Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Rare Trojan Records Red Hooded Sweatshirt

trojan records hot chick
Hot Chick :) Not me
If you know, particularly Jorge Sellout (Sir Jorge), than you will know that I love ska. I’ve loved ska music since I was a kid, and no matter what I go back to the trumpets, horns, and upstrummed guitar work that has come out of Jamaica. I love traditional, dub, reggae, two tone, new wave, and speak about it on my blogs. I’ve spoken about Trojan Records in the past, and often times find that no one knows what I’m talking about or even buys the records. I even linked the top records here, and nothing, no one seems to care about them.

That’s ok.

I wanted to bring to light that I live in Pomona and have recently found an awesome shop. Demented Clothing in downtown, where I live, features a lot of cool stuff that you should see in Hot Topic, but don’t. Remember when that store was all about the music? Well, it’s no longer about the music, it’s about something else. Well, I was in the shop recently and they had a lot of cool patches, and one caught my eye that NO ONE I’ve ever seen at a punk or ska show has. It was a Trojan Records, Rude Boys Unite patch. I had to get it, so my girlfriend got it for me and subsequently sewed it onto my red hooded sweatshirt.

The result is a 100% unique, awesome rude boy sweatshirt that no one else has or can buy. I guess you could spend some money buying the patch and then putting it on your sweatshirt, but until you do, I have a rare one of a kind option that keeps me warm during the winter months. Take that! Oh and if you’re interested in the music from Trojan Records, click here, to read up on the albums that I think you should get.

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