Monday, December 9, 2013

The Yellow Dress Offers Poignant Musical Creativity

As with all musical endeavors, the listener looks for something that catches the ear and doesn’t let go. The Yellow Dress immediately does this like an infection. Ok, that may be a bit rough, but that’s not a detriment, it just means that it gets so attached that you will remember their signature sound long into your day, even after you’ve finished listening to their record. On their upcoming release, “Faint Music Tiny Light” they put together a serious contender for one of the best examples of independent, folk, alternative music. It’s disingenuous to put them into a box and say that they are just one genre, because they do so many things so well.

From the first buzzing sounds of their album to the end, you get treated to a kaleidoscope of lyrics, music, and intelligence. It’s melodic, it’s harmonious, it’s appealing, and intrepid. San Francisco’s, The Yellow Dress are doing something that is very much in tune with rock radio right now. Mumford & Sons, Imagine Dragons, Florence and The Machine, Neko Case, and so many others are already putting out similar tunes, but that’s not to say that The Yellow Dress is following the same blueprint, because they aren’t. They have done something that is beyond standard, and it is shown with the way this analog recorded soundtrack in tribute to intelligent literature comes through. Drawing from the San Francisco’s literary community, they bring to the table more than just vapid lyrics, and melody.

The 8 person band creates a lavish landscape, one that is just impressive. It’s easy to wax poetic here,
especially when hearing something so carefully curated, and crafted for listeners young and old. Stand out tracks include “Father Sun Fun Run”, “Everything or Whatever (for Joen)”, and “Follow Through”, but as a whole, this is a very reputable, beautiful piece of music. They are certainly poised to get to a bigger stage in short order. I for one can already see them gaining major success with their new album, and it’s not hype, it really is that enjoyable. Modern music has another great band, and with 8 members, even the hardest of critic will be surprised with the layers that comprise “Faint Music Tiny Light”. It’s highly recommended, and perhaps the vinyl is in order, which is going to be available in January.

You can preorder the vinyl, get mp3 songs, and more by visiting their official page here.

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