Saturday, March 29, 2014

Vileborn Brings The Noise With The Release of Vileated EP

Vileborn is an independent hard rock act that caught my attention recently. Their latest release “Vileated EP” is a complex mix of several genres, but in the end, it’s heavy. It moves fast through 4 songs, and pushes the boundaries of metal, rock, and even a little punk for the mix. There’s a lot to enjoy here, even in just 4 songs, as each one stands out as an anthem that will definitely find a home with many hard music fans.

From the introduction of “Plague the Day” to the heavy handed “Terminal”, you get a lot to balance out. “Pick Your Poison” and “Bastard” close the EP out and you get a fully scale rock approach, but not without some incredible metallic crunch. The guitar work on the record is good, and the drums definitely find a home with the singing and screaming really well done as well. This is a band that has a bright future, especially if they continue to work within the balancing act of metal and hard rock, leaving nothing behind.

Vileborn really comes through on this disc, and it’s one of the better heavy records that I’ve heard. If you’re a fan of Faith No More, then you will definitely get a sense for the way this band fuses groove metal and hardcore at times. It’s this sort of talent that is missing from a lot of the mainstream releases, even some of the stuff on Victory records. I found the EP to be really good, and heavy without being so heavy that it got annoying. “Vileated” EP is available through a variety of locales, including ITUNES here, and if you’re a serious fan of heavy music, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor. These guys are only going to grow in fan base, as they bring some serious metallic infused music to the table.

You can check out their music video for “Terminal” below, and get a sense for the EP. It’s solid, it’s heavy, it’s worth your time!

The Witch’s Revenge Drops Terror into a Spiritual Realm

For this post, I decided to take a break from the music reviews, to fill you in on a cool book that I've recently picked up. If you're a reader of this blog, then you already know that I blog on Scary Film Review, and am starting a book store called "Red Hearse Books". It's with that in mind, that I present this quick review of the book "The Witch's Revenge". I recommend it highly, and you may even want to listen to some records while reading this one. I sure did.

There’s a lot of writers out there that try to mix spiritual writing and horror, and most of it falls flat. With the release of “The Witch’s Revenge”, I found myself amidst a very well-crafted world. One that mixes the two in such a unique manner. It’s a compelling read with a lot of character, not just gore and violence. The author, Danny Odato, has found a way to scare without being too complicated, or trying to explain so much that the fear is lost in translation. The set-up is nice, making sure that you get a feel for the characters before they face off with a great deal of fear that is ahead.

The villain, what seems like another neighbor, until a real fear is unleashed. A cloud of evil manifests in this book’s story, and the protagonists must stop it at all costs. It’s very similar to some of the 1980s slashers that had similar feels, and definitely presents itself with a very educated tone, and something that is just intrepid. Odato finds a way to mix and weave spirituality amidst terror, and that’s always something that can be relatable for so many.

The frequency of the scares are turned up a notch through the third act, and things really start to balance out. You’ll find that the scary moments mix well with the dialogue, and the surrounding narrative, which is something that most authors mix up. I like the isolated feeling of the village, and I like the way things open up for clarity towards the end. It almost feels like there’s something even bigger at play, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes a larger series, but then again, it is a hard hitting book that doesn’t pull punches. I recommend it, click here to check it out. Also check out more from the author on his official page here.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Super Sumo Knocks Out An Incredible Single With RRR featuring MR KITO

Super Sumo comes through with an incredible electronic track that features MR KITO and it’s going to knock you out. The single “RRR” comes from an upcoming release through an affiliation with Presence Records and it’s a collaborating of artists coming together to create what may be the most unique sound in electronic music today.

With the single “RRR” you get introduced to the composition of dance beats, electronic rhythms, drums, and so much more. It’s eclectic in the approach and rattles your head a bit to wake up and get your feet tapping and possibly dancing in your cubicle. I know my cats started wondering what was wrong with me as I started to do a little dance at my desk while listening to this track, that’s for sure.

The experimental sound here is raw, but produced well, combining lots of elements and creating nuances that you are not going to hear anywhere else. Super Sumo does something grand on the single, and it is one of the better, pure electronic singles I’ve heard this year so far. It’s a genre that really has some room to breathe, and this track definitely does well in filling the aural space with pure talent and bouncing resonance. You’ll be hard-pressed not to like the infectious layers of sound design presented by Super Sumo on this track, it just all works.

You can listen to the single “RRR” featuring MR KITO by going to the soundcloud page here. It’s solid, Super Sumo is on to something, and I like it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Randy Ichinose Electrically Charges Iblis and So We Drowned

Electronic music is hit or miss with me, but there are some great artists that can mix rock, electronic sounds, and flush design. Randy Ichinose is one of those artists that can fuse genres and come out looking incredible. Listening to his latest release of music, you get two sonic booms of musical integrity. From the song structure, to the singing, every element is taken to the ultimate conclusion, posing incredible design overall.

Iblīs starts things out first, and it starts out with a good vocal style and mix of guitars and percussion that leads into a powerful chorus and bridge. The song is very much like you would expect from some of the better alternative rock bands on radio today. The style is done very well, and I can definitely appreciate the modern twist on the rock sound. Vocally triumphant, this track rocks hard, with a softer opening and build to grandiose finishes.

On the track So We Drowned, Randy pushes the elements giving the listener quite a mix. Electric, rock, grunge, and inspirational vocalization sets up a strong song with powerful components. It kind of reminded me of Deadsy at times, but with a clever mix of electronic sound design that works very well. It’s a good song, that rides a unique wave towards an impactful presentation. I loved the mix of genres here, as the song truly brings out the talent of Randy Ichinose.

With these two songs, you get a taste of an up and coming artist that has a bright future. One listen to these tracks and you too will be convinced that there’s something incredible about how Randy Ichinose combines melody, passion, and hard rock into a very unique blend.

You can listen to Randy Ichinose and his songs via his official Soundcloud page here, or Bandcamp page here. I highly recommend checking out this fascinating take on modern rock.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Thomas Brunkard Produces a Dynamic and Visual Feast Through A Never Ending Album

Close your eyes and turn on the music that Thomas Brunkard has created, and you are going to be completely blown away. The opening of “1967” gives you a visualization of classic cinema, with guitarwork that is airy and poignant. From there, you are treated to a cinema-scale of sounds that are just incredible. Upon listening, you will be moving through time and space, literature, cinema, history, and so much more.

The transitions are nice, differentiating each soundscape with a new presence. I could easily put some of these songs into my favorite books. For instance “Chain Gang Blues” immediately gave me that same feeling I received when I read “Deadwood” by Pete Dexter. It’s this transformative relationship that you get form the music to the thoughts you have in your mind that really make this a compelling listen.

Brunkard is not satisfied with giving the audience just 1 genre, or one example of work, he pulls everything out of the instrument room and makes it stunning, beautiful and moving through feelings, and emotions. If you don’t close your eyes, you may very well be tempted to do so as you listen because it is a transformation that happens through the use of instrumentals here. There’s so much going on in just the way things are layered, and played, something that you don’t get with a majority of the music you hear today.

“Sad Paven in C Minor”, “Mulligan’s Pyre”, and “Monday Morning Blues” are favorites just at first listen, but you’ll find that as you get closer and closer to the end, you will have lived through several lifetimes of emotions. Sadness, happiness, reflection, and so much more is what you get with this compilation of music. I’m impressed, as it is something just breath taking. Why this isn’t more popular is beyond me, and that’s my honest opinion. It’s finely tuned, well crafted, and stunning in the way it all flows to tell a story, your story, the artist’s story, and so much more. This is what epic cinema and literature needs, a soundtrack like this. It’s influence resonates so deep, you have to listen to it, you just have to. You can listen to the music from Thomas Brunkard through soundcloud here, it’s incredible.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sonnet to Sleep Flows Through Alternative Themes with Affirmative: Say Nothing

Just when most people are putting the 90s to bed, more and more bands come out with a certain ethos that made that era of music so compelling. That’s what you get with the latest release from Sonnet to Sleep. Their release of “Affirmative: Say Nothing” sounds like something that should’ve received immense praise from music fans in the 90s, and today, sounds just as compelling as ever. In fact, it reminds me of early Tooth and Nail Records bands.

Fans of Cool Hand Luke, Juliana Theory, Pedro the Lion, Starflyer 59, and Fielding will all find this album to be a perfect addition to their collection. It doesn’t start hard, in fact, it starts like a very well put together movie, one that fills the screen with emotional pull. You’ll find it hard not to like the opening track “Promises”, then the follow through with “Only For A Moment”, as there’s just so much here to explore.

The guitar work pulls your heart on “So Beautiful” and the lyrical themes follow through so much that you’ll want to sit back and put this on repeat. It’s heavy, like a Death Cab For Cutie album, but with the alternative swagger that Straylight Run had on their first EP. It’s eclectic, it’s almost befitting worship, but so much more than that. Stavesacre fans will be enthralled with how this delivers like their split with Denison Marrs, and in the end, this is all new and all compelling.

Why Sonnet to Sleep is not signed to Deep Elm or Jade Tree right now baffles me, because this is one of the best independent records along these lines that I’ve heard in a while. I love the way the record plays from slow to mid-levels and never truly tries too hard to stray from their path. The band is really good at positioning themselves within the window of alternative rock, without melting into hardcore, or punk circles. Drawing comparisons becomes easy, but when you hear the way things are layered, you will have a hard time comparing them to others.

“Affirmative: Say Nothing” is an introspective, eclectic rock record that is definitely worth paying attention to. No matter what genre you’re into, there’s something to love here, and I find it worthwhile. Check it out by going to their bandcamp page here, and enjoy what very well may be one of the best indie records to come out in a while.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lourdes Duque Baron Creates a Lavish Cover of Me & Mr. Jones

Lavish may not be the right word, as this is a beautiful and compelling way of introducing the song. Lourdes Duque Baron sings with back up from AKNU, and completely blows me away. I hear a lot of cover songs throughout my writing, and days as a blogger but nothing compares to the way Baron moves through this song. It feels so new, fresh, and completely in tune with the emotional and vibrant connections that comes with soul musicianship. You will be hard pressed to dislike this, as I was taken back to a whole new world upon listening.

From the opening lines of “Nobody stands in between me and my man…it’s me and Mr. Jones”, you immediately feel the presence of the iconic singer’s voice. She does something so well here, and it’s hard to pinpoint what makes it best, as it really does work well in so many different components. Andrew Lane’s production, AKNU’s backdrop, and the way it all pieces together is just astounding.

What truly gets you is the way the music flows amidst her sultry and powerful voice. It dips, and it rises but in such a unique fashion. This is something that only real singers can do, and it’s majestic in a way that you don’t really see often from a lot of other performers. Once you sit down and truly listen to Lourdes Duque Baron’s cover here, you will definitely agree with me, this is an intrepid piece of music and sung by a true master. I loved it, and feel that it needs to get more attention.

You owe it to yourself to listen up, and see this amazing video. The sound alone will amaze you.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

John Blake Hits The Right Emotions With Your Light (Let it Shine)

Finding high quality uplifting music is tough to do, especially with so many artists getting more attention than others. John Blake comes through with an incredible song that uplifts the soul, body and mind into a new arena. It’s positive in tune, and features lyrics that make you think twice about what’s going on in your life. I always am fascinated by artists that can put together good music and rhymes that are positive in nature. The positivity resounds so much greatness here, and the lyric video is a good one.

Blake’s delivery is reminiscent of Tupac, but with a little bit less influx on the last syllables. If you close your eyes and just listen to this song, you will definitely feel good, as it is meant to point you towards something better than to wallow in your misery, sadness, or troubles. Finding a light, even if you’re not religious can be so grand, and here is a positivity that hip hop is sorely missing.

I love when artists can speak their mind without focusing on gangster themes, bravado, or trying too hard to focus on money, power and fame. Those things are played out and old, which is why this single hits so well. It’s different, it’s uplifting, and has some good lyrical content, which makes it stand out amidst a lot of rappers that are trying too hard to repeat the same old song over and over again. If you like hip hop, you’ll find this to be a good track. You could buy the track via itunes here.

Check out this song below:

Whiskey N’ Rye Presents A Perfect Balance of Blues and Rock on Their Self Titled Release

I admit, I’m not the biggest blues fan, but when it’s done right, it’s amazing. I’ve heard a lot of bad blues acts in my life, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from the latest release from Whiskey N’ Rye, and then the first track hit. “Bootlegger” is the first song off of this record and it stunned me, it was like a jolt to my jaded system. Every element is in place to mold blues, rock, alternative, and roots sounds into one melodic song. The structure is very much what you’d expect coming out of the late 90s alternative rock explosion. The same spirit that made Hootie and the Blow Fish, Blues Traveler, and Counting Crows famous is found here. This is not to say that the band sounds like those acts, because they don’t, they tap into their own sound, and it’s evident from the first tracks power to the second track’s catchy chorus.

The guys in this band know how to play well and you never feel that you’re listening to an independent release, you’re listening to something more. It’s this type of power in the structure that is compelling about the record. You’ll have a hard time not tapping your feet as the album progresses through transitional stages of heavy blues explosion, and rock sensibility, without losing that pop sound at times. The vocals are done clean, and when the harmonica hits, it’s not just another layer it becomes its own personal element, which is hard to do.

Stand out tracks on this release include the aforementioned songs, and “All I Ask”, “The Open Road”, “Before the Cock Crows” and “Seattle Drinking Song”, but all the tracks flow together quite well. I’m always impressed by the bands that can tie things together in a fluid motion. You never feel like skipping a song, because you most certainly have a bigger picture to enjoy. That’s how powerful Whiskey N’ Rye’s delivery is, it makes you want to set aside 30 some odd minutes to just sit back and enjoy the themes of classic American influenced music.

The sum of the parts work well, and if you were to take away one element, you would still have a strong alternative record, but when you tie in all the pieces, you get something outstanding, and that’s what makes this a must have. If you see their names on the marquee, you better get a ticket, because this will most likely translate well into a live performance. You can take a listen to their release by checking out their soundcloud page here, and hear what I’ve heard, an incredible take on a mixture of genres that works very well. I like it, you’ll like it, so listen up.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

P.A.T. Ignites A Powder keg of Change on P.A.T.M.A.N. (Powerful Artistic Truth, Misunderstood or America's Nightmare) A Hip Hop Record To Open Your Eyes

P.A.T. hit me like a ton of bricks. Not since the East coast Avengers and Esoteric were rhyming about killing Bill O’Reilly have I found a political powerhouse in the same regards. The record you and everyone you may know needs to listen to is none other than “P.A.T.M.A.N. (Powerful Artistic Truth, Misunderstood or America's Nightmare)”, which is a lyrical assassination of all things hidden. It’s like reading Adbusters or watching Disinfo, as it is more than just mainstream media and random rhymes about sex, alcohol, and gangster rap. The typical release today finds rappers talking about bravado, and that’s not what you get here.

Sure P.A.T. has a few moments where he shines light on his own prowess, but not in a way that seems condescending or trying to say he’s better than everyone, but rather an illumination of the character and rapper that you’re not going to get with any other MC on the market right now. From the first utterances on “Tic Tac Toe”, you get a politically tuned hip hop album with a lot of good beats, rhymes and schemes. It’s not just attacking the establishment, it’s doing so in a very creative way. Rhyming through a lot of different ideas, including several pop culture references, which definitely finds a home with modern listeners.

Through the record there are a lot of standout tracks, including “Pay Me”, “Middle Finger”, “Powerful Artistic Truth”, “Can’t Go Away” and “W.A.R. (We Are the Revolution)”, all of which are just incredible. However, as many albums that I’ve highlighted recently, this is not a “pick and choose” type of record, it fits so well as a whole. It’s one of those albums that you put on, grab your coffee and go for your day with gusto.

Overall, the thing that seals the deal here is that it’s not conspiracy theory stuff. It’s laced with truth and if you do just a little bit of due diligence, you’ll realize that the points spoken here are very much on par with what’s going on in the world today. The album hits as hard as Brother Ali’s “Uncle Sam Goddamn”, only on a larger scale, and that’s a testament to how P.A.T. can run through heavy content in a very tangible format.

I wish more mainstream artists had the guts to talk about this stuff in a very creative manner. I know Lupe Fiasco tried to say his previous release had been about this kind of noise, but when you listen to that, you will get 10% political and 90% BS, which is why I can’t trust a lot of the mainstream “conscious” rappers, as they seem to stray so easily when it comes to selling records. That’s not what you get with than “P.A.T.M.A.N. (Powerful Artistic Truth, Misunderstood or America's Nightmare)”, because it’s all raw, but well produced, and lyrically relevant to the masses. Regardless of what your favorite genre of music is, this will sit well with your collection and you’ll want to put it on replay and share with friends.

You can learn more about P.A.T. and P.A.T.M.A.N. (Powerful Artistic Truth, Misunderstood or America's Nightmare) by checking out the official P.A.T. website here. The band camp page here. Wake up and listen to what’s hitting your cerebellum on this record, it’s poignant and will definitely shake your apathy.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dark Matter Fur Fur My God Punishes and Prevails Through Lyricism on A Serious Hip Hop Release

When you get hard hitting hip hop music and rap, you often times get gun violence and the traditional gangster rhymes. Then there are groups that talk about more than that, and they take it very seriously. With Dark Matter’s release of “Fur Fur My God” you get a taste of the darkness, but not in the same light as you may previously have heard from other artists. If you’re a fan of Necro, for instance, you may find yourself compelled to enjoy this one, as the lyricism seems to flow naturally into that violent world, but in a much more cohesive unit.

The beats bring about some nuanced sounds, as you get into the open doorways of “awakened”, and then comes through a very harsh narrative, but one that is not too unlike “Planet Terror” in a way. It’s hard hitting, but with a poetic flare and laid back vocal delivery that you don’t always get with hip hop. It’s hard to find other artists that can progress so flawlessly through the hardest of emotions, especially that of satanic arts.

The tracks continue to flow into demonic verses through, “Devil of deserts”, “Earth is a panopticon”, and “Entranced by Suicide”, along more tracks that definitely stand out on this release. “Fur Fur My God” delights the senses, even if you don’t appreciate the lyrical onslaught that awaits you. There’s certainly a market for this type of rhyming deluge.

As far as hip hop goes, this is an experimental form that is hard hitting, and definitely worth checking out. There’s a load of talent that goes into creating music on this level, and Dark Matter seems to do so with relative ease. The way the words flow quite well, and that’s the best of this. I liked the way the beats work with the laid back flow that seems as though it’s on a whole new level. You’re going to definitely find this interesting, and perhaps even buy into it hook line and sinker.

You can listen to Dark Matter’s “Fur Fur My God” here,  and enjoy the lyrical knockout that comes through on this release.

Monday, March 10, 2014

HoneyTrash Sparks an Indie Flame with Suit and Tie

When it comes to independent music, it’s usually easy to categorize a lot of acts. Then there are some bands and artists that come in with an eclectic sound that is more than one genre, and definitely not what you’d expect from the underground today. With the release of “Suit & Tie” HoneyTrash embarks on making a name for themselves in a very unique, and respected route. The music found on this release is sincere, emotional, and definitely not defined by one category, although, alternative would be the way to go with it.

When you first get to listen to the release, you immediately find a home for this record amongst some of the best from Starflyer 59, Pedro The Lion, and even Iron & Wine. The band knows how to tap into that emotional gridlock that other bands have found a niche in, and they bring it out in an incredible set of eerie moments. It’s a dichotomy really, as you want to just flow with the nuances from track one into track two, but you can’t, the songs stand alone in their own particular way.

The title track, is impressive, and leads into “Hooray”, “Wicked Woman” and “Hey You”, binding together a nice musical arrangement that definitely comes across as sincere. The feel of the record is down to earth, and while some may draw comparisons to emo, indie, shoe gaze, alternative, and rock, I find that there is a pop sensibility here that is definitely a signature. It’s accessible, where as other recordings from cats like Sonic Youth, tried to do this, but failed.

There’s a type of glue that is found on the four tracks on HoneyTrash’s latest, and that’s something worth singing the praises of. As a debt is concerned, it is nice to see a powerful set of songs that will no doubt resonate with music lovers of all genres. I know I liked it, and recommended it.

You can learn more about HoneyTrash here, and listen to the record here.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Jesse and the Rise Brings Carefully Crafted Independent Pop To The Masses on the Mystic EP

Jesse and The Rise will release their new ep “Mystic” on May 27th, and it’s already getting a bit of noise amongst bloggers such as myself. The music can easily be described as pop, but it’s too easy. I think it has more to offer the masses than just one genre, which is why I think it’s stellar, and full of life. It’s an acoustic album of sorts, but has production values that you’re not going to find with traditional pop, or indie bands.

Upon listening to the tracks, you get a vibe that is similar to that of the first Pete Yorn major label record, which I found to be grand. The vocals aren’t the same as Yorn’s, so don’t get the message confused, it’s just the same kind of power in the sustained rock sound. It’s not heavy handed, as it features a light approach, and a very optimistic view through the lyrics. The EP will feature six tracks, and have a certain catchy tone to it all.

The choruses will have you singing along, and the songs easily get trapped into your mind for repetition. I for one couldn’t stop listening to “Rollin’ On” upon first mention. The other tracks that stand out are “We Can Let Go”, “A Little Redeeming” and “The Reset Button”. These tracks come together to form a well-crafted EP that is full of melody, and sensibilities that are definitely found in good music.

What you don’t find here is a lot of pretense, or sadness that can easily accompany independent, acoustic records. That’s one reason why I like this, it’s not an emo release or something that I can peg as archaic or boring. Jesse and The Rise evoke melodies that are way beyond the years of the release, and it’s a good starting point for new listeners and fans to find them. I found “Mystic” EP to be a good record, and one that deserves a listen or two, or five.

You can catch up with all things Jesse and the Rise via the official facebook page here, twitter feed here, YouTube channel here. Oh, and don’t forget the official Jesse and The Rise website here, so that you can get caught up with the full experience.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Doon Flows Through Spatial Planes on The Rebirth

The band Doon is one of the many bands trying to make a name for themselves in a crowded alternative rock world, and they do the genre justice quite well. From the opening notes of “The Rebirth” you get pulled into a creation of sonic sound that will definitely find a home for many people. I immediately thought of the Trustkill Records groups Openhand and Hopesfall without the heavy handed screaming.

The vocals, the guitar work, and the percussion all work together here. It’s a sound that you may be familiar with amongst a lot of the independent rock bands coming out of Victory Records, from Taking Back Sunday to Thursday (I know they’ve moved to bigger labels), and it’s done in a new way. While there are moments where you swear they are a different band, they turn over and show you a much more carefully crafted approach.

“The Rebirth” produces a special type of musical endeavor. The EP brings together melody, playful guitars, and strong rock tunes amidst vocals that fit the mood so nicely, that you’ll definitely hear about these guys in the near future. It’s a solid rock release that is not too far away from 30 Seconds to Mars. Even though this is an EP is feels so much bigger, as the sounds really push through emotional connections that you often miss out on with shorter recordings.

At the end of the day, you can make your own mind up on this record, but I think it’s a fine example of talent and presents an incredible layered rock soundtrack to anything you’re doing. I for one could already see myself using it for a skate video part, as it flows so well with some slo-mo footage. That’s just me, though.

If you want to listen to this record you can do so through soundcloud here, and you can buy the record on itunes here. Make sure to check out their music video below.

Reflections of Love Delivers a Beautiful Reflection Through Music by Laith Al-Baiyaa

I don’t think certain genres of music get nearly as much attention, especially when it comes to classical options. Laith Al-Baiyaa has released the record “Reflections of Love” and it most certainly is a daring project, full of piano and other instrumentation, but the focal point is definitely on the piano, which is exquisitely played. I personally played piano for 7 years, before I moved to the bass guitar, and I can testify to the nuances that performers have, and this is a good example of talent above and beyond what you may hear.

Contemporary classical artists are often times relegated to jazz release, or replaying the classics from hundreds of years ago, but this is not another rehashed record. Laith Al-Baiyaa puts together amazing music that fits the mood that you may have whenever you decide to mellow things out in your home, office, or on a train. If you close your eyes and listen to this record, you are transformed, taken to a new place, one with simplicity and love at the helm.

“Reflections of Love” is like a symphony of poetry, throwing around notes and sounds from the piano that just fit together quite well. This is perhaps one of the finest piano records I’ve heard in a long time. Some of my favorite tracks include “If I Had You”, “Silence”, “Why Should I Care”, and “Emotions”. However, like many of the best music in the world, this album is meant to be heard as a whole, not with single tracks. That’s the thing here, it’s a whole album of breath taking music that you will definitely appreciate, if you just listen closely.

In a world full of pop and rock, and a lot of terrible music, this is a refreshing and wonderful release. Check out Laith Al-Baiyaa’s “Reflections of Love” as it is a very good and emotional musical release. Click here to check it out.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Monks of Mellonwah Turn Out Incredible Alternative Rock Music on Turn The People

As soon as you hear the opening songs from Monks of Mellonwah, you will try to draw comparisons, and it’s tough. It’s equal parts independent rock and alternative, with so much more. You immediately think it’s a Switchfoot record or a Mutemath record, but it’s neither. This is a whole new creation, something that really is shocking, as they aren’t hitting the mainstream big time right now. I’m surprised these guys aren’t bigger than they are, as the record really feels powerful, and set to rise through the ranks fast.

“Ghost Stories” opens up this record with a good sense of rock fusion and pop, then flows through outstanding tracks like “Vanity”, “Escaping Alcatraz”, and “Sailing Stones”. I’m always compelled to comment on whether or not a record can be listened to completely through without skipping around and these guys definitely do that with this recording. If you remember Noise Ratchet’s debut record, and how much play that got on indie radio, you may get a feeling for this, as it flows through many moments of rock fusion. From slow, to heavy, and everything in between, without losing that sense of pop vocals at times.

The Monks of Mellonwah have been around for roughly four years, and are starting to get a lot of press, which is a great thing. Coming out of Sydney, Australia, the music is an incredible blend of sounds you would expect from a rock group that is poised to takeover. They’ve been featured on many cable television shows, and have won some great awards. Just reading their resume is a stunning thing, with licensing deals and awards like, Bunim/Murray Productions, MTV Networks, Discovery Channel, and FOX Sports. In addition, the band has already toured the U.S.A, Singapore and Australia. "M.O.M" were voted "Best Indie Rock Band" in the 2012 Artists in Music Awards and placed as the "International Rock Artist of the Year" at the 22nd Annual LA Music Awards in 2012, these guys are seriously making noise.

All in all, “Turn The People” is a solid release, with a lot of great music overall, and that alternative, pop sound that you will definitely enjoy. It’s done right, well crafted, catchy, and progressive. It never feels tired or as if they were trying too hard to create something, they have it all in place. You’ll definitely want to check these guys out. I liked the record, and feel it’s a strong contender for this year.

Check out Monks of Mellonwah by clicking here to hear their tunes. Check out their Facebook page here, and their official website here. Oh, and don’t forget to watch their music video below.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Hubs Pull Together Progressive Guitarwork on Welcome To Beyond

The first thing that you hear on The Hubs is what can only be thought of as a garage. A group of musicians in a garage ready to record and then you get pummeled with guitars and percussion. The guitars are pronounced and vibrant, with drums that make the whole thing quite interesting. Dueling guitars midway through the song set up you up for what very well may be a grand alternative record, straight out of the mid 1990s, as it definitely doesn’t hold back. “Rocketship” is a good opener, and one that still is engraved in my psyche.

On songs like “Plastic Heart”, “Come Closer”, Rut” and “Live Fast”, you get more of a sense of the what the band is doing and it’s pretty good. I liken some of the guitar work to “The Reunion Show” or early “Weezer”, with vocals that are a mix of 1980s alternative and late 1990s independent artists like The Get Up Kids. It’s definitely hard to pinpoint an exact replica, which is definitely a good thing. The recording has a lot of highs and lows when the vocals are in play, but other than that, you get a band that is definitely on set to create more music in the future, this is a good start.

The album is a good one, and while you’re listening to it as a whole, you eventually get hit with a familiar song. “Say It Aint So” gets the cover treatment and it isn’t half bad. The Hubs really tap into a lot of greatness here, and “Welcome To Beyond” is definitely a good starting point for the band. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next, as the band is definitely poised to get a lot more attention, and definitely tap into a lot of catchy, well crafted, layered rock music.

You can check out The Hubs "Welcome To Beyond" EP, and listen to some cool tunes. I recommend it.
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