Monday, December 23, 2013

MD Edwards Reaches New Heights With Empty Head Words

md edwardsM.D. Edwards is another singer songwriter that you may want to keep tabs on. As with the previous reviews that I’ve been featuring on the site as of late, this is another interesting and eclectic work. Taking notes from the previous batches of acoustic and folk writers, you’ll find that this release is definitely worth listening to. From the opening track of “Ex-Lover”, you get a feeling that you’re in for another reach towards emotional connection with the listener.

Often times with albums of this nature, you end up with some boring drivel, but that’s not the case here. The focus on the recording may be simple, with arrangements that keep things toned down, but it’s the relationship between words and tones that will compel you to listen and perhaps gain a semblance of the same feelings that the writer has.

On “Paper Bags (For Breathing In) the sound really starts to settle, and it becomes a labor of love and interest. He definitely does a good job of taking you through different points of life, even if there are some simple thoughts put to music. It’s often times the simple things that really start to become exceptional.

Much like Death Cab For Cutie’s “Plans” seemed to create a whole new audience, M.D. Edwards creates a lavish soundscape through “Empty Head Words”. Even with 10 tracks, you get a full offering of pop sensibilities, and folk ideas. With “Archaic Smile”, and “Not A Proud Sun But a Jealous Moon”, the record continues to bring forth a new wave of music, from a very honest source.

Once again, fans of Jade Tree and Deep Elm, will find that this record is quite fascinating. It’s a simple set, but one of deep emotion. Much like Burns Out Bright moved with “Distance and Darkness”, this moves in a whole new way. It’s definitely going to find a home with many indie fans.

You can take a listen and buy M.D. Edwards "Empty Head Words" here.

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