Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Daily Spin Volume 4

I’ve been trying to sell an Ipod for 2 weeks now. Previously, I tried to sell a Boost Mobile Android phone, and could not for the life of me sell that either. Apparently no one in the Pomona area needed an mp3 player or a smartphone. I ended up putting it up on Amazon and someone bought hit. Hopefully they enjoy the piece of digital media. It’s odd how craigslist just doesn’t seem to get a lot of views like it used to. In West L.A. I would get a million responses, but here in the San Gabriel Valley, it’s not happening. I don’t know, maybe it’s the season, or maybe less people use the internet for the purpose of purchasing these types of items today? In Koreatown, I didn’t have a problem either, but here I am trying to hock things for the rent, and well, it’s not coming along.

Writing has slowed down, but I keep hitting the pavement, trying to make a few bucks. That’s just an aside, the real story today is about The Daily Spin. In this edition of this column, I will be looking at some records that I listened to during my day and found to be delightful, or not delightful.

The Aquabats “The Fury of The Aquabats” (1997) – In the late 1990s ska had another boom. I like to think of it as a thing that the Christian punk movement started, but in reality, third wave ska was a culmination of a lot of good bands coming together to play great music. Guys like Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, The Pietasters, and more were touring the country and getting a lot of attention from radio and MTV alike. That’s where this release lands, right in the midst of it. You may note that Travis Barker is on the cover of this album, and his signature style was yet forming. The record features a lot of funny songs, and a lot of stories that are still the signature of the band today.

Welcome To Your Life “There Is No Turning Back” (2002) – This band was memorable for me because I saw them play in 2001. They played the showcase theater in Corona, California. It was a Halloween show with this band, Bleeding Through, and several others. I loved the outlandish behavior of all the bands, and if I’m not mistake members of Comeback Kid, Figure Four and 18 Visions were all there that night. It was a hardcore Halloween and I was trying to impress a chick. She didn’t take my advances, but I ended up finding this amazing band. Listening to their release changed my opinion, but I could hear a lot of potential on this early record from Indecision Records.

Architects “Daybreaker” (2012) – This UK band blew me away today. Their mix of metal riffing and hardcore vocals is bar none amazing. The message to their lyrics are also impressive with a mix of ideas and thoughts that really make you second guess a lot of lesser bands. This is well produced, loud, and flows more like a punk rock record than a pure hardcore opus. It’s metal, it’s hardcore, and it’s clearly one of the best releases from this band to date. If you find the vinyl, pick it up, it’s rare and really well worth the investment.

Nofx “They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live” (2007) – The mighty Nofx put out a sequel to their live record by a similar name. This record is of the band doing what they do best, play obnoxious punk ethos. The banter between the band is definitely well worth a listen, and one of the better sides of Fat Wreck. The previous edition wasn’t as good, but then again, neither was the band. I’ve seen them play live and they are a fund act to catch, so check this out and experience the tour that is coming through this year and early next year. The band will also be playing “The Decline” from what I hear. Maybe they will record a new live record, we’ll see.

Today I didn’t listen to as many records as usual. I had my Spotify playlist on shuffle, as I started on a new book and doing other things. You can purchase these records with the links provided. It helps keep this pirate ship afloat.

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