Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lore City Kill Your Dreams Elevates Your Perception Through Spatial Musical Flight

I got an email out of the blue about Lore City. Usually people don’t email me, or find me through this blog. It’s not that I’m elusive, it’s just that I’m not writing for Alternative Press or Spin. Believe me, I’ve tried several times to get there, but for whatever reason I always get passed up. That’s neither here nor there, I’m just making it a point to say that it’s rare to get an email about music. All that aside, Lore City “Kill Your Dreams” is my introduction into a unique duo of music that has surprised me. I haven’t been this surprised since I saw Talk Demonic play in Silverlake, California with The Velvet Teen. (Ha, hipster references)

There’s a fascinating quality to the record, something that you would definitely pick up on the first sounds. Lore City finds a way to get into your head. Take the beauty of Mazzy Star and mix in Denali, a little Portishead, and you may get a sense for what this musical duo is doing. You’ll find that it’s hard to peg them into one genre, but if you’re going to box them in, you’ll find that this is the kind of stuff I was recommending to friends from Jade Tree Records long ago. There’s a prowess here that is evident, with singing, piano, drums, and elemental sound.

Lore City creates a kaleidoscope of music that can be quite cerebral at times, and translucent at others. I know what they are doing, as a musician and a music fan, but yet they surprise me, the layers, the emotion, the thought process, all works so well here. Stand out tracks include “Gone Past”, “Hush”, “Glitter on the Garbage”, and “Big Intersections”.

This is definitely a unique, and transcendent record. “Kill Your Dreams” may be ahead of its time, because many won’t connect the dots that I have to try and explain this. But then again, isn’t that always the case with genius? Sometimes you just can’t explain it. Just listen to the record, chances are you’re going to love it. I know I did, do, or something. My vocabulary isn’t doing so hot these days, back to the dictionary I go.

You can learn more about Lore City via their Twitter here, Facebook here, and Their Official website here.

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