Monday, September 29, 2014

Arjun Puts On A Musical Clinic With The Release of Core

I admit, I have been through the wringer lately. Traveling across the country, my car breaking down, and missing my sister’s wedding all happened in the last few days. I felt terrible, and another thing I forgot was to review Arjun’s latest release sooner. I’m kicking myself hard right now because this is an album that should’ve been up and reviewed a lot sooner. All that aside, Arjun’s latest record “Core” blew me away within 30 seconds. The first song “Rocks” is perhaps one of the most solid instrumental songs I’ve heard in a long time. I love instrumental rock music, but this is on par with some of the best ever played. It’s well conceptualized it’s perfectly played, and brings together a certain jazz quality through every change of sound design. It rocks hard, but it does so with such a precise and exclusively unique manner. It goes from rock, metal, jazz, and even a bit of reggae bass, all without leaving you hanging, and it’s a perfect start to what I call a perfect record.

You really get a feel for what Arjun is doing by track 3, and you start to wonder where you’ve been all this time. The songs are all structured so well, and create a lavish display of rock and jazz sound. It’s guitar driven, heavy at times, and plays on the heels of orchestral and iconic rock sound. This is perfection, mixing all the rock sounds you could want, without spoiling anything. Arjun finds a way to create melody where you would not think to find it, and they do so with such a masterful union of sounds. I love the way they can build to stellar solos, and drive the bass lines through several locations on the fret board. As a bass player, I loved the strong bass notes, but let’s not forget the other parts. Precision drumming, and a guitar sound that is going to put your favorite band to shame.

On “Lavalust” you’re going to drop your jaw, as the bass line comes in to hit you in the head with awesome sound. The drum and bass on this track alone should compel you to pick up this iconic record as it is one hell of a tune. It’s this type of unique, quality rock sound that is missing from popular music today. Arjun put on a clinic, and you’re going to be floored by how they come through their sound. I for one am amazed, and I know you will be too. No joke, these guys are on top of their game, impressive release.

You can check out more music from Arjun by going to their official site here, checking their twitter here, Facebook here, and the YouTube video below.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Billy Roberts and The Rough Riders Punch In One Country Rock Classic

Storytelling and music go hand in hand, especially when dealing with country music. Billy Roberts and The Rough Riders take that to a whole new level on their latest release, “The Last of the Originals”. From the opening lines and singing on this record, through some stand out tracks, you are going to be floored by the way things open up to tell you about a new world of ideas. This is not your grandfather’s country music, and it’s not what you hear on the radio, this is true storytelling and it’s done with such a flair, that you’re going to be kicking yourself for not listening to this sooner.

The record starts out with a great rocking feel on “Mrs Jones” and it doesn’t let up. There’s a slight twang here and there, but for the most part, this is a rock record with country roots throughout. The storytelling really changes everything here and it’s something that you’re going to absolutely love when you listen up. The lyrics really compliment the song’s structures and gives you a good feel for what very well may become your favorite record up to this point.

With “The Last of the Originals” you get a little bit of every type of country style. You even get a bit of blues guitar here and there, and you get good solo work, and elements that will make you feel like you’re listening to a much more complex record. As you take on each track, you’ll start to get a sense for a good sense of lyrical elements, some of which are so vivid that you may think you’re seeing a movie play out.

Some of the stand out tracks include, “My Baby Gone Cold”, “With You”, “No More Mr Nice Guy”, “I Was Young”, and “Red Head Baby”. This is a serious alternative record, and I only say that because I don’t think it should be lumped into just one genre. There’s good guitar work, good lyrics, and great attention to minor details that you will find with more than just one genre. I love it, and recommend it to anyone that is looking for new music.

Check out more information on this band via their official website here.

Daniel Angelus Creates a Tight Atmospheric Record With Dream Pop

Daniel Angelus, one half of Surrender Hearts, has unleashed one of the most atmospheric records I’ve heard in a long time. The EP is called “Dream Pop” and it takes notes from a lot of bands, and artists, but it’s truly its own. It’s a complex electronic debut that takes layers upon layers to work within. You’ll listen to it and pick up on a lot. You will not be able to take this straight through, you will need to rewind and listen to the tracks again and again to pick up on all the little things that are being pushed in your ears. It’s like a cloud of music comes through and blinds you, only to play on your ears and create something grand.

It’s with the track “Touched By The Death” that the EP really starts to shine, even though the opening track is a good one as well. However, it’s within the scope of the second track that I’m brought back to different times. You play this and close your eyes, thinking about your past and you start to see a cinemascope play forward. I for one saw my own past, a past full of life, death, and new beginnings push through while the track played on. It was at the 1 minute mark that this really pushed me to all new levels, and it’s a highlight of what Angelus does on the record. It makes you dream, it’s special, it pulls at your heart and begs for reflection.

As a whole, “Dream Pop” is a perfect EP for me. It’s on par with Crosses, and even some Deftones, but not the heavy tracks. This is something that you’re going to want to listen to often, as it is defiant, iconic, impressive. It’s orchestral, it’s atmospheric, it plays on pop, it plays on rock, it is soft, it’s heartfelt and so special, you have to listen to this one for sure.

You'll want to check this record out, and listen for what very well may be your next favorite record, I love it. Check it out here.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Gliceryn Brings Forth A Dynamic Rock Sound Worth Paying Attention To

If you turn on alternative radio, you’re going to get hit with a lot of electronic music and dance hits. What happened to rock? Gliceryn pushes out the trends and instead, brings forth a rock sound that is well placed in the alternative scenes that made Seattle’s sound of the 90s takeover what glam rock was destroying. The band has put together an initial showing that is all over the map, and they cut their teeth on a rock sound that is not being played often on radio, and should.

What you first get from Gliceryn when you hear them is the strong backing of the band’s hard, dirty rock sound. No, this isn’t just fuzz and noise for the sake of it, it’s tight, it’s well produced and it brings through that rock and roll sound that you’ve been missing. They work well together to form a unifying front of noise that comes through as high quality. Their initial offering “Deadbeat” is one that should punch you hard, and flow through the rest of their tracks right now.

Through “Pure”, “Colour”, and “Borderline”, you get touched with several elements of rock music that is somewhat reminiscent of Pearl Jam’s early experimentation with rock sound. They aren’t confined to just one genre here, they are working through several sounds and all rock with no pretense. The quality of the tracks and the lyrical distribution is definitely something that reminds me of Mother Love Bone at times, but is far more rooted in modern rock sounds.

As a whole, the band is doing something grand and should be poised to get into the face of the mainstream in a matter of time. If you love rock music, you have to check out Gliceryn and what they are doing. The Seattle rock sound they’re pushing is well worth exploring and I for one am excited to hear from the band.

Check out the band’s music via Reverbnation here, check out Facebook here, and their official website here.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Roxanna Paints Beautiful Pictures With Her Vocals on Exotica

Roxanna is an artist I caught up with through the release of “Exotica” and I’m flabbergasted. How did I not hear about her before? She has released one of the infest records here, and her vocals are second to none. They are sultry, they fill the room with emotion, and they focus on so many layers that I had to stop writing for a moment to just get lost in the words. Love, passion, loss, dreams, art, and so much more cycle through with the songs that you hear on this recording. You will not find a dull moment here, or a wasted note. There’s just so much passion that comes through with the songs, and it’s really something operatic at times.

I loved the flow of the tracks, and the starting point “Only You” got me hooked. I love female vocalists, but there was something that Roxanna does on this record that really shines beyond my favorites. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but she figures out a way to connect with me on a visceral level. That connection is what makes music so worthwhile, so eclectic, so magnificent overall. It’s a beautiful thing and the tracks point to that every time.

Perhaps my favorite track is “El Amor”, which is a Spanish language track that had me really longing for a passion, kiss, something that is written in novels, shown in movies, and is not always real life. Sure there are moments, but not like the descriptions and ideas that are painted through the song.

What you get with the release of “Exotica” is 15 tracks of beautifully painted artistry. The record is by far one of the best I’ve heard in a while. It transitions from various types of music, and really punches in a wonderful, soulful balance. I’m recommending this to anyone that loves female vocalists, especially those that have a wide range of notes, and beautiful, poetic, songs.

You can pick up this record via amazon here, and I highly recommend it.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blood Sugar Summer Brings Out Quite The Painting on The Most Photographed Woman On The Planet

Blood Sugar Summer unleashes one of the most opulent tracks with the release of the “The Most Photographed Woman On The Planet”, and it’s completely awe inspiring. This epic track is going to completely floor you. You’re going to find that the lyrics are compelling, and draw you in. They paint you a picture of beauty, vanity, and loss. The song structure is very much synth, pop, and somewhat gothic in feel, and it just focuses on movement forward. It’s orchestral in a way, and it blends together in such a manner that is just absolutely intriguing.

You will definitely find yourself listening to this song over and over again, trying to capture the essence of what is there. Blood Sugar Summer creates such a spectacular movement here that it’s hard to really categorize them in one area. They found a way to blend synth and goth rock into a very eclectic manner that you will have a hard time not liking. It’s a track that has many layers and builds into something absolutely stunning to say the least.

“The Most Photographed Woman On The Planet”, is by far one of the most interesting tracks that I’ve heard in a while. It has so much going for it, and the band is definitely going places too. If you have a moment, you have to check out this song, it’s going to give you shivers.

You can listen to Blood Sugar Summer via their soundcloud page here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Marques Robinson Dances Through An Intricately Designed Track on Ruins

The minute I heard trumpet, I was sold. I love trumpets, it’s one of my weaknesses as a music lover. Good trumpet and melodies are great, and what you get with the track “Ruins” from Marques Robinson is beautiful. You are given a glimpse into the mind of an artist that knows how to put together something outstanding. You are treated to over a minute of nice melodious tuning, and layers, and then something moves ahead, presenting you with even more to the soul of the song.

This powerful instrumental completely floors you by the second minute as it starts to unravel a story that will definitely be presented in your mind. The way the trumpet flows with the rest of the elements is exquisite and will definitely give you a rush of adrenaline. I love the combination of guitar sounds and trumpet elements mixed with the overall band sound that you get on the track. It’s really a highlight of a track, featuring a lot of well-timed moments.

If you’re looking for something new to listen to, and you love instrumentals, here is one that is going to shock you. It mixes several elements of rock, jazz, and more. It’s really a cool track and one that I definitely love. It has so many layers, it’s hard to really put a finger on this one, I love it. You will love it too if you just listen to it. Marques Robinson is like a pied piper here, creating something that certainly pulled me away from my work and made me close my eyes. Listen to “Ruins” and you too will see visions.

Listen to the track Ruins by clicking here, check out Marques' facebook page here, follow on twitter here, and check out his official page here.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Figures of Light Leave Her Alone Single Surfs Through Your Ears

Figures of Light is definitely more prolific than your favorite band. I suggest you make the switch because the guys in Figures of Light are going to give you an incredible amount of energy with each release, and creativity that is unparalleled in the music world right now. With the release of their latest record “Leave Her Alone”, the single gives you 2 tracks of guitar riffing and stellar creativity that will get you pumped. It’s the type of single that you would expect from one of those 7” records that your big brother probably has in his room.

“Leave Her Alone” comes through with a good guitar track that is definitely heavy on the surf. It’s a heavier surf sound that makes the song really shine. The second track “Dreams of the Past” also works well, pushing heavy on the riffing and eclectic, dynamic surf vibe. It’s not just surf alone, it’s really rocking with solo work that is second to none. It really is a heavy, dynamic track that stands as one of the coolest tracks that Figures of Light has released thus far. The melodies on each track alone are worth listening to, and will definitely punch up a good sense of enjoyment.

If you’re looking for new music, and want to get something unique in your ears, I recommend checking out the latest from Figures of Light, “Leave Her Alone”, is a sonic boom of cool, if I do say so myself. Check out the cut below, and then pick up the record via today.

Figures of Light - Leave Her Alone (with Stuart Pendergast) from Figures of Light Archive on Vimeo.
Figures of Light was an American music band founded in 1970, which disbanded in 2015. This channel features some of their videos as a permanent archive. Check out our website at

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Phillip Presswood Creates An Transcendent Pop Orchestral Sound That Must Be Heard

Phillip Presswood creates music that is absolutely different than what you may expect from artists today. It’s pop, but not in a traditional sense. There’s an orchestral sound that comes through the music, and when the vocals come in, you get a sense of a greater genre, one that is transcendent. It’s easy to peg this as one thing, but there’s so much complexity here, it’s quite fascinating. You’ll find that the prolific artist has created a number of records, and songs that all capture the emotion and raw power of music at the core, and then unleash an artistic spin that is missing from a lot of today’s music.

It’s with “At The Water’s Edge” that you first get a glimpse of the power of Phillip Presswood’s production quality. The track comes from “Beauty For Ashes”, his latest record coming soon. It’s a viscerally charged track that will absolutely floor you with a sense of musical integrity and composition that is just vital to your ears. I found it had moments of great power, presence, and a classical touch that really envelopes your soul. There’s an angelic notion to this, and something that I had to listen to several times because of the high quality nature of the composition. It’s like going to church, but without the pretense, and I for one love it.

You can compare the songs and focus to that of Enya, but there’s something that flows a bit differently here. I found that there’s something intangible that makes the music travel through your ears and give you visions of beauty and more. It’s an iconic type of sound, and just flows so well. It’s hard to put Phillip Presswood’s music in one box or genre, and that’s what really pushes through here. When you sit and listen to the tracks, you will find a stellar arrangement, introspective lyrics, and brush strokes of a musical nature. It’s compelling, and that’s all you need to know. Listen up and see why this very well may be your new favorite artist.

Check out Phillip Presswood’s official website here, and make sure that you check out the sample below. It’s a refreshing take on music, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Figures of Light Greatest Hits Give You More Bang For Your Buck

Who said music is expensive? Figures of Light unleashes 20 tracks of pure gold on their greatest hits record. I for one am impressed that they are letting this all go for so cheap, as it is definitely worth a lot more. What you get is 52 minutes of non-stop protopunk glory. You get a taste of all the best tracks from the band and you’ll find that it is a perfect gift for those that haven’t heard of the band’s work yet. They dig through some of the highlights of their records to bring out a glorious edition in one release.

From the opening track of “Buy Before You Die”, through the iconic hits of “Killers From Space”, “Too Many Bills, Not Enough Thrills”, “I give Up”, and their electronic stuff, you’re going to have a lot to listen to here. If you have an hour of time, put this on and boogie. This is definitely a good track listing of songs, with something for everyone to enjoy. You even get some of the mixes from their newer records.

At the end of the day, when you order the Figures of Light greatest hits disc, you’re going to be investing in a lot of music. It’s like a history lesson of punk rock music. You will be hard pressed to find another collection from a punk band that can match this release. For the price, and the track listing, you are getting something that is definitely worth a lot of money.

Some of my personal favorite tracks are on here, and for that reason alone I recommend it. From instrumentals, to garage pop, surf rock, and electronic music, this release is not going to let you have a moment’s rest. I love it.

Get the Figures of Light greatest hits disc here via amazon, and check out a choice cut below.

Figures of Light - Killers from Space (Lyrics Video) from Figures of Light Archive on Vimeo.
Figures of Light was an American music band founded in 1970, which disbanded in 2015. This channel features some of their videos as a permanent archive. Check out our website at

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A&L Push One Rocking Tune With Get Me A Drink

The song “Get Me A Drink” recently came on my radar and it’s one great track. The duo here put together an excellent song that really puts you in a party mood. The vocal style hits you hard and the rock guitars and drumming really elevate this to all new levels. You’ll find that production is solid, the song is rocking, and there’s plenty to love for everyone that loves music. The hard working duo is definitely poignant here as you get the full scope of the song. By the time the song goes into a guitar solo, you’re pumped and ready to get to a bar or club and get some dancing on.

The duo here is made up of Anthony Casuccio and Lana Marie, both of which are veterans of the music scene. You’ll find that the combined experience here gives you a rocking song with a lot of great things to appreciate. There’s a rock progression here but also a simplicity to the melodies that work well. The hard rock tone mixes well with a modern country, blue collar, work load that is presented through the lyrics and sonic buzz that comes forward.

Overall, the tune “Get Me A Drink” hits you hard, and as the work day closes it will be your new anthem. A and L definitely push a forward progression here and something that is going to stick with you. I like the tune, you’ll like it too, and after a long hard day, rightfully so, right?

Check out this song on Itunes here, and make sure that you look into more tunes from this duo coming soon. This is a rocking song!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Figures of Light Pound Through 4 Mixes of Electronic Glory With The Open Door

Figures of Light always surprises me. They continually transcend genres, and don’t want to be put into a box. Every release they unleash on the masses has something new to say, and features a different style. Instead of just being a punk band, garage rockers, or any other formulaic artist, they take the rule book and shove it in a meat grinder. What comes out is genius, and the electronic music they have released with “The Open Door” is going to punch you in the mouth if you’re not paying attention.

The starting track leads you through a simplistic opening, and then drops you into an abyss of techno mastery. “The Open Door (For Lou Reed)” features DJ Chrisz (on all tracks) and gives you an introduction to what’s to come. Imagine a roller coasters steady progression up to the highest peak and the calm before it drops you into freefall, and you get this track. It’s a starting point that builds slowly and calms you a bit before you inevitably move into what will cause you to wake up.

“It’s a Scream” gets 2 different mixes here, and the last track “Bangin’ (Ultra Hardcore Mix) is a triumph of electronic music, fueled by punk ethos and a video game soundtrack from the 1990s. I’m reminded of the many wasted hours I played Quake 2 instead of doing my homework, and it’s awesome. I may just load up a few rounds of Quake just because.

This 4 track release from Figures of Light is pulse pounding, eclectic, and sure to bring you to a new existence of music appreciation. If you haven’t figured it out yet, then this will give you yet another chapter in what very well may be the most prolific, and genius band to ever hit the musical landscape.

Here's a taste of the journey upwards to the peak of Everest before you're let go into a landscape of frenetic energy. Learn more via Figures of Light's official website here.

Check out this killer track below: Figures of Light - It’s A Scream (Halloween Mix with DJ Chrisz)

Figures of Light - It's A Scream (Halloween Mix with DJ Chrisz) from Wheeler Winston Dixon on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

JP Kallio Creates A Simple Story With Each Song on Tell My Darling

There is a simplicity to the music that J.P. Kallio emerges with on his latest release “Tell My Darling”. The lyrics create a grand display, but the music is toned down, simple, and yet there’s a slow dichotomy, one that is complex in nature. The duality of complexity in imagery and musical inspiration collides to make a fascinating end result. I love the lines in the songs, including the track “They Don’t Make Them Anymore Like That”, as it is a stand out track that speaks volumes. The toned down nature of this record is introspective, almost like a worship album, tribute to art, it’s intriguing as you unravel the album as a whole.

It’s on “Soul” that you have to turn up your speakers and really pay attention. The subtlety of the intro mixed with the moving lyrics begin to paint you the picture of a larger scale. It’s masterful in the way it’s presented, comes through to showcase the talent of J.P. Kallio’s guitar work, and melodies. This song truly magnifies the “Tell My Darling” album as a whole, and it really is something that has much more than to offer than the sum of its parts. If you have a poetic bone in your body, you’ll appreciate this track a great deal. As the album progresses, you are treated to more acoustic songs with a mix of instruments that will heal the soul in many ways. I can truly appreciate this work, and while it has a country tone at times, it crosses over into acoustic rock and even pop at times. It’s seamless in that transition, and something that is definitely a strength to the record.

Overall, J.P. Kallio invites you on a journey, one that is full of life, love, loss, and introspective lyrics. There are moments when you are there with him, hearing him sing you a song, tell you a story, and create a masterpiece of emotion. It hits you hard, if you pay attention. It’s a good record, one that deserves a lot of attention. As a whole, “Tell My Darling” is a full and impactful record, and something that is definitely going to be loved by his fans, and new comers alike. Listen up, this is a good one, I like it, I recommend it.

Keep up with J.P. Kallio on his official website here, and support this very interesting and powerful artist.

Skip Martin Lights Up Your Speakers With Can You Whine

It took me a few seconds before I blasted my speakers to “Can You Whine (feat. Galaxxy Quuen and Prince Ama)” as it is one of the most compelling mixes I’ve heard in a long time. Skip Martin breaks up the monotony of music with this incredible track of reggae, pop, and dance mixed into an incredible sound. You cannot listen to this song without turning up your subwoofer as it explodes with an infusion of sounds that you are going to absolutely love.

The bass on this release is going to hit you hard, and the fast flow that you hear from Skip Martin is going to impress. The whole track just has a lot of different points, and if you watch the video, I dare you not to dance. I laughed hard, and then danced a bit for my cats. This is one of those songs that is going to make you laugh, it’s going to make you turn it up and you’re going to keep on asking “Can you whine?”. “Can You Whine (feat. Galaxxy Quuen and Prince Ama)” is my favorite reggae mix to date. I know, I love ska, I love traditional dub, but this is a mix of genres that just makes me love the modern genre mixes that keep coming through.

What are you waiting for? Get this track, listen to it, turn up your speakers, make some noise, dance, and be happy. Skip Martin, you get my biggest recommendation on this track, it’s awesome. I love it, if you love music, dancing, and just being care free, here is your chance to make some noise and have some fun. It’s a great song.

You can pick up the song via amazon here, get it on itunes here, follow via twitter here, and facebook here. Oh and below is the music video, so get moving!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Ashes of Luna Present One of The Better Atmospheric Rock Bands With SI – 963 Hz

When you think atmospheric rock, you immediately think bands like Dio or Dragonforce, but Ashes of Luna is going to change that for you. They play a brand of rock that is both metallic in nature, but doesn’t limit the appeal by going in one direction or genre. With the release of “SI – 963 Hz” you are treated to one of the finer independent records in the alternative scope of music. It’s heavy, it’s pretty, it’s layered, and it will knock you on your butt if you’re not paying attention.

What surprises you immediately is the layered approach to the Ashes of Luna sound. There’s a lot going on and it’s not limiting at all. You get a symphonic introduction to the record, and then on comes the rock guitars and percussion. The vocal styling is solid, with good overall tones and you are never left out of the picture. Storytelling and musical integration is the name of the game here, and you are treated to a lavish display of glorious timing and precision playing.

This is not metal, so don’t get the complexity mixed up, and at the same time, don’t assume that it’s not hard rock either. There’s elements for every music fan here, and that’s perhaps the biggest strength that “SI – 963 Hz” has as an album. It’s track after track of multiple layers of rock fusion, and it never lets up. Once you start listening to this, you’re going to want to buckle in for a ride. It’s really a compelling mix of songs and structured to really get your mind’s eye focused on dreams. Close your eyes, and turn this up, you’ll swear you’re floating through time and space at times. This is a roller coaster of a record, and one that plays well as a whole, not in pieces. Don’t limit yourself to singles, put this on and pay close attention to all the elements found within the work that Ashes of Luna presents on the album.

This record is powerful, it’s melodic, it’s introspective, it has life and that’s the mark of a good band. Check out more from Ashes of Luna via their facebook here, and listen via Soundcloud here, and check out what very well may be the best atmospheric rock band I've heard in a long time.

The Swavy One Flows Through One of The Smoothest Hip Hop Singles Ever

I’ve listened to a lot of hip hop tracks, and a lot of rappers try to get a flow as smooth as butter, but most of them are lackluster. The Swavy One comes through correct and drops one of the most eclectic and compelling hip hop song I’ve heard in a long time. It’s smooth, the flows seem easy for the rapper as he goes through several themes fast, and within the beats of an isolated track of beats. The looping is classic, the song just keeps a good stride before you get hit with a chorus that makes you get up out of your chair and start to, well, “Bounce”.

The Swavy One is talented on this track he spits an interesting flow, and delights with spelling out what his ideas are through hot rhymes, clean pronunciation and instructions that should make you, well, “Bounce”. (See what I Did there?) It’s rare for me to be so delighted by a hip hop single, but this is definitely one of the better options I’ve heard in a long time. It’s smooth, it’s well written, and the hook is delightful. I turned this song on full blast at home, woke up my cat Ronnie and definitely wished I was in my dropped 64’ Impala. It’s got bass, it has beats, it’s one of the best songs I’ve heard in a minute.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m all hype? I dare you to listen to “Bounce” and not get it stuck in your head. It took me a minute before I was singing along to the chorus, so there. This is a hot track, and should get The Swavy One to the top of the game, this is great. Listen to “Bounce” here, pick it up via Itunes here, look for it on amazon.

Oh and check out the official The Swavy One website here, follow on Twitter here, and pay attention, this is one rapper you don’t want to miss out on.

The Electrets Put On A Punk Rock Inspired Showcase On The Release of Misfit

In my world of music, you either have something good or you don’t. I know I highlight a lot of the good on this site, but that’s only because I have chosen not to talk about bands that I dislike or hate. I did that in the past, and those articles serve no purpose, so when I find a band that is worth listening to, I jump forward and praise them for their work. That’s exactly what I’m doing with The Electrets. Their release of “Misfit” completely floored me, and I’m so surprised that I haven’t heard of these ladies and their incredible punk rock noise. They have a certain intangible that I used to look for when I had my record label back in 2001. The band puts together all the elements that made The Ramones and even The Huntingtons shock with awesome rocking tunes.

On the EP, The Electrets put on a showcase of talent and it’s not just the same old Ramones style rock, it’s something more. You get keyboards at times, you get awesome solos, and a certain horror movie quality to the lyrics. I am reminded of The Misfits at times, but with a crunch that makes this unique, and really not categorized in just one genre. I love the tracks, they fit the motif quite well and everything is played up to perfection. The crunch of the guitars, the percussion that comes through, and the bass lines that make me miss my old bass guitar (RIP Winnie). “Elephant In The Room” is a stand out track, but it’s “Misfit” that really hit me hardest, pushing that punk rock ethos in my face and forcing me to stop picking my ear with a pen. (a bad habit, I know)

For all intents and purposes this record is a solid outing, and it’s one of my favorites to come out in recent years. There’s a garage rock, punk, and alternative fusion happening. I love the way that this record can be dark, but in an old school Frankenstein type of way. It’s only 6 tracks, but I want more, and I truly believe this can very well become your next favorite band. There’s so much talent here, and so much to adore. This is a record that should get The Electrets famous, and I am glad to have heard them before they are on tour with Rancid or something. They don’t have the edge of The Distillers, but they don’t need it, they’re punk rock, they’re rock, they’re awesome. True fans of the genre will find this to be in the same category of early Ramones, The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, and so many others. I am not sure I can stop listening to “Misfit” it’s such a cool record. I’m in love, must see these guys live, you must see them, support them, I wish I had a bigger voice to get these guys more attention.

Check out the band’s music via Soundcloud here, check out their facebook page here, and watch out for my twitter admirations that I will be throwing their way. Stop reading, and start listening, I have a new favorite band right now. Oh and go to itunes here, and keep track of them.

Grit Harbour Presents The Best Recording I’ve Heard This Year So Far

Through this year I have listened to a lot of music. You can check my link to see just how many different albums, songs and records I’ve listened to, and amidst all of that noise, I’m always surprised with the next big thing. As such, Grit Harbour gets my “best of” vote today, and for 2014 so far. Their recordings that I heard today are impeccable, timed well, and pushed with a certain design that I can’t really describe in a simple sentence.

As a teenager, I bought every record from Jade Tree and Deep Elm, I listened to everything. I had the whole Tooth and Nail Records catalog, and this band’s latest record fits within that world. You are going to find that this is the kind of independent release that speaks volumes to the genre of alternative, indie, and even pop at times. The first thing you hear, “On A Quiet Roof” is evidence enough to get you thinking about better days. For me it took me back to my years in Seattle, where I seemed to have a semblance of happiness, before my divorce, before my depression caught me with a cup of coffee and a pack of cigarettes in Los Angeles. It’s this kind of poetic fusion of musical instruments, lyrics, and soul that you have to listen to, it’s powerful.

There’s a balance that is struggling to become isolated, a chaos that is controlled through the 11 tracks that come through on Grit Harbour’s soundcloud site. It’s this type of musical integrity that I wish I could sign to my record label from the past. If I had a record label today, I’d pick up these guys and put out their next record, and send them on tour. They mix genres, they know how to create a lavish independent rock sound, and they do so with so many different layers of noise. The chaos can be a bit overwhelming, and that’s the independent side of recording and mastering, but that doesn’t matter, there’s so much going on here.

I can truly say that this is the best music I’ve heard in a long time. I love it. I like the discord, I like the simplicity at times, I like the rock guitars at times, the acoustic elements, the percussion, and the way things flow naturally. Nothing feels forced to me. I like this, and you will like it too, or so I hope.

Check out Grit Harbour’s facebook page here, or soundcloud here and listen to 11 tracks of eclectic alternative rock and roll music.
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