Monday, August 19, 2019

Mxpx Aces Up

The opening lines from the track “Aces Up” reverberates for me a great deal. “If you push yourself away from everyone you know, how do you expect relationships to grow”, and it’s very true. I think about that right now as I type this because I’m going to get a divorce. There’s no happy ever after, there’s just a disaster that I’m facing off against. The song continues to remind us that life doesn’t just deal aces, and that we have to play the cards we are dealt.

Mxpx released this song as part of their record, “Plans Within Plans” which was put out in 2012, and it’s one of the better tracks from that release. The band’s frenetic punk rock style comes through with melody, and the positivity that comes through is quite good, making your toes tap.

As soon as I heard this track, I was hooked. Mxpx has a way of getting to the core of your punk rock ethos, and truly delivers with melody. The opening line, I kid you not, is often playing in my head as I battle depression and attempt to get professional help for my issues. The song isn’t too long, and yet it speaks with a sense of urgency, from the opening lines, throughout the rest of song, including the ending which tells us to stand up and fight.

Fans of punk rock will denote that the speed and chaos that comes with the genre is found within Mxpx’s “Aces Up”, but it’s in the melody that you find Herrera and the crew once again showing off their best work. “Aces Up” is one hell of a song to get you pumped up, and if you’re dealing with a downside, depressed, or just anxious, maybe this could be the seltzer that is going to give you a second lease on the day. I know it’s a good one for me to run with, even if it’s not the longest song in the world.

You can listen, stream, download, or buy “Aces Up” from Mxpx by clicking here.
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