Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fenix Tx Lechuza Still Better Than Most People Understand

lechuza fenix tx review
Pop Punk is a hit or miss type of music genre. You either love it or you hate it. Then again, if you’re a hardcore punker you think that the term is stupid, and you hate anything that is poppy and you can sing along to without your fist in the air. I was first introduced to Fenix Tx like everyone else was, their debut record was getting heavy press in the 90s and Mark Hoppus and Tom Delonge of Blink 182 were talking about them at every single interview. Well, those guys helped the band get a huge single with “All My Fault” and it’s definitely a positive thing. Their debut record was solid, but there was a few things lacking. That’s where “Lechuza” picks up, as it is a complete record that should bridge the gap between releases and give you a sense of intrigue.

The record opens up with a slick and catchy song, full prowess on display with every single cliché being thrown at the listener amidst clear and concise song writing structure. The track, “Phoebe Cates” really pushes the envelope of pop punk and if you pay attention, you hear the strings on the guitars changing fast, proving that you can definitely have a unique guitar work on records that aren’t necessarily that deep. This is a fun album, with topics and lyricism that matches what you would expect from angst fueled teenage and young adult topics. However, there’s a lot of meaning at times, with a few hits here and there dealing with depression, drugs, and even sex. On “Threesome” you get a lot of emotion and simplicity tied into something that is much deeper. The track, which spawned a good music video is very much like “Brainstew” was for Green Day, only it’s got a bridge and chorus that is far less repetitive.

Overall, the production on this record is spotless. The drums are tight, the guitar work is all solid, and the vocals are clean. There are times when the band speeds along their allotted time and then they bring it back to a smaller scale, bring full circle that sound that you expect from Pop Punk experts. While the record is not the best melting of both worlds, it has enough gusto to really impress those that are looking at a clever punk record in the vein of Blink 182, Slick Shoes, and others. There are similarities found here, and the vocals are definitely different than most. I can see why this is overlooked, even though it shouldn’t be. I recommend it, I like it, and feel that it’s a nice in between record between listening to things like Bad Religion and Pennywise, as it is lighter, but with some high quality song writing and good overall tones.If you haven't done so already, pick up Fenix Tx "Lechuza" here.

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