Monday, June 23, 2014

Mark Morrison Brings Forth A Powerful Single on 2Morrow

Mark Morrison’s latest single pushes the boundaries of hip and R and B with one of the best singles I’ve heard in a long time. Morrison’s vocals are as bold as ever, and are paired with Erene, Devlin, and Crooked I. He brings about an inspirational push here, and it’s something that is going to be an anthem for those that need a push in esteem and confidence because the lyrical content is uplifting and unique.

From the opening beats through the midsection of this track, you are treated to a myriad of styles with a flair for the beauty and grace that comes through on the lyrical vision that is given to the listener. Around the two minute point this track truly gets incredible and brings about a fusion of hip hop and R and B that works on a lot of levels. The rapped verse brings an incredible point, and you truly get roped into the whole thing.

Another verse comes in at around the three minute mark and you seriously start to bounce. The lyrical balance here becomes a mainstay and it fits so well here. This mixed with the Morrison signature, and the continual layering of the beats makes this an iconic, impactful song that will stay with you no matter what you’re going through. This should get Morrison a great deal of recognition as it is truly a powerful, on point song of epic proportions. You gotta listen to it, once, twice, maybe even more, it’s my jam right now, that’s for sure. Be sure to pick this up on Aug 18th via iTunes, it's a solid hit.

Check out the song below:

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