Jason Mark Yates Mixes Folk With Pop Sensibilities In Beautiful Compositions

Jason Mark yates is a singer and songwriter that does both things in a very eclectic way. He does so through the union of poetry and music, unlike what you would expect. Mixing elements from the 1980s and fusing emotional connections through lyricism and steady melody, Yates introduces the listener to a cycle of different moments that truly are captivating.

When you listen to some of his songs, you truly get different layers of sound, and style, mixed into his vocal style and musical steps. This is most evident in his UK Songwriting Contest Finalist song, “Reachin Out” which blends the power of David Bowie and adds U2 flavor to a steadier and heart felt song that is neither one of the two but rather something altogether unique. It’s this incredible attention to both sound and lyrical design that compels me and every other music fan to listen to music in the first place.

On other tracks like, “The Answer is You”, and “Curse The Moon” represent a much more soft side, and differentiate themselves from the previous sounds with more melody and softer tone. The guitar work bridges the gap between words and sentiments, and really dives into a much broader spectrum of ideals. It’s really an introspective solution to songwriting and one that is definitely grand. Think Pedro The Lion, but with a simpler manner at times, and a voice that carries notes just as well as they can emotional connections.

Jason Mark Yates really does a good job putting together different elements and coming out with something exquisite. To find out more about his work, music, and what makes him such an interesting artist, check out his official website, by clicking here.

Check out the song "Reachin Out" below:


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