Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tommy Homynym Brings Out A Crisp Record With Uglier Than You

Tommy Homonym is one of those singers that you completely miss because the music business moves so fast sometimes. However, much like Susan Boyle bloomed late and proved to be an incredible voice for music, Tommy has done something incredible. Tommy records music an attic in New Jersey with what some have stated to be an imaginary band, the Solitunes.

With the release of his first record, “Uglier Than You”, he showcases a voice of talent that you’re going to absolutely enjoy. At times he harkens back to an older time, with vocal styling that are very much a part of cinema’s long illustrious history. The record came out in October of this year, with 9 original songs, and a cover of “What’s There to Eat” by Christine Cochran.

The songs open up a multi-layered song structure with Tommy’s voice at the helm. It carries across so much interesting tones that you will be hard-pressed to not be taken away to another place, and time. Standout tracks include the opening track “What’s there To Eat?”, and follows through with the single “Irresistible”, and flows easily through a variety of emotional connections.

Don’t think this is a slow moving album that goes nowhere, it’s quite the contrary. There is enough compelling music here to really intrigue even the hardest of critics. At times he reminds me of Mexican talents that I grew up listening to, like Julio Iglesias, even if it’s hard for some to denote. There’s something to it, that intangible quality of musical prowess that is missing from a lot of singers today.

It’s hard to pick just one great standout track here, as it all comes together in such a good manner. Pacing, sound style, and overall quality of the music is just impressive, to say the least. Comparisons to David Bowie, Paul Anka, Julio Iglesias, Leonard Cohen, and even Paul Simon can be felt.

Check out the album on amazon, by clicking here. You can also learn more by going to his official website here.

The lead single and video can be seen below, and really does a good job of introducing Tommy Homonym’s interesting style.

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