Monday, December 23, 2013

Joseph Gallo Jr Mixes Indie Sound With Classical Arrangement on Time Wounds

time wounds
The first thing I noticed about “Time Wounds” by Joseph Gallo Jr. was the cover art that resembles “Out of the Fierce Parade” by The Velvet Teen. The sound is a mix of the talent that they presented in “Elysium” and what many other underground and mainstream artists aspire to. With that in mind, you will hear traditional arrangements, mixed with eclectic soundscapes that push acoustics to a whole new place.

It’s too easy to call this one genre, because it’s not really just one. At times you get controlled chaos, and at others, you get introspective piano melodies that are pointed to lyricism and thoughts that rival many other bands in the indie circuit. “Violent Colors” opens up things and is not what you may expect, I certainly didn’t. The piano stands out there, with some interesting introductions, like that of “Checkers vs Chess”, and pairs well with the additional instruments. You’ll hear violin, flute, and cello all map out with interesting components, and lead you through a variety of different places.

“Can You Hear the Waves” and “Weather or Not” are two of the major songs on this album that should get more airplay on college radio. It presents such a unique example of what independent music can truly become today. It’s not just jazzy, it’s not really easy listening, it’s fascinating what it truly is. It’s the same type of work that Polar Bears, and Logan Whitehurst was putting out. It strips down music and has only very specific parts, that pair well with a nice, stiff drink.

Joseph Gallo Jr. does quite well with “Time Wounds” as there is that certain intangible quality that you don’t always see today. It’s simple, but it’s the good kind of simple, much like some of the bands from Pandacide records put out in the early 2000s. It’s moody, but not to the point of desperation or severe depression, which is definitely a good thing. It’s worthwhile.

You can listen to Joseph Gallo Jr’s “Time Wounds” by clicking here.

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