Friday, December 13, 2013

SNFU Let’s Get It Right The First Time Live Canadian Punk Rock Showcase

Lets Get It Right The First Time
SNFU is one of those bands that you either know about or pretend that you’ve heard about. They are a Canadian punk outfit that has been working on music longer than most people have been born. Just like a lot of the early Epitaph bands, this is another creative project of punk rockers that didn’t know they were blazing a historical trail. The album sounds great for a live record and has all of the sounds you’d expect from punk rock delivered with an edge. “Let’s Get it Right The First Time” is not the tightly produced release that say, “Blink 182” put out in limited release, and that’s why this shines. It hits on the emphatic and chaotic relevance that comes with the medium.

On this one, you’re treated to a great deal of SNFU classics. Some of the songs you may know some you may be hearing for the first time. Some of my favorites include “Loser at Life, Loser at Death”, “Bobbitt”, and of course “Don’t Have the Cow”. The band is exactly what you would expect from an early Epitaph artist, brash, and loud, with a sense of urgency.

SNFU’s is very much like the child of Bad Religion and Devo. The vocalist has a way with words that even can be compared to the band Crux. Remember them? “Wasted Day” is still a classic to me, even though no one remembers them. Anyways, if you were a fan of punk rock in the 90s you already know who SNFU is and how awesome their recordings are. If you haven’t picked up anything from them, you will want to go back and get “FYULABA” as it is one of the best examples of punk rock in an era that started to overproduce the genre and throw money at pop-punkers. I don’t mind Greenday, but the polish on some of their records started to be far from the ethos that the original descenters had. I’ll digress, and recommend this live record if you can find it. It’s very good, and it’s one of the few live records that captures punk rock in its truest form, raw, live, melodic, and fast.

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