Saturday, November 14, 2015

Slowly Going The Way of The Buffalo Mxpx Review

When Mxpx jumped to A&M Records, I heard a lot of rumblings about how they sold out, and they weren’t Christians any longer. I didn’t care. I first heard a single from this record on KROQ in Los Angeles during Jed The Fish’s Catch of the Day segment. Released in 1998, produced by Steve Kravac, and the major label debut of the band, this is a solid outing. It’s not “polished” completely, it’s raw, it’s more interesting than “Life In General”, and it had a great treble to the bass sound. What I find cool about the history of this record, is that it took the band 2 years to get certified Gold (500,000 sales) for this one. That’s a sizable accomplishment for the trio from Bremerton, Washington. Stand out tracks here include “The Final Slowdance”, “I’m Ok, You’re Ok”, “The Downfall of Western Civilization”, “For Always”, “Self Serving With A Purpose”. The treble is too high in my view, but that’s what the band wanted. It’s a shining moment for them.

You can pick up “Slowly Going The Way of The Buffalo” by Mxpx new for $9.99 here, or you can get it for $0.01 used by clicking here. I love the artwork on this one, so get the physical release. The vinyl is rare too.

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