Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Robert Plant Band of Joy Review

Robert Plant "Band of Joy" LP 
You already know who Robert Plant is, and if you don’t, then you are way behind in your music history. Robert Plant was a member of Led Zeppelin. If you aren’t familiar with this hard rock world, that’s ok, he’s done a lot more than just throw down some serious musical moments. In his solo career, he has transformed musical genres and created compelling compositions with thoughtful lyrics, and beautiful musical arrangements. It’s with “Band of Joy”, that I really started to love the solo work of Plant. I loved Robert Plant as a kid, as I even named my first pet hamsters Robert and Jimmy. They both died. I have cats now, they are well taken care of, though, so no worries there. As for “Band of Joy”, I was floored by how I missed this record in 2010.

I first started seeing this record out at Starbucks. I lived next door to Starbucks in Seattle for many years. I would drink it daily, and sometimes 3 times a day. I miss those days sometimes, and it’s hard to think about those times without connecting myself with the musical landscape that I was involved with. When this was released, I didn’t pick it up immediately. In fact, I didn’t listen to the record until now, 2015. This is a great, moody record. It’s a work of acoustic, and pop balance that you wouldn’t expect from this rocker. If you haven’t heard any of his work before, this is going to shock you.

The tracks on this record that got me hooked include “Angel Dance”, “House of Cards”, “Silver Rider”, “The Only Sound That Matters”, and the whole recording as a whole. It has guts, it has folk tidings, it has country elements, it has rock moments, and overall, it’s a record that has very important elements to it. Through the 12 tracks, you really get a sense of a larger sounding musical landscape. Robert Plant has found a way to balance so much with this album, that you really have a hard time not liking it. It’s compelling in a lot of arenas, it’s thoughtful, introspective, and downright good. I’m surprised by how much this record sticks in my mind, which is why I’m talking about it now.

If you haven’t picked up “Band of Joy” from Robert Plant, I highly recommend it. It’s a good pop and rock record that focuses on lyrical balance and composition that you may not expect from Robert Plant. I’m still floored by how amazing this record truly is.

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