Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Get Up Kids On A Wire Still Brings Home Beautiful Memories

I first picked up “On A Wire” on a trip to Alaska. I found it at a used record store in the paper jewel case. I loved the record from the first time I heard “Overdue”. Over time, a lot of records from the past don’t really hold up to well, but the soundtrack of emotional disconnect revolves heavily around The Get Up Kids and their music. I even saw them live once. I bought 3 tickets, and recall inviting a friend of mine, but he refused to go on the grounds that it was the band. I invited a girl I met online, I don’t remember her real name but she couldn’t find me and ended up scalping a ticket into the show. I stood outside long enough to miss Hot Rod Circuit play.

The show carried on and The Get Up Kids played a good show at the House of Blues in Sunset, long ago. They played carefully curated selections from their career, and they included several from this record. What stands out for me is not so much the title track, which is a great one, including the music video that comes through, but the overall message of the record. It hinges on emotional connections of love, disaster, and falling short on, well, a wire. “Stay Gone” for instance hits me hard for me, especially every time I think about my father. Dude basically bailed when I was 8. I hear from him every now and again, but most often I just hear “Stay Gone” in my head whenever he comes around.

“Campfire Kansas” is another one of those songs that takes me back to another place. I recall SC4Y camp and the fires that I sat next to. Amidst what should’ve been family, I was a stranger. It’s funny how Christian camps isolate you when you’re an ugly kid from Los Angeles. I warmed my hands amidst the cold, and while my “friends” were hooking up with chicks, I stared into the embers. It was an odd thing, but this song talks about some interesting moments, not too unlike the feelings I recall experiencing in my youth.

Of course this is a record that seemed to get mixed reviews, and I was initially turned off by the slow down on the record. However, as I listen to it again, I find myself entrapped in a capsule of history. I look back at the places that I’ve been, the soundtrack of this record put to the visuals of my memories, and it stands out as a very interesting record full of life, even after 12 or so years. It’s with that in mind that I recommend going back and listening to The Get Up Kids “On A Wire”, it’s still a good indie, emo, alternative record. Click here to pick it up or find it somewhere and listen up.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ty Segall Presents An Eclectic Rock EP With Mr. Face

Ty Segall channels a bit of the past with his latest release “Mr. Face”. There’s a progression here that comes straight out of the 1960s alternative rock movement, or rather folk rock at times. The title track comes straight at you from the side stage of Woodstock, but with a modern twist that is definitely interesting to listen to. I was surprised up front by the simplicity of the track, with excellent production and a strong build towards the end of what very well may be the best indie rock track I’ve heard in a long time. It’s with the strength of the first track that the rest of the record blossoms into a can’t miss experience.

What “Mr. Face” misses in terms of electric rhythm, it makes up for on the rest of the disc, specifically “Circles”, which brings about all the missing components of the title track. This psychedelic twist of a song is definitely not what I was expecting after the initial hearing. I love the way it progresses into a 1970s enigmatic track. It’s something that compels you to take note as Segall’s signature vocals take on a whole different genre in this blast from the past, set sternly in the present. It’s a strong continuation of the principles that were set up in the first track, and a nice bridge that carries you to yet another eclectic song with “Drug Mugger”. The third track on the disc is my personal favorite giving a little bit of alternative, hard rock twist on an otherwise mellow disc. I like the progression on this song, and the signatures that are very much rock in tone.

“The Picture” finishes off this disc and by the time you’re done with it all, you want to listen to it again. Ty Segall puts together one of the finer albums, even if it is only an EP. It’s a complete journey through a time capsule, and one that begs to get more attention.

Check out Ty Segall’s “Mr. Face” EP by clicking here, and make sure that you pay close attention to this artists groundbreaking work.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Secant Prime Delivers a Sonic Boom To The Head With Theta

I know, my title doesn’t make as much sense as you may have hoped for, but don’t worry, when you actually sit down to listen to the new Secant Prime release, you’ll get it. “Made” the first track that I heard from the release blew me away, as if I was going through a time warp. This electronic release is a wakeup call, and the first good electronic release of 2015 for me. I heard a TON of records in 2014, but this year has started a bit slow for me. I’m glad that Secant Prime’s latest hit my speakers, because it’s definitely a top notch release and you’ll hear it flowing through insane tracks, layered beats, electrical circuitry, and attention to details that you normally don’t get from music of this style.

I was impressed with how things moved from frenetic to peaceful, to thought provoking. The record has a good balance to it, and there’s no sound wasted here. It doesn’t just seek to please your ear as much as it is made to create harmony and chaos into a painting that you’ll see upon listening. Close your eyes for a moment and listen to the nuances of tracks like “Electro-Motive”, “Dominion”, and “Neptune”, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The album feels like a nuanced PC game from the 1990s for me, and if you know me, you know how important PC games were to me when I was younger. The digital elements here are pronounced, sonically moving, and tempting to the ears and mind’s eyes as you traverse each track individually.

Don’t be fooled thought, Secant Prime knows how to turn melody into upbeat, dance, and electronica that has no definition in words. Take “EMD” for example, and you are taken to a futurism that is definitely up there with the most iconic electronic tracks you’ve heard. It’s mesmerizing how it all works out, and flows amidst the rest of the record, and definitely one of my favorites on this release.

Secant Prime’s “Theta” delivers on all cylinders. There’s plenty to hear on this masterpiece. I found myself lost in the transitional tracks, and deeply moved within the nuances of the sounds coming through the speakers. It’s a layered electronic record that is definitely going to move you. Fans of digital, electronic, and music as a whole need to listen to this one, it’s full of passion, life, and a glimpse into the future.

Pick up Secant Prime’s “Theta” via bandcamp here. Be sure to check out the official Secant Prime website here, and Uncoiled Loops here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

P.O.D. SoCal Sessions Turns Down The Volume On The Hard Rock Quartet

P.O.D. hasn’t been on the mainstream radio circuit quite as much as some of their peers, but they are still putting out music, and pushing their message to the Warriors out there. If you’re a fan of the band, then you already know this. For those that haven’t heard from them in a while, you’re missing out. The band released an acoustic record called “SoCal Sessions” last year (2014), and it was funded through crowdsourcing. The band stripped down their best songs and turned out one of the best records I’ve heard from them in a long time.

I first heard of the band back when they were on Christian labels and they were not quite as poppy as they are now. With the release of their record, “Brown”, I thought that these guys were destined to remain underground for a long time. Things changed though, and upon the release of their major label debut, they turned out one of the best recording from a Christian hard rock group ever. That’s not just me talking, that’s the millions of people that invested in the debut of “Fundamental Elements of Southtown”, which put these guys on the mainstream map.

Fast forward to several lineup changes, many records released, and world tours later, the band is no longer on the top of the charts, but they have a massive fan base that paid out a lot of money for the band to get into the studio and create this record. The songs all sound fresh, inspired, and feels like the band is in your living room. Even on harder tracks that should be much louder, “Panic and Run”, the band finds a way to sooth the soul with their poignant lyrics and instrumental relationships.

“SoCal Sessions” is by far one of the best acoustic hard rock records I’ve ever heard. It’s on par with Nirvana “Unplugged”, and that’s a tall order. Sonny Sandoval’s vocals lend themselves so well to this type of music, and the band creates a sort of “praise” worthy music that is definitely the best thing that they’ve done in a long time. From the album art to the 12 tracks released here, you really feel as though the band is earnest in what they are doing. The release is now available through Universal, but initially this was a crowd funded option, and it has paid off tremendously, for fans, and casual listeners alike.

Pick up “SoCal Sessions”, and hear the band stripped down, in an acoustic setting. Get a catholic candle, light it, and turn down the lights. The boys in P.O.D. get really spiritual on this record, or so it seems. This is a top notch record, don’t miss out.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Dinosaur Jr. Without A Sound Creates Sonic Noise Today More Than Ever Before

When Dinosaur Jr. released “Without A Sound” I didn’t listen. It was 1997 and I was only 14 years old. I didn’t listen because I was too busy trying to collect the most punk rock cassette tapes and vinyl records that I could get my grubby hands on. I missed the boat in 1997, but have recently rediscovered the band, no thanks to WCW professional wrestler Raven. The band hit the studio in 1994 and came out with one hell of a record that is violent at times, emotional at times, and rivals any release that came out in 1994. That’s right, ANY alternative record can go toe to toe with Dinosaur Jr. “Without A Sound” and get a shot at glory.

Six albums into their career, the band really came across with a polished sound. The guitar driven record sits well with alternative rockers, but it’s the melodic drumming and precision bass lines that really capture the essence of the bands rollercoaster. It is definitely defined through the opening track “Feel The Pain”, which landed the band on the Billboard charts at the time. The guitar work and solo on “Feel the Pain” is perhaps one of the highest points for the record, but that’s not to say the 45 minutes of music doesn’t follow through on a great signature sound from the band.

As you dive into the other tracks on Dinosaur Jr. “Without A Sound”, you are going to be treated to crunchy guitars, solid drumming, good overall bass guitar work, and vocals that lean towards the 90s in such a manner that you will swear they are a different band. There’s a warble to Zedek’s vocals at times, but it comes back to a stronger focal point through the record.

As far as 1990s recordings are concerned, this is a seminal work for the decade, and definitely one of my favorite records from 1994. It’s underrated in a lot of circles, and those that are fans already know how good this one came out. If you’re going to pick up Dinosaur Jr. “Without A Sound” today, make sure that you get the remastered LP (vinyl) version, as it stands to be one of my favorite from collecting records in the past. I missed them the first time around on this release, but after discovering their catalog recently, I can truly say that they are on top of my favorite band’s list right now.

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