Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fey Unleash A Hard Rock Introduction With Experimental Flavor With Bye Bipolar

The power of the Deftones, the intensity of Poison the Well, and the precise elements that made Chevelle so good are all filtered into a whole new presentation with the release of “Bye Bipolar” from the band Fey. The Canadian band unleashes 7 tracks of experimental hard rock that is a breath of fresh air in a genre that is somewhat boring at times. There’s a lot to listen to here and it’s going to punch you in the throat if you aren’t paying attention. Things really start to go crazy with “Rent Free” as the ending minute will completely shake your computer and headphones.

The promise of a record that sounds like Glassjaw is what you’re going to get here, because that’s what I got at first, but you know what? Fey seems to come into their own element on this one, and perhaps that’s the thing that you’ll takeaway. Comparisons aside, the band has found a voice that is very much welcomed in regards to hard music. It’s not quite hardcore, it’s not quite metal, but it has elements of all different areas, and it creates a lavish landscape before disrupting everything with chaos. It’s smooth, transitional, experimental, and downright a solid record that you’re not going to be able to stop listening to.

In hard music, there’s so much cookie cutter that you’ll get bored fast, but that’s not what is presented here. Fey finds a way to entice you on every track, separating themselves from what you could call hard rock, and introduces you piece by piece to something altogether new, and refreshing. The stand out tracks include “Rent Free”, “Replaceable History”, “Zero One”, and “Compass”, but with the 7 tracks, you get a full view of what the band is doing so well.

If you like the aforementioned bands, if you like hard music, then you’re going to find “Bye Bipolar” to be one of the best records to come through this year. It’s a solid masterpiece of musical integrity and definitely one of the better hard records I’ve heard in a while. It flows through several emotional connections, several genres, and at the end of the day, brings to the table nothing short of an instant classic.

Check out the record from Fey via Bandcamp here, and don’t miss this one, it’s a gem of post-hardcore, hard rock experimental glory.

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