Friday, December 6, 2013

The Holstered Go Go Juice Ep Brings Lo Fi Back To The Future

I’m always fascinated by up and coming bands, always. It’s the reason why I started a record label in my teenage years, and it’s one of the reasons why I moved to downtown Pomona. I love music, and it may show here on Sell Out Records. I’ve found that there are a lot of bands that don’t get their due, but are out there making it happen. One of those bands that I have caught wind of is The Holstered.

The Hostered have a record coming out in January 2014 and are going to set your ears on fire. They’ve managed to create a rock sound that will put you in a time machine back to the late 1970s, lo-fi garage rock sound. It’s a soulful approach that you get on their record. Fans of The Stooges, The Doors, and even Joe Jackson will find that they have tapped into something from the past and brought it back to the present.

The EP is definitely a shining light of musical talent, as it showcases a great deal of soul, and sounds like some of my favorite records from the past. You have a sonic sound that is buzzy, and not overly produced. Think about The Strokes or The Black Keys but with a twist. It’s hard to put these guys into the present landscape that some people are trapped in, which is why I think I enjoyed Go Go Juice a lot.

Blues, Soul, and that classic alternative (no not the 90s) sound that millions have grown up with and are starting to demand is found here on the EP. They are definitely doing something that is unique, while maintaining that nostalgic sound. This is not just all hype either, you can hear some talent shine through with the musicians, rolling through solos, intriguing bass lines, and vocals that are nothing short of authoritative.

I know I’ve waxed poetic at times about my reviews and recommendations, but this is definitely worthwhile. Another up and coming band that really has something unique to offer, while maintaining that traditional rock vibe, I like it, and I know many others will like it too.

The band is the real deal folks, and it's this type of musical prowess that keeps me excited about writing, listening, and promoting music on a regular basis. It's a fusion of old and new, done in a lo-fi style that you would expect coming from the alternative box sets from Rhino, with a flare of modernity. I love it, and highly recommend keeping tabs on what these guys are doing. Then you could be like me and tell others that you remember them when they were still coming up in the game. The Ep comes out in January, and it's definitely worthwhile, and possibly my favorite record coming through in the near future. It's rock without pretense, the way it should be played. Check em out, and watch out for the record. Stand out tracks include "Spread My Love", and "Blood From a Stone", with great guitar work and simple tones that will gain a wide audience, in my opinion.

You can visit The Holstered via their official website here.

Also, you can read an interview that they did recently, here.

Listen to the song "Cheated" by clicking here.

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