Sunday, December 22, 2013

Young Coconut Sprouts Wings on I Got A Vibe

i got a vibeSolo artists always have an uphill climb for attention, if they are trying to play alternative music. Pop artists seem to have an easier path, but sometimes the harder road creates better quality music and releases. That’s what is presented here by Young Coconut. With the release of “I Got A Vibe”, you hear an artist sprouting his musical wings and presenting an eclectic mix of sounds that range from fuzzy garage rock to acoustic ballads and thoughtful pieces that play on a lot of different themes.

From the first track, you immediately think of The Rocket Summer, but with a much older sound. Rewind time and you can hear tones right out of the British Invasion. Think early Rolling Stones as you move through the tracks. “Torch Bearer”, for instance, feels like a much older song than it is. It feels like a B-Side for a single that could’ve been easily published for Rock Radio in the 1970s. Mixing elements of rock, jazz, and even a little bit of a country twang, you get an interesting blend and mix of folk.

By the time you reach the midsection, “Lazy Liars” comes through with that same kind of impressive positioning that Beck used to have before he started getting all weird with scientology. The fuzzy vibe and sounds are very intriguing, albeit a bit unbalanced with so much going on. Fans of Violent Femmes and Calibretto 13 will definitely find that this is another branch on their listening tree. It’s an interesting and flowing recording that puts the listener at ease towards the end, even though “An Extra-Sensory Man” is not the end by any means. It really settles in for a cool and introspective layered soundtrack.

Young Coconut’s “I Got A Vibe” is a work of definitive talent, and one that can seem disjointed at times, but still plays on a very solid ground. The tracks all work together to showcase arrangements that are definitely rooted in the past, but are most definitely in the present. Fans of Cap’n Jazz, Joan of Arc’s “A Portable Model of…” and Make Believe, will swear that this came out on Jade Tree long ago, but nope. This is a work of truly interesting music. It’s definitely worth a listen, especially with that indie folk vibe. It feels very kinetic, and introspective all at once, which is a testament to Young Coconut’s song writing abilities. It’s hard not to like some of these tracks, and as a whole record, there’s a lot to admire here.

You can listen and purchase Young Coconut's "I Got A Vibe" by clicking here.

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