Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lazu Lie Release A Plucky Independent Record

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Not since I first heard The Velvet Teen have I admired the approach of an independent rock recording as much as I’ve enjoyed listening to the new Lazu Lie record. This interesting and introspective record has a lot of potency, and while I may say that it’s rock, it may be a detracting point. It’s so much more than just that, as it encompasses so many different layers. Influences from Matt & Kim, American Football, Jets To Brazil, and even a little Joan of Arc can all be felt here. Even if it’s not the intentional fingerprint of the band to draw those things out, it’s still not lost on my ears, and all that makes for great musical contemporaries, if I do say so myself. (which I do in fact say)

Lazu Lie presents a virtual kaleidoscope of musical integrity on this record, and something that I had a hard time pinpointing on just one genre. The opening sounds seem light as you go through, but start to pick up quite well in “Dubble Draggin” which brings you through highs and lows that feel in good company to many of the recordings from Jade Tree and even early offerings from Pedro The Lion.

One of the things that definitely compels me to enjoy this record even more, is the change of pace that is created with “Sign”. A free flowing verse starts this opus and continues through a relationship of vocabulary and subtle sound. A build up that you would expect from The Doors is found midway, and definitely harkens to a much different time in music. Things get weird throughout the disc, but it all comes together in an entire package that is hard to just pick one favorite song. With introductions becoming odd, and interesting components lining up, you end up feeling as though you’ve done something interesting as a listener, and that’s always an interesting place to be as a fan of music.

The whole thing wraps up with “Jackdaws Love My Big Sphinx of Quartz” and truly finds a home with emo contentment. Now don’t get that twisted, I do not mean to say that this a sad and self-pity tune that will cause fist clenches, eye rolls and sighs of desperation by constituents of this site, but rather a simple song done with appreciation.

All in all, Lazu Lie has done something worth noting here. This release via Fauxtown Records is really well done, simple, and yet complex at times. There’s enough gusto to push them onto a sea of enjoyment, and while I may have thought of a lot of bands while listening to them, it wholly is a sound that is truly their own. No joke, this is an interesting and elaborate work, even if you strip away some less than attractive tonalities and production missteps. Then again, where’s my hit record? Lazu Lie deserves listening to, I know they got me listening, this is a welcome surprise. Perhaps it will spawn a vinyl release, I feel as though it would be grand after a few listens.

You can listen to Lazu Lie via bandcamp here, it’s definitely a keeper.

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