Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Vitne Showcases Metallic Prowess on Neon

There’s a ton of bands and artists trying to get back that 1980s glam metal sound, and most of them are awful. But as the old adage goes, cream rises to the top and this time around, Vitne comes charging ahead with one of the coolest records to come out in a while. This is not a glam rock record, it’s an artistic representation of the 1980s metal frenzy with an updated sound and exquisite guitar work that is definitely going to raise a lot of eyebrows. Vitne’s latest release “Neon” is one of the coolest rock records to come out and it’s bound to get more attention, if people just wake up.

At first glance, you’ll think that this is a revival act, but by the time you get past “Destroyer” the lead track, you are going to get pummeled with a rock sound that is all new. It’s not rehashed, it’s not a cover act, it’s 100% metal infused rock and roll, the likes that you would find from acts like Motley Crue, Van Halen, and even early Guns N Roses. No pretense here, just a lot of rock music, with incredible riffs, hard drumming, and vocals that are definitely up to snuff to a lot of the former lead singers in these aforementioned acts.

By the time you roll through “Nasty Habit”, “Silhouette”, and “Royal Nights”, you’ll think that you’re back on Sunset Boulevard hopping around the clubs and listening to the best of the best churn out rock’s most incredible years. The most impressive thing here is the guitar work, as you get a sense for Vitne’s forward motion, and “Neon” definitely has a lot to be celebrated. The vocals are strong as well, with influences felt through the punk rock era to the glam metal days, but not just holding on to one style. It’s too easy to stick to one formula or emulate what’s successful, which is not what Vitne does on this release. It’s impressive how close to the line they come at times, and yet pull away into something just astonishing.

The pure rock sound that is presented on “Neon” is definitely worth a listen, as it’s full of rock and roll glory. You want to catch up with Vitne by checking out their official website here. The guitar solos alone will have you amazed, this is one hell of a record, and I’m not just saying that. You can also pick up this record on amazon by clicking here. It’s one of the better rock records I’ve heard this year, and you may also agree.

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