Thursday, December 19, 2013

Vinyl Records Amazon

amazon vinyl records
Recently, I have been navigating the web to look for music on wax. Instead of trying to hit up any given store on the web, I look through search platforms for the word vinyl records amazon. Some people may not like the fact that they are a giant retailer, but they have been able to help independent records stay afloat. If you have ever purchased anything from them and used the “other sellers” link, you have helped individuals like myself, live the dream of making money by selling music through the net.

Now, as for me and my hunt for certain key pieces to my collection. I have been able to procure some classics that I then flipped on Ebay or was able to listen to in the comfort of my home. Yes, I don’t always keep the records that I buy, but that’s only because I am not living in a mansion somewhere, I have a limited amount of space. With limits, I have to make sure that I don’t go overboard like I did in the past. At one point I had a wall of records, and physical music.

By searching for vinyl records amazon, I have been able to pick up some classic jazz recordings. From Thelonius Monk to Max Roach and my man Tito. Remember when he was the person to blame on the Simpsons when “who shot Mr. Burns”? Ok, he was never a serious candidate, but he’s definitely in the mix. Regardless, there are a lot of sub genres and indie releases that are being sold on the web, and it’s not overpriced. In fact, when you buy $35 or more from them, you get free shipping. Not only that, if you sign up for their prime services, you can get 2-day shipping for free!

Ok, so let’s say you don’t like buying physical music, that’s ok. You could always check out what is available on mp3 download, or better yet, look for releases that include a CD and a download code. For instance, if you were to purchase anything from Hellcat Records, one of my personal favorite labels, you will get both the vinyl record, and the download link, and a bonus CD! That’s how I came to own the Street Dogs releases on color vinyl. My favorite of course is “State of Grace”, and despite my love of the band, I missed them when they came around town. I wish I had a car.

If you’re going to shop online and get 12” LPs, make sure that you check out vinyl records amazon, and get yourself something new, old, used, or out of print. I wouldn’t steer you wrong, as I go there a lot to see what is on sale and re-released.

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