Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sell Out Records Video Corner: Less Than Jake My Money Is On The Long Shot

Sell Out Records Video Corner
Less Than Jake plays a brand of ska that has been part of my collection for a long time. Mixing punk and ska elements to create some of my favorite music ever is all part of their day job. My day job is not as cool, but that’s not here nor there. The band released a record on Fat Wreck Chords and I personally love their return to the independent scene after floating around the majors. Wait, that hasn’t been for a while hasn’t it? Whatever the case is, they have a new record and it’s been spinning around the house when no one is around, and apparently puts the cats to sleep as they are slumbering right now.

As you will find out from this video, Less Than Jake wanted to include all of their friends in the production of “My Money is On The Long Shot”. I posted a link to it online, and everyone ignored it. So I waited, and now they have released it on youtube, which means that I can feature it. The band sent a message to all their friends asking them to sing the song on camera. What we now get is an impressive array of artists singing the tune, much like Nickelback did in a previous video. However, Less Than Jake has cooler friends than I do…no offense all 3 of you, but we don’t exactly talk much, so say what’s up every now and again, I’m not hard to find.

See how many band members and people you recognize. I caught them all, so it’s like Pok√©mon for me. Man I suck at writing today. The video is here, and enjoy it. You can buy Less Than Jake’s latest album by clicking here, and helping me keep this afloat.

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