Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Palace in Ruins Great Depths Shows Serious Promise

Always being on the lookout for new music brought me to a Facebook post about an upcoming hardcore and metal show that is coming through my town. One of the bands playing the showcase of immortals is the band Palace in Ruins. They label themselves as a Christian hardcore outfit from Los Angeles, and I immediately thought about my previous experiences with this genre. I used to even have a record label with bands like Drawn Close, Engraved, and others that would play in the scene. That’s past, and this is the present. Palace in Ruins released an ep entitled “Great Depths” and comes out swinging with a wall of metallic overture. They mix metal and hardcore with tinges of death metal to an overall interesting device.

On the track “Guidon” they scream and sing through moments of true brutality. You get the waves of metallic fury with lyricism that is empowering for any hardcore fan. But they are not just satisfied with flowing through the same old trudging lineage, they push through with some hefty break downs that will have even the hardest of critics pleased.

This 5 track release is a shining example of how far and away some of the talented bands that are playing this type of music are becoming. I couldn’t muster up this kind of prowess, which is why I’m always impressed by production values and quality releases like this one.

Breakdowns galore, metallic riffing, screaming, guttural lows, and epic highs make this release one to definitely pad your music library with. I liked it, you’ll like it, and if they continue on this path, they’ll gain an upper hand in a crowded underground metalcore scene. Stand outs include “Den of Thieves” and “Let the Dead Bury the Dead”. It’s a big long in the tooth on some tracks, but overall it’s a quality record that deserves some praise.

Check out this album on their official bandcamp page here, and see them at Decimation Fest in Pomona, Ca. and other locales, as they will most likely continue to win over fans with their brand of metallic hardcore fury.

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