Friday, November 6, 2015

Deeds, Not Words Max Roach Review

Going back in our time machine to 1958, you get an early recording from jazz drummer Max Roach. This time around, “Deeds, Not Words” was released on Riverside Records. It features some stellar drumming, as you would come to expect from the modern jazz movement of the time. Roach once again brings together a good line up of musicians to play through jazz standards, and it’s easy to once again call this “hard bop”, but I won’t. On production again, you get Max Roach on the drums, but you will see a different line up than other records. It includes Booker Little (trumpet), Ray Draper (tuba), George Coleman (tenor sax), Art Davis (bass), Oscar Pettiford (bass), and it’s 43 minutes of great jazzy from New York City to your ears.

As always, you can get this fine record new for $9.99 here. But I recommend picking up “Deed’s, Not Words” from Max Roach for $2.99 by clicking here. It’s a stand out jazz record.

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