Saturday, December 7, 2013

Guns N Wankers Help Acoustic Rare Performance

There are a lot of different songs that capture the soul and heart of what you're going through. One of the songs that continues to ring true for me on a lot of different occasions is this one by Guns N Wankers. It's called "help" and I've written about it so many times before. It's a song that details the heartache of losing someone in the first half and then drives the point home that there is hope.

The second verse for me is amazing. It illustrates my divorce, feeling like my world collapsed. Living, without living at all, and then the chorus rings so true it almost hurts. "I found a better place without you. I found a better life as well." This is so true, and it's well worth hearing and remembering.

Listen to the song, and then pick up the Guns N Wankers album "For Dancing and Fighting" well worth the money, even if it's a short EP.

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