Friday, December 13, 2013

500 Dollar Reason To Get The Humpers Live Forever or Die Trying on Vinyl

The Humpers Blogspot Live Forever
I’m always fascinated by people that overprice punk rock and hardcore records. I’m guilty of this too, because in 2011 I sold a lot of my Blink 182 original pressings for $150 - $500 each. However, they only pressed 1,500 of those suckers and I was one of the few people that were able to gain several copies of each one. Plus, I was going through some hard times in what I sometimes refer to as Hell, USA. Oh, that’s Moscow, Idaho.

Anyways, The Humpers may not be a band that you know or even like but it’s definitely a group of guys that play a brand of rock that you may love. I for one love their punk rock sounds, and they can definitely bring the noise fast. On the “Live Forever or Die Trying” they have one of the best songs ever put out. It’s called “Soul Surgeon” and for that one single I would drop $500 on the vinyl record.

It would be absolutely stupid to spend that kind of money on a record. I am not going to, and am not telling you to do so, but I found that it was funny that someone on the web is trying to profit so much. You could easily get this record for $9 on EBAY, of course it wouldn’t be new. However, the album would be the Japanese import which is definitely worthwhile. This is especially true if you factor in that the Japanese release of a lot of records come in a 180 gram standard weight.

Ok, so the power of “Soul Surgeon” is not worth the asking price that this one dude is asking for on Amazon, but it’s definitely food for thought if you have this lying around and you want to give it to your pal Sir Jorge. Haven’t heard the song? Then by all means enjoy this little ditty below:

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