Thursday, December 5, 2013

Daily Spin Volume 2

Today I woke up at 4 in the morning, and didn’t start listening to music until it was nearly noon. Even with the limited amount of time, I did find myself drifting into a variety of different musical genres. It’s funny how polarizing certain things are when you label yourself a fan. I’m definitely someone that is a lover of all music types, and often times find that my tastes are not necessarily one way or another. They are eclectic, and as cliché as that sounds, it’s definitely showcased by today’s daily spin.

Today is Thursday December 5, 2013 and I was all over the place in terms of subjects. I don’t know what drives me to pick the records that I do, or play what I do, but Spotify has made it a lot easier than cycling through my iTunes folders from hell. I got a free month of premium, so that’s a good thing, 31 days of nonstop music. I wish I would’ve gone into broadcasting, I’d love to be a rock and roll dj. Vj’s are dead right? Who knows? Anyways, here’s the records I listened to on this lovely, cold day.

The Aggrolites “Reggae Hit L.A.” (2005) – I love reggae, and The Aggrolites play it dirty. This record has a very strong start, and the first half is incredible. Then it seems to be a little long, and I found myself bored with it after some time. I don’t know if it’s their best release, but it’s definitely one of my most listened to of their releases. I like their live record too, and wouldn’t mind seeing them in concert. This one has some good hits, and memorable videos.

American Steel “Rogues March” (2012) – I didn’t realize that American Steel put out a record last year, and again, I was asleep at the wheel. Their previous release was good, but this one seems to have missed a step. The production seems off, and definitely recorded in a basement somewhere. I liked it enough, but found myself tired of it after three quarters of the way through. There are some good songs on it, but nothing that I’d write home about. Another listen may be in order. It reminded me of my record label days, low budget, fast and melodic punk rock.

Czarface “Inspector Deck, 7L and Esoteric Equals Czarface” (2013) – Forget the mainstream wrap game, this is where it’s at. Incredible rhymes, fast breaks, sound clips and just beautiful music. I love it, and it’s my pick for best hip hop record of 2013. Eminem is a hack compared to these guys, which is why I wish mainstream would wake up to this release, it’s amazing. Simply amazing. I wrote about it at length here.

Del The Funky Homosapien “Golden Era” (2010) – Del from Hieroglyphics has been at it a long time and this release is nothing short of classic. Some of the rhymes seem forced on top of bombastic beats, but that’s just Del being Del. I liked it, and while it’s not as good as his earlier releases, it’s definitely worth a spin or two.

Chet Baker “Chet Baker Sings: It Could Happen To You” (2010) Remaster – What’s the day without a little bit of Jazz? Chet Baker is my recent discovery and I loved his smooth vocals and clear trumpet playing. I was stunned at how intricate some points were and how balanced this record is. How did I go this long without a proper introduction to his music? A definite winner, I loved it. Jazz just gets better and better for me.

If you would like to get your hands on any of the records I mentioned today, click the appropriate links and get them. Or download them there as well, the music I listen to is highlighted here as a way to share what I'm passionate about. Enjoy it, and drop me a line if you have recommendations or any comments.

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