Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sell Out Records Video Corner: Brother Ali Uncle Sam Goddamn

Sell Out Records Video Corner
I wrote a quick review over at For The Fan Blog about Brother Ali’s 2007 record “The Undisputed Truth”. On that record came one hell of a track called “Uncle Sam Goddamn” and it’s an intrepid look at our country. I say our country, even though I am Mexican born because I became a citizen in 2001. This video is one of the coolest pieces of protest music and hip hop.

Brother Ali goes through a track of content that is so confident and relevant that I wanted to bring a spotlight to it. In this first segment of Sell Out Records’ Video Spotlight, which will get updated every other day or so, I present you with the 2007 single from Brother Ali. Check it out, and please buy the album by clicking here. Support the artists, this blog, and your love of music.

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