Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Daily Spin Volume 3

My quest for friends is not going so hot. I moved to Pomona a couple of months ago and have a rough time trying to meet people. Perhaps it’s because I stay indoors a lot to work. I do the traditional thing, work 7 days a week. What? That’s not traditional? Oh crap, I missed out on the whole corporate hero thing didn’t I? I’m not complaining, but it’s a lot harder to make friends when you’re older. I’ve tried craigslist and it seems that the reception there is abysmal. Drowned out and left for fiends and idiots, but then again, in the absence of friends, fiends may work, right?

Ok, so maybe not. Today I was able to listen to a lot of music, because that’s what I do every day. I haven’t met anyone that wants to talk music all day, but it would be nice as well. I’m a weirdo for listening to this much, right? Ok, so maybe I am just pandering to an empty room. Today on the daily spin or rather the daily spin presents, you will find some records that I found compelling enough to listen to the whole thing straight through.

If you want to purchase anything here today, make sure that you check out the links that I provide, it helps you listen to something awesome and gives me a few nickels. This pirate ship is tough to steer for free. If not, than at least subscribe, comment, and look for me on Facebook. Ok here are the records that you may or may not want to listen to.

Haim “Days Are Gone” (2013) – I shouldn’t like this. I saw them on SNL and didn’t really like them, then I heard the record at Barnes and Noble and had to listen to it again. I am in love with these girls. I want to listen to them just play guitar and sing to me, they are so interesting. It’s like a mix of the past and present, as if Julian Casablancas had a trio of little sisters that were raised on Joni Mitchell, The Doors, and others. It’s a good album, and I’m still shocked that I like it so much.

The Specials “Skinhead Girl” (2002) – The Specials released a collection of tracks in tribute to the old Trojan Records tracks. I found it to be awesome. I love the opening track “I Can’t Hide” and it’s very much the best ska tribute to the mighty Trojan records that I’ve heard in a long time. Even though Allmusic said this one sucked, I loved it. Ok they didn’t say that, but they didn’t review it as an essential ska masterpiece, that’s for sure.

Mack Wilds “New York: A Love Story” (2013) – I was watching Arsenio Hall last night, and I hate that show. But Mack Wilds came out and performed and I was blown away. He sounds interesting, so I picked up this record and wow. I love the smooth R and B flow, but the beats and music is a bit more influential than sampling and singing. I like it. I love the appearance from some of New York’s finest including Raekwon and Method Man. “Own It” is a smash single and very catchy, I liked it a lot.

Sleeping Giant “Kingdom Days in An Evil Age” (2011) – Sleeping Giant is a band that I absolutely fell in love with in 2010. It was while I was depressed and living in Seattle. I saw them at Tomfest and was blown away by their performance. I think it was 2010, I don’t recall now. They put out one hell of a record on Facedown Records and the story that the singer told made me cry. It was a triumphant story of pain, and loss. Their hardcore offerings are equal parts guttural movements and rapid fire lyricism that is positive as all hell. This record is a bit repetitive though.

The Ascendicate “To Die As Kings” (2009) – Solid State Records once contacted me to sign some of my acts. It was interesting when that happened, but it turned out that I wasn’t meant to strike a deal at the time. I was an odd teenager, running through record label dreams and ending up with nothing at all. This record is a mix of hardcore, metal, screamo, and so much more. It’s a layered experience with quality production value and I liked it. It wasn’t as memorable as some of the early releases from Solid State, but it’s still a solid release.

Less Than Jake “See The Light” (2013) – The new Less Than Jake record has them going back to the drawing board, and erasing some of their past. They have come full circle from ditching the horns to bringing them back and I love it. This record is a very good album that showcases what the band does best, and that’s play a crunchy ska sound that is getting a lot of people dancing. Their latest video is great, and that’s for track #2 on this record that begs to be listened to right now.

Alright folks, I’ve been updating this page a lot more lately and I’m going to keep running through it. All I ask is that you comment, share links, show me where more music is and help me continue to live the dream of a writer by purchasing records, and allowing me to have a voice in this dark blogosphere of a world.

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