Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mack Wilds New York A Love Story Is Catchy As All Hell

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I’m not always reviewing hard albums on this site, and it’s starting to be evident with my selection of records to talk about. I can’t really post as much as I’d like, because if I had things my way, I would be updating this page 3 or 4 times a day, and then some. Instead I’m trying to get a review up and a few other posts here and there. The latest record that I can’t get out of my head comes from an unlikely source for me. It is from Mack Wilds’ release “New York: A Love Story” and it is one of the most catchy Rhythm and Blues record I’ve heard in a long time.

Mack Wilds appeared live on the Arsenio Hall show the other night and it caught my eye. The dude had swagger and a voice that was very much in tune with something that caught my ear, and mind. The lyrics are evident that there’s something more going on than just the words “Own It” and it’s definitely got the crowd moving. The live performance featured a live backing band, and when you hear it on the record, you hear the influences of hip hop and real music, not just sampling. Even though his voice flows like a butterfly, there’s still some heavy handed lyrical cuts that you have to pay attention to alongside this flowing spirit of love, sex, drugs, and a tribute to the city that is very much its own city apart, New York.

Other tracks on this record that will get you nodding your head and paying close attention to what’s going on starts with the beginning of the recording with “Wild Things” featuring Method Man. If that wasn’t enough, Raekwon makes an appearance to spit hot bars on “U Can Cry To Me”, and the rest is an example of hip hop’s influence on singing and pushing music into a new world.

Even though there are some explicit labels following this record, you will find that Mack Wilds has a sound that is all his own. This is not the heavy bass driven sounds of R. Kelly and it’s not something that is going to sound familiar to most, instead, it will be an example of what young people can do when focused on sounding radio friendly, but with a little bit of swagger here and there.

What a vapid review this is right? I’m not great at putting my thoughts to paper when it comes to these types of albums, which is why I’m always a bit hard-pressed to describe some of the sounds. You’ll find that this record is definitely worthwhile, it’s full of beats, rhymes, singing, and so much more. It’s like Drake’s little brother decided not to rap and instead focus only on signing. Mack Wilds “New York: A Love Story" is definitely a record I recommend, and you should definitely pick it up.

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