Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sono Vero Fuses Reggae With Melodic Style on The Release of Their Roses are Reckless EP

When it comes to reggae and ska, I’ve listened to it all. I’ve heard good and I’ve heard terrible, and whenever a band claims they are playing this style of music, I get a bit nervous. Sono Vero, however, completely floored me. They are solid, well produced, and know how to fuse the best parts of rock, ska, and reggae to follow through on the traditional but put their own unique spin on it. This is exactly the kind of power that Sublime was able to call upon, and the same kind of influence that Dirty Heads are doing on KROQ. However, Sono Vero is doing it differently, they have a certain intangible quality that makes this release shine among the others on the market today. “Roses are Reckless” represents the finest fusion of modern rock, reggae, and melody I’ve heard in a LONG time.

The band has been getting serious airplay, and has been getting requested on radio today. The hip hop portion of this band is clean, amidst the island sound, which is definitely a highlight of the record. The soul of the sound is so much deeper than the genres that they are pushing, which is something that I definitely appreciate. This is “feel good” music, and it’s done with such precision and style, that you swear you’ve heard this before, but it’s all new. The group really scores on this release, and it’s easy to see why so many are falling in love with this eclectic blend.

Just when you think you’ve gotten the best of the group, they pull out a track on the EP that completely changes things up. “Back and Forth” is that track for me, and really is one of the better mixes of reggae I’ve heard in a while. The 5 track release is stunning and powerful, it’s solid, and it doesn’t pull punches. This isn’t a bait and switch, this is fully influenced alternative, reggae, island, hip hop, that is done with a very careful measurement. They take time to ease you into things, and don’t hit you over the head with the style. I love the way it is presented, and while it’s only 5 songs, it sure feels like it’s more.

I can’t wait to see what Sono Vero has coming up. They are truly influential here, and are going to stun you. “Roses For The Reckless” is by far my favorite reggae/ska album released thus far this year. It may not have heavy horn sections, but the bass lines, keys, and vocals will make up for any detractors out there. I love it. You’ll love it too, so check it out.

You can listen to Sono Vero on their soundcloud page here. You can learn more on their official website here, check out their photo updates on instagram here, follow them on twitter here, and check out their Youtube page here.

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