Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nevermind Colbie Caillat Here Comes Electrets With Try

Terrible title, aside, “Try” is the latest single from Electrets and guess what? It’s amazing. I’m not a fan of Caillat, but I am a fan of this punk rock cover that absolutely blows me away. I threw this on and immediately was floored by the semi sonic sound coming through my Marshall. (yeah I have a Marshall rig for my music) I don’t need to sell you on this do I? You have ears, so let them hear the magic of this cover. I truly think this band has something special. If I still had my record label, I’d sign them, and send them on the road to punk rock celebrity status. Listen to the track, and wake up from your music slumber.

Check out more from this band by hitting their Sound Cloud page here. Also, remember I talked about them before Right HERE cause they're rad and that's that.

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