in the past, it’s onward and to the future. By 1:15 of “Cold Front” you’re into something all new and creative that is hard to paint within words. There’s more stand out tracks as you listen, including “Scorched Earth”, “Holiday Spirit”, “Revolutionary”, and of course “Death of Me”. However, this is another one of those electronic records that you are going to want to listen to as a whole.

Whether you’re dancing, or you’re immersed in writing, drawing, or at the gym, this is a record that is not to be missed. It has a definitive electronic feel as it throws you through various levels of digital creation. I love it, and recommend it highly.

Check out Bombs Dropping’s latest “Winter 2014” and more via the official bandcamp page here. It’s one of the best electronic records I’ve heard all year.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Violent Ground Tackles Heavy Lyrical Progress on The Release of Their Latest Record

Violent Ground is no joke. They have found a way to tap into a sector of hip hop that is usually seen in major hubs of the United States. These two brothers from Quebec and Labrador present a lyrical giant of a record that blew me away upon first listen. The beats are strong, and the lyrical presentation has a duality that is definitely going to take them far. I was very impressed with the track “Born With Tha Mic”, before the guys championed a set of tracks that absolutely will blow you way.

“Reborn”, “Never Fade Away”, “Rap”, “Nuthin’ On Me”, all stand out amidst a solid 13 tracks, but this is a whole record to be consumed and listened to as a whole, not just singles. I appreciated the way that things work so well together, flowing through various themes, topics, and ideas. From love, loss, politics, and so much more, the duo paints a picture so well that it feels so complex and yet they make it seem so simple. The flow goes slow, fast, and through various stages, creating a kaleidoscope of thematic beats that are not seen in the mainstream right now.

As far as hip hop records, this is a strong showing and something that I think more people should hear. The duality of the vocals alone is worth checking out, as it’s synchronic at times, but with power and focus through various highs and lows. It’s impressive how the rhyme skills show on top of elevated beats that are organic in nature. There’s so much here that it’s a heavy record with lots of talent. I’m impressed with the delivery, especially the harmony and chaos that is presented in such a complete package. As far as independent hip hop, this is a very powerful record that feels so urgent in a time when a lot of the mainstream is boring and tired.

I highly recommend you check out Violent Ground’s latest record. You can check out the track “Born With Tha Mic” below, and check out more via their official website here.

T.Lee Before The Overpower Is A Hard Hitting Hip Hop Record You Need To Hear Today

T.Lee throws out a hard hitting record that starts with one heavy handed mix of beats and lyricism. “Before The Overpower” builds on an empty canvas and gives you a deep look into a versatile rap game that T.Lee is overthrowing. “The Crash Part.2” is a provocative track that speaks volumes with raw power and a beat that drives the point the rapper is trying to make as an opening. It’s like a kick to a locked door before rushing in and taking no prisoners, solid in the approach, and smooth through the ending, a well-placed starting point for a hip hop record that truly goes through several defining lines.

It’s not all harsh and heavy handed, T.Lee knows how to flow through various moods, beats, and rap styles. You’ll be surprised how he a story can unfold from introspection to commentary on love, life, and so much more. Just when you think you figured out everything, the record takes a left turn and a new picture is painted for you, which is usually reserved for the best rappers. It’s during the flows that come through with “Right Now”, “Henny Hardaway”, and “Warrior” that introduce you to variations on several lyrical positions.

There’s expertise found here that definitely shines light on the prowess of T.Lee’s voice. He finds a way of mixing up hip hop beats with mainstream swagger and lyricism that is definitely more than just your standard release. You’re going to want to listen to this record twice or three times in one sitting because there’s so much found here. Lyrically sound, beats that shift, and flow that will hit you hard. “Before The Overpower” is one of hip hop record you have to check out, it’s a good new release and something that you are going to definitely want to recommend to others as well. T.Lee is making solid moves and pushing some incredible lyrical elements, and tracks that stand out amidst a crowded hip hop marketplace.

Check out the official T.Lee website here, and hear what very well may be your next favorite hip hop record. It’s one of the best release in 2014, especially with so much power in the lyrical presentation. Don’t miss out.

A.S.H.E.S The Chosen Flies Through An Urgent Hip Hop Triumph on ID, Ego, Superego

“Conformity is Over Rated…” the first track ends with a serious note as to what’s to come and it most certainly comes through on this record of great importance. Hip hop has been sewn up with a lot of mediocre rappers, and the mainstream seems to have lost the ethos of the past yet again. Then rappers come out like you hear on this record and you get a whole new hope for the future. It’s with that in mind that “Tears In Your Eyes” opens up, the storytelling that you’ve heard in the past gets a new twist with rhymes and beats that showcase the harsh realities of life, love, and more.

A.S.H.E.S The Chosen comes through with rhymes that matter, paint a picture, and beats that are connective tissue to the body of “ID, Ego, Superego”, and it’s expertly done. Every track has been carefully chosen, words presented as more than just rhymes, and something that hits you right in your mind’s eye. At times it’s bouncing, others it’s raw, but overall the words are put together to show you a larger picture, and it most certainly comes through. It’s with the tracks like “Never Let ‘Em Break You down”, “Art of Survival”, and “No Apologies”, that A.S.H.E.S The Chosen really shines, even though the rest of the record is super as well.

At the end of the day, with hip hop, it’s either hit or miss. This is one of the hits, and it comes through with a certain expertise that you don’t always get from a lot of rappers. There’s so many little things here in the beats, the way the rhymes are put together, and the entire package as a whole. There’s a lot of imagery painted here, stories, emotions, and introspection that makes this a triumph of artistry, not just music. You owe it to yourself to catch up with A.S.H.E.S The Chosen, because this won’t stay underground for long. It’s that good of a recording, and I recommend it.

Make sure that you catch up on the official A.S.H.E.S The Chosen website here, Facebook page here, follow on Twitter here, and of course instagram here. Don't miss out!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Benefit for Victims of Violent Crime EP Review

Anti-Flag released this EP entitled “A Benefit for Victims of Violent Crime” after tragedy struck their band. It was in 2007 when the bass player’s sister and boyfriend were murdered. That tragedy left the band with heavy hearts, and they took to the studio to record a few songs and give the proceeds to “The Center for Victims of Violence and Crimes”. The release marked 5 new songs from the band, and mixed reviews from critics. The critics should’ve been beaten for giving this less than stellar reviews, considering the intentions of the band, the solidarity of giving the funding away and the tragedy that struck.

None the less, people still want to review this record as an absolute Anti-Flag release. The strength of “A Benefit for Victims of Violent Crime EP” really hinges on the back story and the political, social movement that the band has been promoting since they first started. Even today, they push on a heavy political focus and social conscious message that other punk bands may have abandoned. The record today sounds as good as ever, and the tracks that stand out are appealing on a lot of levels.

My personal favorites include “No Paradise”, “Corporate Rock Still Sucks”, and the live tracks of “1 Trillion Dollars”, “Turncoat”, and “911 For Peace”, bring out a disc that is still as viable as it was when it first came out. Anti-Flag fans that have not picked this up, should do so. You receive a total of 12 tracks, 5 new songs, 7 total initial tracks, and 5 live tracks, making this a definite purchase and collector’s item for punk fans.

The only downside, is that this wasn’t pressed in vinyl. However, there are plenty of Anti-Flag vinyl records here, and you may find some of the tracks on there. I used to have “Bright Lights of America” in colored wax, but sold it in 2011. “A Benefit for Victims of Violent Crime EP” is a solid record to pick up via disc or download, so get to it.

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If you're going to buy music, and listen to the records I mention, please do so by checking out Amazon below. It helps me continue to build my collection, and it's much appreciated. Thanks.

Mary Keey Delivers An Unreal EDM Record With Electricize Me

20 seconds into the latest from Mary Keey, and I’m a fan. I was blown away at 40 seconds in, and may very well have found my favorite electronic record for 2014. As a music writer, I listen to all sorts of music, and electronic is definitely one of the most eclectic genres, but this is something altogether new, and emphatic in the electronic world. This record comes off hard up front, then mellows into a variety of tracks that are unique, and flow through a very unique release. “Electricize Me”, is not a one trick pony, it’s a full scale record that has various inclusions from the world of digital music, and it is perhaps one of the finest mixes I’ve heard in a long time.

“Apollo” opens things up in such a heavy manner, that you immediately take note of the record’s presence. After the initial introduction, you are taken through both dance elements, electric elements, and singing that fits right into the mold of EDM, with so much ease. There’s something special here, especially when you pay attention to the way the sequences work here. On “Awake” you especially get to hear this amazing talent to fuse vocals and electronics, pushing the limits and giving you a whole new anthem.

There’s an intangible quality to this record, and it’s really a fascinating take on EDM. It’s too easy to call it just that, because there’s a lot more to this record. Don’t get me wrong, it is heavy on electronics, but it’s absolutely a beautiful mix. Some of the stand out tracks include, “Apollo”, “Awake”, “Like A Drug”, “Made in Japan”, and “Over”. These are just some of the tracks that stand out, but don’t dismiss the rest, there’s 13 tracks that flow through various moods and pieces that are outright going to stun you.

Mary Keey showcases a great deal of talent on “Electricize Me”, and it’s something that fans of electronic music are going to love. I found it compelling, and well rounded, you will too, so don’t sleep on this one. You’re going to miss out. It’s a great record, with some instant classics on board. Turn your speakers up and take a moment away from your day to pay attention to what very well maybe your new favorite record.

Get this record here, and visit the official Mary Keey website here. Again, don't miss out on this incredible EDM record.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fey Unleash A Hard Rock Introduction With Experimental Flavor With Bye Bipolar

The power of the Deftones, the intensity of Poison the Well, and the precise elements that made Chevelle so good are all filtered into a whole new presentation with the release of “Bye Bipolar” from the band Fey. The Canadian band unleashes 7 tracks of experimental hard rock that is a breath of fresh air in a genre that is somewhat boring at times. There’s a lot to listen to here and it’s going to punch you in the throat if you aren’t paying attention. Things really start to go crazy with “Rent Free” as the ending minute will completely shake your computer and headphones.

The promise of a record that sounds like Glassjaw is what you’re going to get here, because that’s what I got at first, but you know what? Fey seems to come into their own element on this one, and perhaps that’s the thing that you’ll takeaway. Comparisons aside, the band has found a voice that is very much welcomed in regards to hard music. It’s not quite hardcore, it’s not quite metal, but it has elements of all different areas, and it creates a lavish landscape before disrupting everything with chaos. It’s smooth, transitional, experimental, and downright a solid record that you’re not going to be able to stop listening to.

In hard music, there’s so much cookie cutter that you’ll get bored fast, but that’s not what is presented here. Fey finds a way to entice you on every track, separating themselves from what you could call hard rock, and introduces you piece by piece to something altogether new, and refreshing. The stand out tracks include “Rent Free”, “Replaceable History”, “Zero One”, and “Compass”, but with the 7 tracks, you get a full view of what the band is doing so well.

If you like the aforementioned bands, if you like hard music, then you’re going to find “Bye Bipolar” to be one of the best records to come through this year. It’s a solid masterpiece of musical integrity and definitely one of the better hard records I’ve heard in a while. It flows through several emotional connections, several genres, and at the end of the day, brings to the table nothing short of an instant classic.

Check out the record from Fey via Bandcamp here, and don’t miss this one, it’s a gem of post-hardcore, hard rock experimental glory.

J.P. Kallio Puts Out A Beautiful Record Full of Life on The Call

J.P. Kallio’s fourth record is one of the most compelling things I’ve heard this year. The opening track alone is enough to hook even the most jaded of music fans, as the guitar work ushers you into a whole new world of music. It’s a good guitar ballad of sorts, and it begins a record that has incredible lyrical elements and emotion that you don’t always find in a lot of releases. There’s a certain honest that comes through from the beginning and flows through to evoke a fine mix of songs that you’ll have a hard time putting down.

“Call Off The Angels” is one of the best songs on the record, but the movements forward produce even more for the listener. “On His Way To Hell”, “No Safe Bets”, “Watch The Rain”, and others filter through this record that produces a good sense for what J.P. Kallio has to offer. The acoustic, rock, and blues structure is felt throughout here, and there’s a lot of raw emotion that bleeds through the songs, making it a standard. It’s hard to find any missteps on this record, as it really feels so complete, and full, which is a testament to the artist’s adherence to honest music.

As far as acoustic, alternative, this is one of the best records I’ve come across. There’s so many layers to this, and it’s definitely a promising record. It transcends the simple song writing that you hear, with complex topics and ideas that hit home as you listen. You will go through several emotional rides through the tracks, and you’ll have to listen to it again, just to keep up.

J.P. Kallio presents a fin record with “The Call” and it truly is one of the best records of the year. It’s simple at times, it’s complex musically in others, and throughout there’s an honest relationship between song and lyrics that definitely permeates. It’s a beautiful type of record that deserves a lot of attention.

Check out "The Call" and visit J.P. Kallio's website here.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Ahtanum Shore Pushes Out A Powerful Rock Record With The Words She’ll Never Hear

From the moment that the new Ahtanum Shore album starts, you are taken into a frenetically paced punk rock album that is going to wake up and never let you go. You’re not going to be able to sit still on this one as there are several elements at play here and while there’s definitely a pop punk tinge, there’s also melodic rock, and even tastes of hardcore sprinkled within the tracks.

From the opening moments of “This Song’s From You”, to the powerful push forward on the rest of the record, you are taken on a ride of emotion and song writing ability that is not only going to propel the band into more headphones and radio, but could possibly give them a shot at the big time. The production here is good, tightly produced, and brings about a good sense of expertise on every single track. The riffs are solid, the percussion comes in strong, and the vocals are definitely on par with some of the best bands past and present. Fans of bands like Fall Out Boy and New Found Glory will definitely find this record to be their next favorite, as it takes on that power sound and drives through some punk ethos and more.

Stand out tracks on this record include, “This Song’s From you”, “Through No Fault of My Own”, “Saving Grace”, and “It’s Your Turn Now”, all of which bring together an iconic sound that is definitely going to surprise some. As a whole, this record has a lot of great songs, it’s fast paced, it is powerful, and definitely something that sits well with alternative rock, pop punk, and hardcore fans as well. If you’re a fan of New Found Glory, and other acts within the genre, you’re going to definitely want to check out Ahtanum Shore’s latest record as it is definitely a good release. It’s among the best of the year in the alternative music category.

Check out Ahtanum Shore's latest record, and hear what very well may be the next big thing. You can do so by checking out their official website here.
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