Friday, December 27, 2013

Sell Out Records Video Corner: Alien by Pennywise

Sell Out Records Video Corner
Late every Saturday night, there was a program run on television, public access to be exact and it was called Punk O Rama. I asked several writers whether or not they have heard of this show, and no one really knew about it. If the roles would’ve been reversed, I would have done some research, but that’s me, not them. That’s not to say that they weren’t good, but I feel that I’m in a minority of minorities that seemed to stay up late and watch public access, because I was poor and had no friends. Now a days, I’m still poor and have no friends, but that is beside the point. Today on the Video Corner, we’re featuring a song that really slowed things down for the guys in Pennywise. It may be one of their biggest hits, still being played on Kroq and other stations. The song is called “Alien” and it’s part of their stellar release, “Straight Ahead”.

“Straight Ahead” represents my favorite record from Pennywise. They put out incredible music, but this album really drives the nail home about all topics that make me mad about society today. They cover corporate greed, American politics, personal life, feeling like no one loves you, and the stupidity that is controlling everyone right now. The starting point of “Greed” is a great point of interest, and the album continues to flow through everything. At times they even focus on a bit of religious fervor, which reminds me of my younger years.

All in all, “Alien” is very much a tale of modern life, and if you’ve ever felt left out, you know what the message truly is. I feel like this a lot, being a one eyed idiot in a world full of blind people. I can’t even land a friend to save my life, so screw it, turn up this record and enjoy. If you haven’t picked up this record yet, what are you waiting for? Click here, and buy it for less than your next latte.

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