Saturday, December 21, 2013

Daily Spin Volume 5

Another Saturday has come and gone. I’ve managed to stay sane today, even though everything points towards insanity. Ok, that’s a bit much, but this week has really kicked me in the balls. As a freelance writer, the holidays usually mean that no one is hiring writers. Perhaps the Hollywood crowd is getting work, but us lowly content managers, bloggers, and Cretans of the written word are not getting any sort of financial push. It sucks, because that means Christmas is not going to be coming early or even at all for the Sell out Records crew. My cats got a Christmas gift, so perhaps all is not lost. Then again, it’s not all about the presents right? I mean, that’s what we poor tell ourselves about it, but that doesn’t negate the fact that inside, we want presents just like anyone else.

Whatever the case is, this week has been hard on me mentally. I’ve tried to curtail it, but it’s just not that simple. Music helps though, and I have managed to maintain a certain level of musical influence for myself, and this blog. If you haven’t been reading, you’ve missed out on some really good posts, or really bad writing, I haven’t decided which one yet.

I’m on the lookout for another writer, or two, and have begun searching craigslist and other places to get someone to help with the heavy lifting on this site, but so far I have only a few candidates worth noting. A lot of people are asking for way too much money, and the right person is going to want to do this without pay, but I will pay them. We’ll see what happens. Today I listened to a few records aside from my playlist, and they are not at all what I thought I would listen to.

In Flames “A Sense of Purpose” (2008) – In Flames is one of those metal hybrids that works on every level for me. Their vocals are screamed, growled and sung, but anyone can understand them. They aren’t as dark as some of their contemporaries, but that’s ok. They play a smooth metal sound that I love, and definitely recommend. On this album, they seemed to have stepped up their production value and incorporated a lot more melodies. I like it, and love the cover art too.

As I Lay Dying “Frail Words Collapse” (2003) – This came out 1 year after I graduated high school, and I remember everyone jumping on their bandwagon. I liked the band when they were on Pluto Records and saw them a year before at Cornerstone Festival. I recall their set was ok, and the singer not really having much stage presence. I’m assuming they improved, because they signed with Metal Blade and have been a big time act for some time now. I recall seeing them at a 9/11 fundraiser in Moreno Valley, and waiting for Beauty to Ashes to play. That was a weird show.

Freya “As The Last Light Drains” (2003) – Earth Crisis broke up and 3 of their members formed this band. They are a mix of hardcore and melody that was a precursor to screamo. This in NO WAY is like that and is very heavy at times, despite the vocals coming back down to singing at times. Straightforward hardcore and punk with incredible precision, but not really Earth Crisis. I like half of this record more than the other, but it’s a piece of Victory Records history, so I can dig it still.

Roy Hargrove “Habana” (1997) – I hate smooth jazz. I hate contemporary jazz radio, and yet I love Roy Hargrove’s 1997 release here. It’s very much done in contemporary style but with Cuban influence. The percussion on this recording is amazing, and the trumpet is beautiful. This layered Cuban focused jazz release is really a stunner in my opinion. I didn’t expect to like a modern release, but Hargrove’s flowing trumpet style is definitely stimulating. I loved it, and am going to be listening to more from Roy Hargrove, whom I apparently missed out on for years.

That’s the daily spin for today, and if you like any of the records or want to simply check out music in general, click the appropriate links and help me maintain a certain semblance of hope that I can stay out of the 9 to 5 world.

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