Friday, October 31, 2014

2KX Create A Lavish Musical Framework Beyond Comparison

I know it’s my job to compare musical acts and try to paint a picture as to what they are doing so that you can go and buy the record and check them out, but every now and again artists are beyond just one genre and above any simple terminology. It’s paying disservice for me to call the latest release from 2KX anything other than a masterpiece. Fronted by Lisa LaRue, this is a release of progressive rock and is like nothing I’ve heard in a long time. Yes, there are other prog rock bands out there, but this release is a cataclysmic exemplification of art, and not just music. With the release of “Sussuration”, you get elements of every type of musical genre, but it’s like a work of art, seamless in the integral elements that make this worth picking up.

I was floored by the pieces, and really found myself in awe at the precision at which every element comes together. It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle, and once you hear the record, you understand the pieces fit to make sure that this makes sense. It truly makes sense, every song comes through with vital pieces and then progresses into a huge and compelling soundscape.

My personal favorite is “Lemniscate” a 13 minute masterpiece of funk, soul, 80s rock, and so much more. It had me doing a little dance in my office chair with my speakers blasting. It’s rare to hear a record with so many parts coming together in this format. It has ups and lows and sews together 30 minutes of pure bliss. This is definitely a solid release and something that I can definitely see getting a lot of attention.

2KX really puts forth a great set of songs here, with full framework of artistry in mind. There are so many notes presented here and many genres, even though you’ll have a rock theme come through to wrap it all up. “Sussuration” is by far one of the coolest releases I’ve heard this year. It’s unlike anything else I’ve heard thus far.

Check out Lisa LaRue and 2KX via the official site here, and check out Facebook here. You cannot miss this, you will love it on so many levels. I love it. I’m impressed.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Iakopo Produces A Landmark Single With One Forever For Lovers Out There

Iakopo has just released and the artist took to Okinawa to produce the music video for the title track “One Forever”. When you hear love songs, you may immediately think of one genre, and one of your favorite singers, but every now and again a new artist comes through and shakes things up a bit with poetry, and musical taglines that are just compelling to listen to. Iakopo has painted quite the illustration with this track, giving all you guys out there a song to sing for your girl, or put on as background music to spark a bit of romance. This song has everything you could ask for in an honest look at love and appreciation for someone, as you hear the lyrical notes, and the musical elements.

Acoustic guitar tones, simple percussion, and signature vocals put together a nice song that will have you flowing through feelings for that special someone in your life. It’s a good overall song, and the video is definitely in line with the lyrical elements and musical tones that you get from the track. Overall it’s a solid release that has a lot of passion and honesty through the music. With a mix of good lyrical content, and stellar production, you may very well have found your next favorite song to put on when you’re alone with that special person you love.

Check out “One Forever” and pick up the new record here. Also, check out the music video below, and turn up your speakers, it’s a really laid back, and introspective track.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

DigMarie Pulls At The Heart With A Stellar Vocal Range

During my days, I listen to a lot of fast, hard, and obnoxious music. But every now and again I will slow things down and listen to some slower tunes. DigMarie came on my playlist and completely turned my day upside down. The vocal presentation mixed with the lyrical elements all play so well together. They put my cats at ease (I have 4), and got me daydreaming. There is a sweetness to the vocals that you get when you hear this talented singers voice. There’s a gentle spirit that comes forth on tracks like “Lost In You” and it’s sincerity that tugs at your heart, and whispers in your ear. It’s a seduction that is played with such a compelling elemental design.

As you move forward with more tracks from DigMarie, you start to realize that there’s a lot more talent than you may have first realized. There’s depth to the tracks, and as you traverse the different layers of the music, you get that same vibe that you received when you first learned about many other mainstays in the music industry. It’s not enough to just have a good voice, you need to present it in the right package, fusing melody, lyrics and musical integrity, all of which is found here. I’m impressed with the way the poetry comes together with the softness of the vocals. There’s a triumph here that flows through rhythm and blues, jazz, and soft rock at times. The vocal range is nice, there’s subtle touches with the music, and overall it’s a lovely mix.

There are a lot of records that come out today, and it’s hard to find good music sometimes. A lot of cookie cutter tracks get played on the radio, and people miss out on amazing talent like that presented with the DigMarie tracks. You’ll find that this is an artist to watch, as her vocal styling really plays well with hip hop, pop, and so much more. You will be kicking yourself if you don’t listen to DigMarie’s latest tracks and get in on the ground floor. There's so much to the music, and the vocals stand tall amidst great production. There's something intangible that's found here, and something that I for sure am falling in love with, alongside most of the fans that are fully aware of such a talented and introspective artist. Thumbs up all the way!

Check out more about DigMarie via her Facebook here, Reverbnation here, Soundcloud here, twitter here, and blogspot here.

Joe Con Nails Different Genres on I Choose You EP

Joe Con’s latest effort “I Choose You” is an ep that mashes a lot of genres together to form one of the most satisfying records that I’ve heard in a while. It’s hard to fit this one into one area, but it’s definitely going to find fans across several genres. There’s a little bit of country, rock, alternative, hip hop, and other elements moving fast within the songs. It’s based on acoustic guitar entries, but it’s built and layered with more as the lyrics come in and the singing builds a bridge between the listener and the words that Joe Con illustrates.

The lyrics are good here, they paint a good story, they are like country music’s finest in many ways. However, it’s not limited to that genre and it really isn’t the same as you would expect, even though you feel it at times, including during some of the parts of “Said and Done”. There’s a more contemporary feel to the tracks so it’s hard to place Joe Con in a box. Just when you think you’ve figured the work out, you get hit with a different style. By the time you get to the final track, you will have navigated through good acoustic elements, good percussion, and lyrics that are definitely transitional in many ways.

“I Choose You” has a lot of life, and it’s a testament to the music quality of Joe Con. It’s bluesy, it’s jazzy, it’s country, it’s got a raw edge to it, and it really is a good effort. You are not going to find another artist that is able to do so much with such simplicity, especially after hearing “Breaking My Heart”, which is one of the standout tracks for me on this release.

Overall, Joe Con nails it on this record. The bigger picture of the EP feels full, and you are not left with leftovers from a full record, you are given a full record that is going to be hard not to like. It’s the type of songs that you’re going to want to hear again and again, as there is a little something for everyone on this one.

Check out more from Joe Con via his official website here, and follow via twitter here.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Sienná Presents a Fascinating Painting of Music With I Know Why

I was introduced to Sienná through the first musical notes on the upcoming single “I Know Why”, and was completely stunned. There’s something elegant about the musical production at first glance. You’ll hear a very melodic point, before you are lead down a line of singing and other elements that create a lavish picture. It’s this ethereal relationship that comes through with vocals and sound design that is really well done. It’s got a mix of pop, electronic, digital, and organic sounds that work very well here.

You really get this compelling sound and design that flows so well together. You are not going to be disappointed upon listening as it starts to become clearer through the track. By minute 2, you are enthralled, you are in love, and you can’t let go. There’s a symbiosis at work here, something that only the best artists can produce, and that’s iconic here. It’s not a noisy track, it’s moody, it’s eclectic, and it is definitely one of the better sounding songs I’ve heard in a while.

As you progress through the track, you are treated to a dual relationship of singing that connects in a very balanced manner. Through Sienná’s track, “I Know Why” asks questions, talks about love, hurt, and so much more within the elements. It has ups and downs but they are done so gracefully that you are going to want to hear this over and over again. It’s like the introduction to a nature video, as the way things flow are so tranquil at first glance, then they flow through jazzy, rock elements and you are thrown into a beautiful landscape.

Get a cup of tea or coffee and sit back and listen to this wonderful track. It’s by far one of the most compelling singles I’ve heard in a long time. It’s pop, electronic, jazz, rock, and so much more in a very nuanced fashion. Sienná really does well here, it’s a testament to artistry and I’m recommending it wholeheartedly.

Check out this track via soundcloud here. Check out, Facebook here, and Youtube here.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Electro Positive Plus Is A Beautiful Mix of Music By Vin Deca

I was immediately blown away by Vin Deca’s production on “Electro Positive Plus”. Not since Kavinsky have I heard of a unique mix of music that is by far compelling and artsy in so many worlds. This is beyond the genre of dance and electronic music, as it fits into a whole new element of musical creativity. I’m honestly not sure how to really explain the layers that are created here as the positivity shines through and through.

On the record you are going to hear the traditional beats you may have grown accustom to in regards to dance or pop music, but right when you think you’ve got Vin Deca figured out, he throws you a curve. When you listen to tracks like “Avec Plaisir” you really denote that. I loved the way the flow turned around and then struck a new element throughout. It is an energy filled track that really needs your attention.

The rest of the record is compelling too, and it flows through ambience and rhythm that is very much on par with what you would expect from a jazz musician from the 1940s. I mean that it translates through creativity and is not at all set in one arena. You are going to find that there are so many elements at play here, and while it is electronic, it is not what you are going to expect at all.

Every track is done right, everything is put through with a very precise penmanship and signature. You are going to dance, you are going to laugh, you’re going to want to wake up and move around a bit. I found that there were moments on this record that made me want to get back to the gym (I’ve been going daily fyi) and put this on, share it with others, and more.

Perhaps my favorite track is “J.I.T.C (Jesus In the Club)” a raucous track that has so much power. It brings me back to the first time I heard the Newsboys at SC4Y camp in southern California (1993). Overall this is the type of music that is hard to classify as one genre, there’s just so much at play.

Vin Deca produces some compelling and iconic electronic music on “Electro Positive Plus” and it’s definitely worth checking out right now. I’m amazed, you’ll most likely be amazed if you’re into electronic music. Even if you’re not, take this for a spin, it’s refreshing, I like it. I recommend it greatly.

Check out more from Vin Deca via his official site here, media page here, and listen on spotify here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shid Latta Ignites A Powder Keg of Explosive Lyricism on How It Is

Shid Latta is coming out strong from Baltimore and brings about one of the most compelling tracks that I’ve heard in a long time. It not only hits you hard with the beats and production by EVOLUTION MS, it comes through with a lyricism that hits you like a prized fighter to the face. The delivery of the lyrics is hard, delivered within words and ideas that are filled with dreams. The writing brings about a swagger that comes over the top and brings you to the experience that the rapper is trying to present like a painting. If you close your eyes you will start to bounce a bit as the delivery showcases a lot of different elements moving forward.

This is the type of song that you are going to hear playing as loud at a stop light because it’s full of incredible timing and influence. It makes you want to throw a fist up in the air at times, it makes you want to listen carefully to the lyrics, and it’s the sign of a rapper that knows how to divide the beats and inspire within the words, but not in a corny way.

Shid Latta brings together the best possible worlds of hip hop into a song that is going to floor you. It is strong, it’s a heavy layered, lyrical dominant track that is produced with some of the finest sounds I’ve heard in a while. You will definitely be hard-pressed to find another track that hits you like dynamite like “How It Is” does. It’s a testament to what’s going on in the underground music scene.

The honesty that Shid Latta brings on this track reverberates and definitely is recommended. You have to check this one out, and definitely keep tabs on the moves this rapper is making. You will definitely hear a lot more from him, as the honesty and raw lyrical elements pave the way for a compelling tune.

Listen to this track via Reverbnation here, and Soundcloud here.

You can follow Shid Latta through the following links, keep note, this rapper is going to make serious moves: facebook, the official Shid Latta site, twitter, tumblr, instagram, youtube, linked in, and google+.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A.K.A. FiSHEЯ Drop A Huge Track With It’s A Jesus Thing

I grew up on Christian music, and with that, I had to hear a lot of terrible rappers try to rhyme. Then something happened, call it a spiritual awakening, but Christian music started getting really good. A.K.A. FiSHEЯ proves that yet again, and you get a super flow that is going to surprise even the staunchest of critics. With the track “It’s A Jesus Thing”, you get the power of secular beats with a flow that is going to push you into thinking twice about what Christian rappers are all about.

The lyrical flow here is impressive, A.K.A. FiSHEЯ makes this seem too easy. When you start to dissect the track, you will find that there are a lot of elements that the best rappers in the game have, only this time around you are getting pure food for the soul. Whether you’re a believer or not, this is going to hit you hard. The beat alone is going to make you want to turn up the stereo, and once the flows start, you’re going to be cast down into a world of incredible music. I found it to be compelling, and nothing short of brilliant on many levels.

The one thing that A.K.A. FiSHEЯ does really well here, among many things, is combining the message with the music. Often time’s Christian artists can’t find their way to flow in the right format, and 16 bars seem labor intensive. That’s not what you get here, you get a flow that is on point, hits heavy and doesn’t stray from the message at any turn. It’s impressive the way things work through a very tight spot and yet all is done well.

At the end of the day, music is either good or it isn’t, and A.K.A. FiSHEЯ does something spectacular here. Combining a message of hope, and goodness into a sonic boom of a beat is just a testament to the talent that is out there. This track is essential listening for any hip hop head, and anyone that likes good music. You’ll be impressed, I love it, it’s a solid song.

Check out this track via Soundcloud here, and make sure that you keep tabs on A.K.A. FiSHEЯ.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Shivers To Bring Out Charades In A Special Vinyl Record You Need To Have

When The Shivers first came out with their landmark record, I couldn’t find a friend that liked them. Today, I’m 31 years old, and I can’t find friends that like good music, and I don’t care. When I first caught wind that this record was being pressed and released, I looked for someone to tell, and what better place than this blog, right? The Shivers will release “Charades” remastered, sequenced, and on Vinyl for the first time on October 17, 2014. Mark your calendars, break your piggy bank and make sure that you’re getting this incredible release.

If you’re not familiar with The Shivers, then you’re missing out. You need to pay attention, because it is this New York City band that is one of the most influential artists of the past decades. Despite the fact that their release didn’t set the charts on fire or get into your brother’s music collection, they have managed to create a beautiful, and eclectic sound well worth your time.

With 13 albums released, and a slew of fans, you’ll find that they have created an incredible body of work, that doesn’t get enough praise in my book. It’s with this latest release on vinyl that we finally get a shot at putting this on display and listening through the true definition of audio for us the fans.

The folk ballads found on “Charades” will change the way you think about your music collection. Keith Zarriello’s vocals tell you a story that reaches into your soul through your ears. The lyrics, the sounds, the structure, and all that comes through on the record deserves more and more listening. You’ll wear out the needle on the record player, because this is a triumph of music in my opinion.

All in all, check out the beautiful sound that is coming to you October 17, 2014. You could preorder via Keeled Scales, here. You need this record, get two of them.
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