Monday, January 27, 2014

Midnight Mosaic Crashes Through The Rock Mold With Fire Work

midnight mosaic fire work
The first thing that I noticed from Midnight Mosaic’s release of “Fire Work” is the bass. The bass hits you across the neck with reverberating melody before going into a full frenzy of musical prowess. Track 1 is a definite good choice for an opener on this one. Recording with a good sound design, you fully get the instruments working together before the vocals kick in and treat you to some powerful framework.

The first thing I thought of was Red Hot Chili Peppers, as the bass guitar really does well to create a good starting point. It then flows with the percussion and guitar, and of course the vocals that are not to be compared with too many other bands, as it flows through highs, lows, signing, speech and so much more. It’s eclectic, and it’s definitely a good example of rock vocals. You will definitely find a lot of good points on “Fire Work” where the vocals of A.t. Hunte is definitely a mix between Michael Tait, Corey Glover, and Anthony Kiedis. That’s about as well as I can personally describe the mix, because it’s truly a testament to the rest of the music. The vocals tie so much together on this record and it’s definitely something that is missing with a lot of music today.

Midnight Mosaic is a true gem, artists that knokw more than the standard 3 chords, and I like that. I love the way things flow from song to song. You get loud, soft, and then bombastic transitional points before leading into softening melodies and more. “Bazooka Gumption” to “Old School” moves so swiftly, and yet so differently, quite the transition if you ask me.

The comparisons to Red Hot Chili Peppers don’t stop, as you get to “Abyss” and the driving bass rhtyms bring to me a whole new appreciation for the instrument I stopped playing a couple of years ago. If only my wrists weren’t so sore from writing, I’d most definitely find the bass lines worth exploring as they are quite good. I love the sound, as it offers fidelity to the melodies presented here. It’s by far one of the best bass sound I’ve heard on an independent release in a long time.

All in all Midnight Mosaic “Fire Work” presents an iconic sound. They are a rock band with more bells and whistles than you may think. Calling them purely rock is not a good thing, but it’s the banner that I’m going to cast. They flow through funk, rock, pop, and great lyricism to boot. What awaits for you on this record is 10 tracks of true music artistry. They are a gem in every sense of the word. All the pieces come together on this one, and should prove to be a launching pad for their career. Someone needs to sign these guys, as I could see them making the big bucks on tour with larger acts.

Take a listen to the band by clicking here, and picking up their record. I’m impressed by how good the independent music world is in these modern times. Here’s another winner. Check out their music video for "Right To Die" and get excited!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Esoteric and Stu Bangas Steel Chairs Official Video From Machete Mode Breaks Hip Hop In Two

While the world is watching the Grammys, Esoteric and Stu Bangas completely blows away the competition with talent. I reviewed “Machete Mode” on this website here, and you missed it, because you were too busy calling me a “punk rock” reviewer. The point of this update though, is to showcase an interesting array of clips with some incredible music.

Stu Bangas does beats that are samples and creative experiences from movie soundtracks and more. Some of his work is exactly what you would expect from a 1980s horror flick. Esoteric takes the world of wrestling and pop culture and splits your head open, old school. This video is a line by line comparison chart of the lyrics that Esoteric pushes down and it’s incredible. You’re not going to find another rapper right now that blends this type of lyrical comparisons in such a neat billfold. The use of classic wrestling speaks volumes to me, and possibly you.

You can read more about “Machete Mode” according to what I said about it here, and you can watch the video below. What do you think?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tiffini Truth Derails Preconceived Notions With A Blast of Art and Poetry

In a landscape full of poorly constructed music, and icons that have no real musical prowess, artists are sometimes relegated to doing things outside of the norm. Tiffini Truth is an example of  what true artists can do, pushing the elements of art, design, video and sound. With her latest “Industrial Blues Grinder”, she completely turns the world upside down with a flow of art that will shock you to your core. That is not a bad thing, it’s an absolutely beautiful thing, and it most definitely woke me up.

With the first single, “Sinner” she introduces you to the sounds, lyrics, and visual performance that most will not be ready for. Not since I first saw Karen Black’s videos in a “Disinformation” DVD have I been so intrigued. The juxtaposition of Tiffini Truth’s images define so many underlying messages. Whether you take them as religious or you take them as something else, you will be hard-pressed not to be moved, and perhaps even fall in love with the imagery. She uses all elements of visual design to capture your senses, and has a certain iconoclastic spark, especially around the halfway point of the video. Performance art hasn’t been this urgent in a long time, and it shows in the way the video and sounds flow. I had to watch several times to fully grasp the blend…and can truly say it’s beyond intriguing.

Tiffini Truth moves through another intriguing kaleidoscope of sounds on “Make Me”, which has a sensual eroticism that is showcased through the hammering sound and her vocal performance. It is emphatic, it is simple and then turns completely complex in the way she mixes images, sound, and more. BY the midpoint of her video and performance she captures your mind’s eye in such a strong way, that you will be speechless. As an artist she does something so grand here, and completely electrifies the senses, to the point where you would follow along with this siren’s song.

The next track and performance piece is F.E.A.R and flows through another vibrant energy, taking you through a journey. The grinding mixed with soundscapes and vocalizations, and red imagery cycle through a tribal element that is definitely sensual as it is liberating. It is this type of relationship between art, sound, and design that astonishes, even liberate the musical skeptic.

It’s hard to define what Tiffini Truth does with this release. There is so many layers to it. You can view the videos over and over again, listen to the sound, and flow through transitional energies. You will find something new every time you see, hear, and celebrate the artistry. I for one am fascinated, and I know you will be too.You can check out her official website for more information, and if you get a chance, see her live, this is a unique artist at work, and it's impressive. It speaks volumes to how creative geniuses work.

Sprightly Moans Demos III Presents An Unafraid Rock Exclamation Point

sprightly moans
 Sprightly Moans puts together an eclectic blend of music, and does so in such a daring manner. You get that from the first sounds of "Demos III", their latest release, and while it may be short in songs, it proves to be an emblem of creative music. It’s a powerful performance piece that is hard to classify in one genre. Sure, it’s easy to say it’s rock, but it also has moments of indie, symphony, folk, and a touch for the dramatic here and there. You don’t hear this kind of passion in a lot of artists, which is why the album fits so well with me.

Not since I first heard Bradley Hathaway perform at Tomfest, have I heard such a unique mix of passion and poetic lyricism. Sprightly Moans provides a good wall of noise on “Blushes all Around”. Some may liken it to MeWithoutYou, and others may hear shades of Pedro The Lion, with a louder “White Stripes” tenacity on guitars. On “I Wanna Be Afraid” the band really stretches a bit, rolling through a variety of sounds and rhythms yet holding tight to the rock infused sound.
sprightly moans
“Love is Nothing Without Eternity” ends this record with such a simple sound, mellow and poignant all the same. It ushers in a bit of meditative release, and presents the listener with a beautiful way to close the album. All in all, Sprightly Moans “Demos III” is an interesting piece of music, full of life, and vibrant energy. It closes on an introspective note, which will pair well with a cup of tea. It’s haunting, it’s melodious, it’s a grand example of how talented many underground artists are. I love the sounds created here, and the unique package design of their release pulls at the heartstrings of my bachelor’s degree in art.

You can pick up this record and learn more about the band by visiting their official website here.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Role of Electric Bass Guitar in Metal Music

The role of the bass guitar is more than just the low end sound. It plays between melody and rhythm. In regards to metal and rock music, you are going to find that some players and teachers consider the instrument a part of the overall big picture. In the analogy from David Ellefson of the rock guitar method, he discusses it as a brick and mortar option in construction.

In that framework, you will find that it’s a matter of bricks and the bass is the mortar that glues two bricks together. So the drummer will be one brick and the guitar will be another brick. Between those two things is the electric bass guitar. The role of the bass in metal is to be the glue that helps push the sound. Listen to a song without that, and you will not have bricks that are essentially glued.

Or look at it in a math equation.

1 + 1

The equation there showcases another way of looking of the role of bass guitar in metal music. 1 guitar and 1 drum set is put together by the + symbol. Or another analogy. A sandwich. The meat in a sandwich or the middle of a sandwich is none other than the bass guitar.

Got it?

Western Culture and 4/4 Time Frame

The high hat on a drum set plays the most notes in rock. You’ll hear it hit every single time, or a time signature of 1, 2, 3, and of course 4.

The bass drum will play on 1 and 3.

The snare drum will play on 2 and 4.

Not all music, but the majority of hard rock and metal will always shave this timing. 4/4 timing is the standard timing that you will see in bass playing.

Metal bands play fast and loud. That all doesn’t matter when you look at the time signature, sheet music and more. The bass player in any band will be in timing and framework alongside the drummer. The guitar player then can go along and play a number of different chords, solos, and more. Rhythm guitar will come in and do other things or play in unison with certain elements of a song.
Want to Learn More?

This is not meant to be a lesson, but more of an explanation of the role of bass guitar in metal music. We are going to be looking at metal music in the coming days, as we looked at Green Day’s bass player Mike Dirnt and a little bit of that punk sound that he provides the band.

You can look at previous posts and get a feel for that. However, we’re moving forward with more attention on the guitar. If you want to learn, check out a bass guitar learning dvd here, and slowly master the greatest instrument in rock. At least in my opinion.

Green Day Did The Punk Thing on Warning and No One Cared

green day warning

Monday, January 20, 2014

Jay Neezy Ambition Mixtape Shows Serious Promise

Jay Neezy’s latest mixtape “Ambition” showcases a good sense of style, rhyme, and a flow that is definitely worth checking out. This independent rapper flows through a lot of different bars and doesn’t copy anyone. He has a way with words and he flows through a lot of different words fast, slow, and with a good sense of timing. A lot of times these mix tapes are far from being very good, but that’s not what you get here. It’s interesting to hear the beats, sounds, and rhymes that Jay Neezy pushes.

You will find that the topics are personal, and he knows how to time the words just right. Balancing fast and slow rhymes with beats that are organic and produced by a variety of producers is the name of the game here. A bouncy sound that is definitely on par with a lot of the best rappers on the scene right now. You can easily compare this to other rappers like Drake, but there’s something that is done here that you aren’t hearing on the radio.

Perhaps the coolest thing on this, aside from Jay Neezy’s use of rhyme prowess is the production. The production meshes really well with his voice. Singing, rhyming, and talking all mix so well with the sounds and that’s something that you’re going to enjoy. Listening to this makes you really think about what’s coming next in hip hop, or rather how Jay is already here. Why isn’t this guy bigger? He’s got the talent and mixtape skills that are definitely worth checking out. Looping beats, different rhyme styles and customized attention works well to push a lot of different elements together. This is good. “Way Too On” especially got me by surprised. Addressing people that are trying to push the dude down as he’s working, I feel that. As a writer, I get it all the time, told that I can’t do what I do or that you can’t make money as a writer, but you know what? Who cares? I’m doing what they say can’t be done.

Jay Neezy’s “Ambition” is a strong release, one that you have to hear. So check this mess out fast.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cheap Music: Face To Face Big Choice

cheap music for cheap people
Face to Face is one of my favorite punk rock bands ever formed. Their documentary really showcased how hard their life was trying to put out music. “Big Choice” was an incredible release at the time, and it sounded like it was recorded in a cave, but who cares, it was fast, it was punk, it was catchy. It was put out in 1994 and was originally released through Victory Music, not to be confused with Victory Records. The band put this album out eventually got put out through A&M Records, however it was an awful experience.

The record has a lot of great songs, and for being a sophomore record, still rocks as hard as it did when I first heard it. I bought the cassette tape when I was a kid. I used to listen to my Walkman non-stop. Regardless, this record is awesome, and it features some of the best hits from the band. Songs like “A-Ok”, “You Lied”, “Disconnected” and “Bikeage” all point to greatness. The re-recorded “Disconnected” is sometimes heard on rock radio, to this day.

They didn’t get big until the radio station here in Los Angeles started rocking the single and boom, they became huge. A lot of critics said this sucks, but they can shove it. Face to Face “Big Choice” is under a buck. Last I checked, on amazon here, it was fifty cents! You gotta get this if you don’t have it already. It’s incredible. Here's Face to Face playing their song live.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mike Dirnt Acoustic Live MTV Redundant Video

For those that are on one side of the bass guitar debate, you should look at this video. Mike Dirnt plays the track "Redundant" on MTV Live, and is not playing an acoustic bass, he's doing guitar work.

I just thought it was a cool video, and a step away from the bass guitar a bit. I will be moving to another band, and artist in the coming days, so no more talk of Green Day and Mike Dirnt.

Green Day - Redundant Live @ MTV

Yes Way Double Bubble Toil and Trouble Brings Traditional Rock Swagger To Independent Music

When you hear the words “independent” rock, you immediately either imagine the emo and indie crowd. Some may even have visions of the late 1990s hardcore revolution that saw huge growth in several markets. So when I tell you that the band Yes Way is a rock and roll independent band, you may get the wrong idea. These guys are putting together traditional rock, ok, maybe not “traditional” in the sense that there is a standard, but something worth listening to none the less.

Yes Way has done something cool here, they’ve infused straight forward rock sounds with blues into a driving force on “Double Bubble Toil and Trouble”. If you were to go back in time when rock radio featured bands like Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy, and what are now known as classic rock icons, you would find these guys fitting in really well. They have tapped into the iconic vein of straight forward rock and could definitely fit in between early Aerosmith and even classic AC/DC, which is not easy to do.

A lot of bands try to be something that they are not, and curve their sound to fit whatever is trendy, and these guys aren’t one of them. That plays to their favor as they bring out some classic rock glory in a new way. It’s straight forward, it’s thoughtful, it’s rocking without heavy production and flash. It’s about as raw and real as you can get without trying to put the band into a box.

The album kicks off with a few catch tunes “Rice and Ketchup”, “Anchorman” and “Plug Me In”, which all can be singles, but it’s not until you get to “Ya Y’Know” when these guys really start to get great. With a slick intro and a good rocking riff coming through, this song very well could’ve been a huge hit a few years back, and it still can be great. It reminds me of a tune Audio Adrenaline was doing on “Some Kind of Zombie”, only this has more punch in the chorus, and that’s a great testament to the sound these guys deliver.

I know I’ve pushed the “rock” label a great deal with this release, but they sure do more than that. For instance there is a bit of blues and even country thrown into the mix like on “Fortunate Time”. Not to be left behind, the band plows through the first 10 tracks with reckless abandon and great highs and lows. They are well crafted songs and pack a good punch. That’s where most bands would call it a release, but for Yes Way, that’s just the beginning because they have more music for you to enjoy.

It’s easy to put in too much music on a release, especially for independent bands. Hip hop artists get into this problem a lot, but reviewers often times leave them alone. I was almost going to give these guys that card, too much music, one release, and then the turned a corner. With the track “Gold” they sold me. The track is catchy, starts a bit slow, but leads you down an eclectic path that sews up this record and gives you a bit more gusto.

Yes Way is what happens when you mix The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and a little bit of country like Highwaymen, and put them into a blender. You get an eclectic mix of blues, rock, and even some funk with the bass lines. This hard rocking album feels like it’s a revival of the late 1960s and mid 1970s rock music coming off of Atlantic Records. Crank this, and fix your old Mustang, because it feels like something your dad would love, but it’s very much modern. I found myself enjoying this thoroughly, through 20 tracks of pure rock. It’s incredible to hear bands going their own way with music, and while bringing ethos from the past, still presenting something new for fans of the genre. This is an interesting record, that is worth a listen or two or hundreds.

You can check out this record and more from the band by clicking here for their official page. It’s a good one, and definitely surprised me.

The Evening Rig Nothin To Hear Here Is The Best Album No One Told Me About

evening rig
I completely blanked on this record, and no one really told me about it. I had to dig a little deep to get to listen, and once I did, I was completely impressed with the song structures, arrangements, and overall production value of this band. The Evening Rig combines elements of all my favorite bands and yet does something brand new at the same time. They aren’t a hardcore outfit, or a metal band, so if you pegged me as someone that only talks about those genres, you’ve completely missed on a lot of the content that I’ve been writing.

NO THANKS to those applicants that promised to write and didn’t deliver. That’s for another story. The Evening Rig released “Nothin To hear Here” and as I stated, it is the best album that no one told me about, and something you haven’t heard yet. At first listen, you are going to immediately hear shades of The Get Up Kids and their more mature sound, but then you peel away that label and you get things from 238, Vampire Weekend, Cobra Skulls, The Wedding Gift, and even a little bit of country momentum here and there. The songs all work together to demand the listener’s attention as a whole, and not just single parts.

Even though I have my favorite tracks on the record, including, “Pullin’ Strings”, “I Won’t Let You Let Me Down”, “Dear You”, and “Alone Sweet Home”, it progresses in a way that is just unique and well thought out. This band is more than an indie band, and more than a rock group, it’s a well-oiled presentation of rock that has been done correctly. There are moments that you absolutely believe you saw this band play with Lawrence Arms, Pedro The Lion and others, and yet it’s new. It’s fresh, and it’s one of the better albums I’ve heard in some time.

You are going to love this one, as it feels like Hot Rod Circuit and Bruce Springsteen had a child and this came out. I guarantee that fans of Gaslight Anthem are going to eat this up. You get so many different moods in this record, and it all works so wonderfully well. It caught me completely by surprised. When they come around Pomona, I’m stamping my ticket, because I have to see these guys live. It’s one of the best sounding, best written records I’ve heard in a long time. You owe it to yourself to get your hands on this one. You can download it here, and seriously, listen to it, it's awesome.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Scan Hopper Puts A Twist on Indie With Mariana Bridges

Scan Hopper is a band out of Texas and they have put out what very well may be the best indie EP I’ve heard this year so far. It’s fascinating to hear bands bring together so many different sounds in their music and that’s exactly what this band does. Not satisfied with just one style or one label, the EP showcases a great diversity and range. From the opening track “The Bridgeses” to the end result on “In My Brain”, there is something for everyone on this release.

Even though it’s an EP, it feels so much fuller. It reminds me of a lot of the records being put out by Deep Elm and Jade Tree. A little bit of Jets to Brazil and American Football layered through arterial soundscapes of guitar, and electronic options, bringing together an eclectic release of music that you’re not going to want to miss. It feels so much bigger, and so much more important. It’s simple, and yet so complex in that classic dichotomy that great bands can deliver.

It’s not all one sided as you get into a new gear on “Twisted Air” which brings together a 1980s tinge to the otherwise alternative offering. This EP is definitely one of the better records to get that “indie” tag. The band really does well here, and you can hear it in the way the transitional tracks work together to form this record. It’s interesting, without pretense, and is definitely one to look out for.

You can purchase the limited edition CD here, it’s worth a listen.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How To Buy Your First Bass On A Budget

When I got my first bass guitar, I was 15 years old. I purchased 3 bass guitars in my life, and each one was more expensive than the last. If you are looking at purchasing a guitar, you most likely want to start with an electric bass guitar. With that in mind, follow a few steps below so that you can get a good deal.

Set Your Budget Low If You’re Learning

If you are still learning, and you are NOT an expert, than you will want to set aside no more than $100. I say this because you don’t need a vintage Fender electric bass guitar. You don’t need anything overpriced, because you’re learning. I know, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s 100% true. When you master the notes, chords, and you are an excellent player, then spend your money on something nice. However, when you’re learning start with something standard, non-expensive. No more than $100!

Order Online

I suggest that you order your electric bass guitar on Today, for instance, I found one for $69 with free shipping, a small amp and a case. You cannot beat that price. You just can’t. You may not get the number one brand, but you will get something that you can LEARN on. That’s what you need to remember. Wait and save your money for something nice after you are really good at playing the standard. Parents, DO NOT SPEND too much on a bass guitar. What if your child ends up not liking the instrument? Do you really want to waste $500 - $9,000 on a bass guitar that is going to sit in the corner?

Pick a Standard Electric Bass Guitar

Do not go fancy. Again, it cannot be stressed enough, you’re learning. When you are learning how to play electric bass guitar, you need to focus on the basics. That means that you should not look for a fretless one, or something that is too complicated. Go with a standard P-Bass or Jazz Bass and make sure you practice.

Buy Learning Materials

The next thing that you want to do is make sure that you purchase a book, dvd instructional guide and do not rely too much on TABS. When I was first learning, I focused on only tabs and it hurt my instructions. Learn the harder way, and make sure that you practice at least 1 hour a day. If you love bass guitar, then you will definitely learn fast and you can then buy a vintage Fender or a signature design option.

Learn first, then spend big money. Parents, that means you too. Let your child learn how to play on a standard entry level item then buy them that awesome 1960s Jazz Bass with the original pickups.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Mike Dirnt of Green Day Fender Signature Bass Review and Demo HD Video

We've been discussing Mike Dirnt's signature bass guitar for a bit, and while I can't review it myself, I did find a good review for those that are looking to learn more about the guitar. This precision precision bass is one of the premier Fender signature releases that has come through in a long time.

GAK out of the UK decided to review this in HD and you get to hear about the size, sound, and style of this option.

If you want to order it, you can purchase it from amazon and get it delivered by clicking here.

Otherwise, check out this video review and then go to your local shop. I for one will be looking into it on amazon. What do you think? Let me know.

DJ Hans Dubstep for Kids EP Shocks The System With Genius Collaborative Effort

DJ Hans really did something special on this EP, he completely blew away with this release. It’s a mix of dubstep sounds and children’s nursery rhymes and classic songs. I know, this may sound insane, and at first glance I didn’t know what to think, but it most definitely presents a mix that works so well, but only in the hands of an expert DJ.

There are a lot of releases that try to mix genres and they fail often. However, DJ Hans has found a way to mix two very different forms of music and yet does so with class and precision. I definitely did not expect the creativity found on this record. It’s professional, it sounds great, and it truly deserves getting a lot more attention. For kids, for adults, for anyone that likes music, listen to this, and you’ll be impressed with the way it’s layered out.

You’ll here classics done in a new way. “Wheels on the Bus”, “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, and more are done here in such a cool manner. It’s this type of creativity that inspires so much exploration of musical genres. I can’t say enough about how cool this is. Check it out, you’ll be surprise by it like I was.

You can listen to this by going to this sound cloud page, an order it via itunes here.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mike Dirnt Talks About His Signature Bass Guitar and Green Day HD Video

Mike Dirnt talks about his precision bass guitar in the following video. He talks about the sound and what went into making the Fender option that is his signature guitar.

On a side note, I personally played a Fender Jazz Bass/Precision Bass Combo, and Mike’s item wasn’t released yet. I like the sound of his signature edition and it’s definitely worth checking out if you have the money. You can buy the Mike Dirnt Signature Precision Bass Guitar by clicking here.

Mike Dirnt also talks about the amp that is also in conjunction with Mike Dirnt’s ideas. The Fender Bassman goes great with the precision bass that he has out. To further explain it, here’s Mike talking about the signature sound and design. My friend had a Fender electric guitar and a standard Fender amp, but it wasn’t as good as this one.

The distortion, gain, pedal and interesting buzzes are mentioned, which I can testify to hearing in a live setting. I think it sounds great, it’s loud and really is a great overall option from the band. Regardless of whether or not you like Fender or even Green Day, this is definitely one of the better options. Bass players out there, what is your opinion? Maybe I’m overreaching, but I love the sound of this release, but I’m out of the game, it’s been a while since I’ve been on stage.

If you are interested in getting a Fender Bassman amp that Mike’s talking about in the video, or the guitar he plays, check out the options on amazon by clicking here.

Green Day Drum Chronology Completely Shatters Perception HD Video

Green Day is one of those bands that has a lot of polarizing opinions thrown at them. I love them, and have dedicated some time to reviewing, listening, and trying to pay attention to their form and style as a musician myself. I usually talk about bass guitar on this blog, and though it’s still a new site, I still want to work within the framework of bass.

When learning bass guitar, you’re going to hear that the drummer and the bass player in bands are really tight. So with that in mind, check out this drum chronology of the band’s music from their humble beginnings to the latest options.

Bass guitar players pay attention to the drum kick and the style that shifts. Often times if the bass guitar is out of sync with the way the drums are played, you will definitely find structure can be tough. I know it’s punk rock, and I know this is a drum video, but it’s definitely worth watching for all musicians. Check out the Chronology of Green Day’s drums and then pull out your bass and make a video chronicling all the bass guitar lines they created.

Green Day Drum Chronology That Will Blow You Completely Away

One of the coolest things I’ve seen on youtube to date, in regards to music has to be this amazing drum chronology done by Kye Smith in high definition. The talented drummer goes through all the drumming types that Green Day has across all of their records and does it with such precision and ease that I’m completely blown away.

If you are a fan of music, punk, and Green Day, this is the exact type of inspiration that should move you. I used to watch bass guitar videos and wished I could play like Mike Dirnt, so this comes with a sense of wishing I had youtube when I was learning bass.

You’ll be amazed, check this out, and start learning drums.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Less Than Jake Return To Form on See The Light

less than jake see the light
buy this record here
One of my personal favorite bands, and one of the best bands to see live is none other than Less Than Jake. I’ve managed to see them play a few times and have been a fan of their mix of ska and punk since I was a teenager. I first heard them on Pezcore and have since progressed to hearing them transition from a lot of different levels, including their releases on major labels. They returned last year with “See The Light” which is coming through Fat Wreck Chords and it sounds incredible.

From the start Less Than Jake present a polished sound. The band has been together for so long, and it is evident on the tracks that are presented. “Good Enough” really sets the mood with a powerful horn blast, and bass lines that walk all over the fret board. I’ve always been a fan of the bass guitar sound of ska, and LTJ really does a great job of making it prominent here again.

Roger produced this one, so it may be why it not only sounds like that original punk edge sound, but with a sense of accomplishment and urgency that came across from early acts in the genre like Operation Ivy and The Suicide Machines. With the single “My Money is on the Longshot” we are given even more flair for amazing soundscapes that flow easily through the rest of the album. Less than Jake unleash 13 tracks here and all of them are just catchy, and feature that style that you’re used to from these guys.

If there is anything to say bad about the release is that it’s far too familiar. I once made that comment about Nofx, and a friend reminded me about consistency. Sometimes bands can rest on their laurels and still be new. I’m sure no one is telling Lemmy and Motorhead that their new album sounds like the past 20 releases they had, right?

All that in mind, Less Than Jake’s release here is really well done, good on every level, and brings the band into a new generation of ska music, and hopefully they don’t slow down. Pick up this release, by clicking here, and see if you like it as much as I did.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Avant Grade Presents Song For Your Funeral and It’s Everything You Want In A Song

Music today is either garbage or it catches your attention. That’s how I see it, and if it doesn’t catch your attention, that’s fine, throw it in the garbage. Someone else may like it. Avant Grade comes flying through the hallways of Sell Out Records (this site) and presents an urgent piece of music, with equal parts rhythm and layered electronic sounds.

As of late, ambient music has been getting a lot of attention on the blog because artists are fearlessly pushing it out. Avant Grade creates an interesting mix here, putting in elements of all sorts of sounds without the pretense. You don’t have that annoying underlying retrograde tuning, but instead you get a nice bounce and presentation. From percussion to the keyboard sound, there’s a cycle of sounds that really works well. It’s poppy, it’s dreamy, it’s somewhat poignant and reactionary.

You will be hard pressed not to repeat this song over and over again, as it really introduces so much to the mind’s eye, without every really feeling old. It’s the type of tune that you skip to in your imagination, or perhaps find yourself enjoying with a cup of tea, coffee, or a good book. It’s intriguing, like clouds forming animal shapes.

Song For Your Funeral is not a sad piece with trumpets and tears flowing. It’s flowery, but not in a bad way. I find it hard to really frame this one, because it’s so cool. You owe it to yourself to check this out.

You can listen to the song by clicking here. You can buy it on Itunes here.

Dr Sounds Explores A Whole Universe on Sounds From Future

Dr. Sounds has been pushing buttons, playing keyboards and delivering an incredible ambient sound since 2009. With the release of “Sounds From Future” the artist takes you on a journey that will catch you off guard. Not since I heard Kavinsky’s release from last year “Outrun” has ambient music sounded this intriguing. It starts with a tone and meditation and drives through areas of the mind with such ease. You’ll swear you’re back playing Mist and exploring new areas of jungle, and fog.

This is not just electronic, in fact it’s not techno. A lot of people immediately assume that this is going to be a bouncing dance mix like that of a club, and while there are variations on the theme it’s not that. This is an all different experience that you will be exploring. The sounds found here mix traditional and ambient noises, or rather soundscapes. It’s not “noise” as much as it is an exploration on theme.

It’s hard to really denote where Dr. Sounds is going in this release, and that’s a good thing. I can definitely see myself on a train, flowing through cinematic and enigmatic exploration. Think of the most iconic and beautiful landscapes and you will start to see some of the incredible layers presented here. This feels like it should be home to a movie soundtrack. Any genre can use these songs, and that’s a testament to the control that the record has. It controls your emotions, but not in a harsh way, as it is unique to the sequencing.

You’ll be completely entranced with the way this flows. It’s fascinating, its strength relies on pure dynamic sound. It’s layered, and complex, and it is not at all what you will expect from electronic music. You owe yourself some time to listen to this. Close your eyes and just move through the offerings here.

You can get this record by clicking here, it’s impressive.

Make sure to take advantage of this cool interactive mashup, where you can enjoy a visual aspect for the track "Magnetic Fields". Patterns are generated from your very own Facebook network. Now that's really cool, check it out here.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Ultimate Way To Get Green Day's Dookie is on 180 Gram Vinyl

If you call yourself a music fan and you haven’t either purchased a copy of “Dookie” or at least heard the songs from the record at nausea, then you probably aren’t much of a music fan at all. The band sold as many records as Michael Jackson did, making this mid 1990s record one of the most famous of all time. However, upon the original release through Reprise and Lookout Records the LP/Vinyl version was just standard (amongst some other color options) and that didn’t sit well with the band or the fans. Sure, they bought the record, but after some time it was necessary to release an 180g Vinyl lp of “Dookie”. That’s what I got my grubby hands on recently and am posing it here for you to consider purchasing. The record, first of all, is considerably heavier, and sounds 100 times better than the original release.


This record is 33 1/3 LP and it is 180 grams of wax. If you’re a collector or just prefer to listen to music on wax, then this is for you because it is considerably thicker and more poignant. You’ll get more sound quality and be able to listen to the vinyl a lot longer than any other options. This rerelease has been remastered digitally and you get the full record, including the bonus track at the end.

Negative Reviews

Just when you thought it was all peaches and cream, some people don’t think that this release is all that great. There are a great deal of people that aren’t exactly fans of the release nor Green Day. One reviewer even went as far as to say, “they are just doing it for the money, and it works”. Stiff criticism from one of the many people that picked up this record at one point and decided it wasn’t all that great.

Another side of the negative reviews talk about how real punk should be listened to instead of this garbage. One guy even said that you should listen to a “Sex Pistols” record instead. Funny, since there really is only 1 record from that band to even get a hold of. Don’t just listen to me, read more negative reviews here.

Honest Conclusion

Ok, you know the band, you know the record but you don’t know what it sounds like with this rerelease. I think it’s an awesome record, and it deserves your money at this point. Even if you already have it on your computer, take the time to collect this and listen to it on your record player. The Green Day “Dookie” 180g Vinyl Lp is well worth it, and I’m not just saying that. 500+ reviews of this LP can’t be wrong, check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Mike Dirnt of Greenday's Bass Guitar Rig Explained in Video

mike dirnt fender exclusive
Mike uses Fender
A lot of people want to talk bad about Green Day, but I've always enjoyed their music. In this video, their rigs are explained, mainly the guitars and different set ups that create the live experience.

Mike Dirnt's bass rigs, cabinets, and sounds are impressive here. You'll find that he doesn't use a lot of effects, in fact, he uses NONE. He plays straightforward precision bass guitar, and uses Fender's only.

Fender custom makes the Mike Dirnt guitar and it's a precision bass, much like the standard punk option. It's not "down tuned" or anything special outside of being a signature sound and style that the band is known for. As I posted yesterday in my update about the song "Warning", the band has some unique bass lines and provides an interesting look into punk and pop bass guitar work.

This video shows off the rigs they are using. If you want to buy a Mike Dirn't signature bass guitar from Fender, you can do so by clicking here, and see what he uses live in the video clip below, around mid-way through the whole thing.

Mikhail Tank Brings To You A Freedom Song Without Music

“The Shift (Personal Freedom Response System)” is an iconic and vibrant spoken word record that was released on January 4th. It brings about a collection of tracks that are both urgent and powerful. They bring together an iconoclastic viewpoint in such a poetic manner, without being hip hop or rap. It’s a spoken word anthem of thoughts that stream through to your mind’s eye, in such an interesting fashion.

You’ll find that listening to this is an experience, it truly shifts your senses and opens you up to a whole new way of thinking. The thing is, that some things aren’t as new as you may think, they are trapped inside you and me and everyone else that has grown comfortable. Comfort isn’t always the enemy, but it is when you realize that there is so much more outside of the daily hum drum routine that you may be trapped in. It’s that message that comes out clear from the start, and highlighted through the words of Mikhail Tank on this release.

The artist moves through thoughts and musings that reflect love, life, and so much more. For instance, “Stagnation” he pontificates on the trappings of the mundane, and the urgency of freedom within vocabulary that paints an illustrative conscious that you will not get from just listening to any given pop song you may be tempted to listen to. In “My Shape-Shifting Wife” he paints a look at women that really showcases passion, and love with clarity. You will not find that often in music or even spoken word, which makes this iconic in my view.

For those that are seeking something different, something that emits an aura of understanding, and freedom all in the same sentence, this is for you. Mikhail Tank’s “The Shift (Personal Freedom Response System)” is truly a gem that goes beyond spoken word and into the heart and mind of anyone that has hears. I dare you to listen and stay stagnant, you just can’t, it’s incredible how this works. Check it out on amazon here.

Flaunt Brings Incredible Narrative to Beautiful Animals

beautiful animals
I caught wind of this free track from Flaunt and it pushes together a mix of old, new, and future all into one track. The ambient mix of jazz, rock, and hip hop is incredible. It mixes a lot of elements to work into something that is eclectic, beautiful, and thought provoking. You will find it hard to resist the song and melodies that are created with such veracity. It’s intrinsically beautiful, and flows through several different stages, all while creating a landscape of semi sonic sound.

As far as alternative music is concerned, this is poetry in motion, bringing together interesting components to present a new touching and enigmatic world. You’ll be hard pressed not to love this, as I found it compelling, and intrepid. It’s daring, it’s layered, its well worth your time.

If that doesn’t grab you at first hand, than you will definitely want to look at this music video for the track, as it will definitely wake you up from your stupor right now. It got me, and that’s hard to do. You’ll love this, I love this, enjoy it, and then download it here.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Green Day Warning Unlikely Bass Classic

Love them or hate them, you are going to have an opinion on the band Green Day. I love them, and that has gotten me into some heated arguments with blow hards that say my taste in music sucks. I don’t believe them, but that’s something that I have to deal with on my own.

Green Day released “Warning” in 2000. A lot of people hated the album because it wasn’t the same style as their break through “Dookie” and they got a lot of flak for it. I think it’s an amazing example of punk rock ethos meeting song writing structure from back in the day. It’s also very mature for a punk rock recording.

Now, for the purposes of this blog, Green Day’s title track for their 2000 release, is a bass guitar gem.

Mike Dirnt plays the bass on this, as he always does for the band, and you get a sense of his style without getting hit in the head. In the music video below you get a sense of the bass line that repeats alongside the three chords that Billie Joe plays.

Turn up the bass boost on your mp3 player and listen to the bass line played by Mike on this track:

If you like Green Day's song "Warning", you can purchase it by clicking here. Listen closely for that bass guitar sound.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Simply Diamond Will Make You Swear It’s Neil Diamond Not A Cover

Cover bands are not always grand. I’ve seen a lot of bands try to emulate great artists and have come painfully short of getting anywhere near a high quality reflection. This is especially true with sites like youtube, and it’s sad. But there are a few great ones, and one recently caught my attention, and I was completely floored with how pitch perfect they really were. The band is Simply Diamond, and they are a Neil Diamond cover band, that completely does it right.

From the look, the sound, and the song structures, you will swear it’s Neil himself. I couldn’t believe the sound quality as it really does sound quite well. It’s such an interesting thing to see and hear, and you will definitely find it to be haunting.

Long time Neil Diamond fans will definitely enjoy the performance and sound of Simply Diamond. It’s a fitting tribute, and one that is far better than many others. It’s evident in the video found below:

Even if you were to listen to a Neil Diamond record, or watch a live clip, you will see that they are strikingly similar, and that’s always a great thing when you get a tribute band. There are so many acts that just try to play covers, and don’t really have that impact and gusto that is required. That’s not what you get with Simply Diamond, as they are truly a gem. Music is about passion and not just playing the notes, and that’s why I can truly say that this is a classic. Whether your favorite Neil song is “Sweet Caroline”, “Cherry, Cherry”, “America” or just about any of his hits, Simply Diamond puts on an incredible showcase.

Brian La Blanc, and his band perform the songs and look the part, creating an emotionally stirring and incredible sound that has been gaining a lot of steam. Paul Shaffer of the “Late Show with David Letterman” even commented on the greatness of the sound. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another cover band, or any band that does the music justice like Brian’s band does.

You can learn more about Simply Diamond or book this Neil Diamond Cover Band, by visiting their official page here.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Greatest Alternative Music Soundtrack Ever or At Least The Mid 90s

angus the motion picture soundtrack
The 90s were an interesting time to be alive. If you loved music, you got pummeled in the face with all the different styles that you could possibly imagine. Unlike any other time, it seemed like you couldn’t get away from the distortion pedal music that filled the airwaves. That is where the year 1995 lands, a mix up of distorted ideals, where Gen X started to realize that their lives couldn’t be so extreme forever. Amidst all that realization came out a movie that had every teenager (including myself) completely blown away. It was the best movie no one saw, and it was right along the same lines as “The Mighty Ducks” and even better, the soundtrack was incredible. That movie, and that soundtrack is none other than “ANGUS”.

The movie aside, this film had an incredible soundtrack of music from Reprise Records, and to this day is the #1 alternative music soundtrack ever created. I say that, no one else may agree, but it went Gold, and by now it’s probably platinum. I even bought the cassette tape. It’s that damn good. The record featured a new Green Day song, and it was in line with what they were doing at the time, putting out good punk edged pop music, as well as tracks that you are going to have a hard time finding anywhere else. For instance, Ash pulls through some tunes, Riverdales jumps to a great Ramones style recording with “Back To You” and Dancehall Crashers put a little ska infection into track 5.

Not convinced? Well then what about alternative namesakes like Weezer, Goo Goo Dolls, The Muffs, Pansy Division, and Smoking Popes added for fine measure. The 90s had a lot of great movies, records, and influential bands playing all types of styles, and this soundtrack showcases that. You get a good mix of everything that came out from the 90s wave of punk and rock music, without the grunge tinge that many people will find missing.

The Angus soundtrack is definitely worth picking up, and will blow you away, if you like this type of music. It’s not for everyone, I admit it. But it goes hand in hand with perhaps one of the best movies about a fat kid getting a kiss from the troubled princess. It’s a story that didn’t happen to me, even though I wanted it to, as a teen. Instead, it reminds me that life is nothing like the movies, but the music, well, the music is always awesome. Ok, not always, but it’s definitely worth picking up right here, for a buck or two. Don’t delay, this is incredible!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Figures of Light Blast Through To The Future With Great! Now We've Got Time To Party!

What some might see as a departure, others will peg as an evolution, and that’s closer to what you get on “Great! Now We’ve Got Time To Party!” from Figures of Light. This is an interesting release that has this artist spreading its wings and showing that the definition of proto-punk isn’t really going to stop them from creating incredible pieces of music. It’s this type of ethos that gets many bands in trouble, because they aren’t going to be put into a single box or style. This genre shifting release still holds something for the old school fan, but is very well rooted in the new.

At first, you will definitely think that this is just an ambience filled record, and it most certainly has that vibe on the opening track, but if you stick with it, you realize that there’s more to come. It’s in the second song “Ninety-Nine (Featuring Stuart Pendergast)” that you start to get a feel for the talent that Figures of Light pushes. The wailing guitar riffs is coupled with a vibrancy that is definitely rooted in modern rock guitar with a tinge of surf style for good measure. The minimalist is also very cool, giving a secondary take on the matter.

On “Heading for the Sky” you are taken to a whole new place and soundscape. Overall, “Great! Now We’ve Got Time To Party” is a cool record full of life and sounds. It’s this type of breakthrough arrangements that should get people moving and excited about music in general. It bridges so many genres and yet still stays true to that rock and roll sound that the band is known for. This alongside the releases that they have put out together make for a catalog that is well worth checking out. You can check out this record by clicking here, as it is definitely worth a listen.

Figures of Light - Great! Now We've Got Time To Party! from Figures of Light Archive on Vimeo.
Figures of Light was an American music band founded in 1970, which disbanded in 2015. This channel features some of their videos as a permanent archive. Check out our website at

Figures of Light Punches In A Classic Punk Gem With Drop Dead

Throwaway that polished recording from modern punk rock rebellion. They are giving a bad name to the genre, and really, Broadway? Come on, get that out of here. Figures of Light shows the youngsters how it’s done with their 2012 release “Drop Dead”. The 15 tracks that are showcased on this record is an example of what punk rock was and is today. They may refer to themselves as proto-punk, but it’s once again so much more. It’s not just one genre, its garage, surf, rock, alternative, and nostalgic all in the same breath. From the opening track of “My Box Rocks” and the follow up “Fifteen Minutes of Fame”, you get something that fits so well in nearly every decade of punk and alternative from 1970 forward.

Even with songs like “Alice” you can see that original rock sound that started to blossom in the late 50s and start getting kids in trouble in the 1960s. This is not just a retrograde record or something that nostalgia freaks are going to be pushing around as one of those “cooler” than you records. It’s not Interpol, and it’s not the Silver Lake vibe that you get with a lot of the up and coming acts coming through gentrification of Downtown areas, it’s original. Some may want to point fingers and say they are emulating Iggy Pop or Lou Reed, but when you realize that Figures of Light started in 1970, hands come down alongside jaws.

That’s right, the band has been putting out music and doing the “punk” thing for so long, that the blaring guitars on “You’re So Innocent” deliver a taste of what’s been missing in modern music for so long. “Drop Dead” isn’t highly polished, and it wouldn’t sound the same if it was. It’s a modern rock and roll record played the way it should be played, dirty. This is the type of music that gets revival-rockers excited, because it’s raw, engaging, and stripped down. It reminds me of the compilations that were being mailed out from Epitaph records in the early 90s. I mean, the guys at Epitaph were putting out blues, hip hop, rockabilly, and ska before it was even cool, and now look at them? Bunch of idiots. That’s beside the point, back to “Drop Dead”. The 15 tracks here all work well together, formulating a good selection of tunes that can only be described as 1970s infused punk. Even “Never mind The Bollocks” seems hyper polished compared to the sound that Figures of Light have managed to brand as their own.

If you want to listen to “Drop Dead” pick up the record here, it’s a shot in the arm of pure rock and roll. It’s fast at times, it’s slow at times, and then when you think you have the guys pinned down, they throw in guitar solos that bridge so much more. Norton Records definitely has an eye for talent, releasing this record, incredible timing too.

Figures of Light - I Give Up - Lyrics Video from Figures of Light Archive on Vimeo.
Figures of Light was an American music band founded in 1970, which disbanded in 2015. This channel features some of their videos as a permanent archive. Check out our website at

Figures of Light TV Smashing Concert Before Breaking Stuff on Stage Was Cool

Ask any punk rocker or alternative rock music fan about breaking stuff on stage, and they will probably tell you about the time they saw Kurt Cobain break an amp on MTV, or The Who playing amidst an explosion, and they may be cool moments in rock history, but that seems to pale in comparison to smashing television sets during a live show. Oh, some may want to raise their hands and tell me about the 80s, but you’ll be told to shut up and sit down. The lesson here is that Figures of Light already did it, and did it well. Not only that, they managed to stay in the game and create a collection of punk rock in the vein of the definition, unlike many others. With the release of “TV Smashing Concert Live at Rutgers” you get their live set which essentially invented the notion of smashing everything to pieces live.

The coolest thing about this record is simple, it’s raw. It’s more raw than even “Ramones: Live and Raw” and rivals a ton of live records. Not only is it a prime example of throwing a fist into the air, it’s pressed in limited edition red wax. Fans of collecting vinyl (including me) should definitely get this one, as it will definitely be a piece that you want to keep around for educational purposes. You know very well some idiot is going to talk about The Clash, The Sex Pistols and others, and won’t even know that Figures of Light punched the notion in to play loud, fast, and out of control in 1970. Here’s the proof!

The backdrop of this story is definitely one for the record books, as the guys in the band never even played instruments 30 days before the gig. They somehow managed to get together and bring out a noise filled performance that is nothing short of smashing. This is such a cool piece of punk history, you’ll definitely be thrilled with it. Figures of Light definitely blazed a trail here, and it’s for everyone to hear. You can pick up the record on limited edition colored vinyl here. Norton Records once again proves that high quality punk rock isn't only on 1 label out there. Man, I got blindsided on this release.

Figures of Light - First Concert - Live - July 23, 1970 - Part One from Figures of Light Archive on Vimeo.
Figures of Light was an American music band founded in 1970, which disbanded in 2015. This channel features some of their videos as a permanent archive. Check out our website at

Figures of Light Unleash A Flurry of Tracks on Lost and Found For All Punk Fans To Skate To

Wait, do punk rockers still skate? I know I do, and this record is one of the albums that will be playing on my headphones while I flow through the streets of Pomona on my skateboard. Figures of Light are probably one of the coolest artists I’ve heard in a while. They lean heavy on the punk rock ethos and bring out a slew of tracks that range from noise to polished punk rock and hardcore fury. On “Lost and Found” you get 12 blistering tracks that range from the mighty career path of this proto-punk band.

If you say you’re a fan of punk, and I know a lot of people do, this is a record that you absolutely have to get. It features demos, live tracks, instrumentals, and even some hardcore pounding metallic hardcore bliss thrown in for good measure. You will definitely feel as though you’ve gotten into a time machine and went back to 1970s UK punk rock birthing places, or even CBGB in New York to hear the opening act of a Ramones show. It’s that type of feel that you get here, with a variable cornucopia (cliché as it sounds) of music.

Stand out tracks here include “It’s Lame (feat. Belladonna and the Decimators)”, “Geraldine (Raw Demo)”, “Heaven Sent (2008 Instrumental Version”, and “Strawberry Jam (Live at Voorhees Chapel 1972)”, but that’s not to say that the other tracks aren’t worth noting. There is a nice flow between instrumental and live recordings, as well as demo tracks and more.

At times you will swear that you have a vinyl LP playing, because it has that sort of nostalgic feel to it, and while it’s not spinning on wax, it’s still a complementary album to have in your collection. It’s a good release, featuring some stand out tracks, and various notes from the career of Figures of Light. “Lost and Found” is definitely a good record, one that has punk rock written all over it, from cover, the track selection. It’s a big fist in the air, with garage punk quality at times, and so much more. It’s raw, it’s energetic, it’s mellow at times, perfect for skateboarding, taking a bus ride, or playing Nintendo with your kids. Pick up the record by clicking here, and seriously, take note, and don’t start a band unless you hear this, because you don’t need to be on some talent show to put out awesome music.

Figures of Light - Strawberry Jam (Live at Voorhees Chapel 3:16:72) from Figures of Light Archive on Vimeo.
Figures of Light was an American music band founded in 1970, which disbanded in 2015. This channel features some of their videos as a permanent archive. Check out our website at

Figures of Light Bring About Garage Punk Fury With Too Many Bills Not Enough Thrills

The proto-punk band Figures of Light is perhaps one of the better genre bending artists to come through this site in a while. In their previously reviewed album, you get a feel for their electronic side, and that’s what listeners most likely figure would be the case for this one, but that’s where worlds collide. You don’t really get that, you get another dose of creativity, this time in the vein of 1970s garage rock and punk rock fuzz. “Too Many Bills, Not Enough Thrills” is definitely a record that will have punk rock enthusiasts playing this over and over again.

From the beginning track of “Too Many Bills, Not Enough Thrills” you get a sense that this is a different record, with full scale production getting toned down. This is not one of those “polished” and overproduced rock records with some suit and tie wearing producer trying to tweak the soundboard. Instead, you get the same kind of punch in the mouth style that made Iggy and The Stooges famous. You can easily fit this alongside the catalog of the Buzzcocks, The Damned, and Iggy Pop with relative ease.

Figures of Light play through 4 songs on this record, each one arranged in pure punk ethos, but not without showcasing some talent on the guitars, and vocals. Throwing out the blueprint that many younger acts try to follow and doing their own thing. On “I Want Money”, “I Give UP”, and “Ides of March” you get a painting that is very much controlled chaos, and that’s what makes this release exciting.

It’s hard to call Figures of Light just one genre, even if proto-punk seems to fit, because this record is so different than their other work. At the same time, they feature familiar steps of creative balance, and garage punk rock that is a testimony. It’s a good record, one that deserves more attention. You can check out the record via by clicking here.

Figures of Light - Too Many Bills, Not Enough Thrills - Lyrics Video from Figures of Light Archive on Vimeo.
Figures of Light was an American music band founded in 1970, which disbanded in 2015. This channel features some of their videos as a permanent archive. Check out our website at
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