Tuesday, November 10, 2015

50 Minutes of Bad Religion History Was Put Out On All Ages

Back when I used to buy compact discs at the mall, I begged my stepfather to hook me up with a few discs. The Sam Goody in the mall was having a killer sale. Their sale was simple, buy 5 get 5 free! That’s 10 total discs, and my stepdad saw that as a way to bolster the collection for his brand new truck. So he went all out and bought 20. That’s 10 free discs, and 10 for each of us. That’s where my collection grew by leaps and bounds. One of the last discs that I picked up that day was none other than “All Ages” by Bad Religion. This record goes back to 1995 and it features a lot of really cool songs on it, which serves to be a “history” of Bad Religion on Epitaph records. If you happen to come across a friend that hasn’t heard of the band, or just isn’t into punk, play them this 50-minute blockbuster, and you’ll convert them quick.

With “All Ages” you get a lot of tracks from the band, and it’s all from their releases on Epitaph. Some of their biggest songs are on here, and if you aren’t familiar with the band, then this is the record that you need to pick up today. There are 21 tracks on this, and it came out right before “The Gray Race” came through the major label that the band signed on. If you get the special edition version, you can get a couple of extra live tracks. This is a 50-minute introduction to the band, and it’s amazing. Some of the best songs ever are on here.

Ok, I’m pushing this a bit, but if you’re going to buy “one” Bad Religion record, and that’s it, here you go. The stand out tracks include, “Modern Man, “The Answer”, “Flat Earth Society”, “Against The Grain”, “Generator”, “Suffer”, “Faith Alone”, “No Control”, “21st Century Digital Boy”, “Atomic Garden”, “Sanity”, “Walk Away”, and so much more. This is one record that I keep spinning all the time, and it will one day crack and I’ll buy a new one.

Ever since I picked this up in 1995, I have been a huge fan of the band. My fondest memory of this record came in Seattle. In 2008 at El Corazon, I was able to see Bad Religion play live for $20. They put on a 2-hour marathon of music that I will never forget. If you’re not familiar with the venue, it’s a small place that can only fit like 200 – 300 people max, or maybe a bit more, I’m not sure. It’s small, like Pizza Hut small. Anyways, this is a great release, with a ton of punk rock for you to listen to.

If you have yet to listen to Bad Religion, or you just aren’t sure where to start, pick up “All Ages” by clicking here.

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